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Road to Riches part 4: Gold Road Tiles

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Here we are with a look at what’s what with these new Gold Road tiles.
After reading a few questions over the last few days I started writing a post to try and explain everything, but the more I tried to cover it all the less it made sense, so I’ve shelved that for now and I’ll deal with questions as needed.

Before I get started, if anyone hasn’t done any of the Road to Riches tasks in the last 6 years I strongly recommend you read Alissa’s original write-up on that.
You can find that here.
In this post:
• The basics
• The tasks
• The pitfalls
• The costs
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Road to Riches Part 4: Beloved Billionaires Club

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Cast your minds back to the end of May 2017 if you’ve been tapping that long, when the Road to Riches first landed in our little pocket towns.

The final prize on that was shown as Coming Soon, but it seems soon means it’ll take 311 weeks !!

Well, at last it’s here – woohoo !!

I’ll have a quick recap on the original items and tasks and how it works then get on with the new stuff:
New Jobs
What you get
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