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Wild West 2016 Calendar: Act Three

Note from Alissa…Bunny’s under the weather right now.  So she graciously put together most of this post and the Calendar.  It told her to just send it to me and I’d take care of finishing this post up for her.  So this is a collection from her and I…so my apologies if I’m not as witty as Bunny…

Act 3 hit our devices this morning and now everyone wants…the Calendar!

So short, simple and to the point…here you go my friends…



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Wild West 2016 Calendar: Act Two

Hey there Rootin Tootin Shootin Citizens!

Act One is over… NEXT! Act Two is now in our silly lil game and with it… MORE ROCKS!! YAH! Oh and cow tongues. MMMMMmmmmmmmm… chewy.

With a New Act, I just know y’all gonna be hootin n hollerin for some dad gum timey whimey contraption to help with your collectin. WELL TOO GOSH DURN BAD!! 😛


charactersets_bart_kidnoname charactersets_snake_outlaw

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