Road to Riches…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well it’s finally come time for me to sit down and write the long awaited Road the Riches post.  Many of you have been asking for more details for a while & have been patiently waiting for me to finish this post.   My apologies for not getting this done sooner.  It started as being too busy from the Time Travel Event to get down to the full details of it, but then turned into I was REALLY enjoying the downtime & really needed the battery recharge….and it was getting increasingly hard to have a desire to sit down and write a post like this.  But I’m here..and I’ve got it knocked out for you now…

(Truth be told…after nearly 4 years of doing this site (and writing over 2,700 of the over 4,500 posts on this site) I’m just tired.  Some days it’s a struggle to find the desire to write about or even play TSTO.  Of course I know that’ll change when the next event hits, but for now I’m enjoying the downtime..)

So, I’m sure most of you have already finished the Road to Riches waiting for me to get you the details…but for those that haven’t (or for those who are just getting there) here’s the 411 on Cecil’s expensive improvements….

Ok so let’s first start off with the basics…how do you trigger the Road to Riches?

Well, once you have $2,000,000 in your TSTO bank AND you’ve built at least one Aspirational item i.e. Escalator to Nowhere, Popsicle Stick Skyscraper, Cubic Zirconia, The Sunsphere, Sit-N-Rotate, Krusty Burger Oil Rig  or Fortress of Choclitude…you’ll unlock the Road to Riches tasks.

So bottom line?  If you’re looking for your cash and build one of those items (I recommend The Sunsphere…it’s one of my favorites and comes with fun tasks for Bart, Milhouse, Martin & it’s a reasonable price)

Now onto the finer details…what’s involved, how do you get it & what does it do…

It’s started with this dialogue:

Cecil: Fair Springfield, I’ve done you wrong in the past; but I hope you’ll forgive a young Terwilliger his foolishness.  Allow me another shot at adding to the beauty of your humble burg.
Bart: Get lost Sideshow, Jr. Last time you left the place in shambles.
Cecil: Thus driving down home prices! A positive boon for any young couple searching for their starter home.

As a reminder you can access the Road to Riches tasks (once you’ve unlocked them) at any time via the Daily Challenges tab (just click on the green icon (that looks like money))…

So what is Road to Riches? It’s similar to Money Mountain (in that you throw money at these items) and a prize track (in that you follow along and unlock different prizes for completing each task).

Cecil Terwillger is the key to all of the tasks.

So BE CAREFUL sending Cecil on tasks without checking first…otherwise you may find yourself out 10 million bucks.

And send Cecil on tasks that make sense for you.  Obviously 10 million over 8hrs is better than doing 1 million/hr…but otherwise do what makes sense for you.

Now onto the items!

The first item you’ll unlock is the Springfield Dam…because every town needs a Dam.  Mostly so you can have Dam tours…and make other fun Dam jokes.

Cecil: Citizens of Springfield, I have decided to right my previous wrong by completing the promised hydroelectric dam. I will make Springfield the greenest city in all of the lower forty-eight!
Mr. Burns: We tried this “green” madness once before. And were nearly destroyed by that visionary super-genius Elon Musk!  You sound just like him! Minus the near-indecipherable accent, of course.

Item: Springfield Dam
Unlocked At: 20 Million Invested
Size: 16×16
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
What Does It Do?: It’s a Dam, it Dams. Animated when tapped, but also always animated.  (water runs) (when tapped the dam gets a crack)
Cool Thing About It?:
It lines up REALLY nicely with 1 row of the river…won’t work 2 rows thick.

From there it’s onto…

Cecil: A responsible society must from time to time embrace the redistribution of wealth.  Come on ninety-nine percent. Time to give, give, give to your betters!

Item: Mansion Gardens
Unlocked At: 40 Million Invested
Size: Multiple items, so multiple sizes…
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100 EACH component
What Does It Do?: This one is multiple parts.  It comes with a bunch of little accessories to make up the Mansion Gardens.  Included are: Mansion Gardens Statue, Mansion Gardens Gazebo (2), Mansion Gardens Square, Mansion Gardens Pillar (8), Mansion Gardens Planter (8), Mansion Gardens Pond, Mansion Gardens Tree Line (4) and Mansion Gardens Platform

This prize is all decorations, not as glamorous or “classic” as the other 2 items, but still LOADS of design possibilities with these.  Nice addition.  

And this leads to our final Road to Riches prize….

Cecil: The outcry was negative on my last project, now I build for ALL the people.  And I’ll leave it up to the populace to decide the direction of my next project.
Bart: Blow up Springfield Elementary!
Otto: An arena! Where Deep Purple is forced to perform day and night for the rest of their natural lives!
Barney: So long as it has a bar, with free liquor and a strict no-AA Sponsors allowed policy, we’re good!
Cletus: And make Shelbyville pay for it!

Item: Rock and A Hard Place
Unlocked At: 80 Million Invested
Size: 9×14
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
What Does It Do?: Nothing on it’s own, BUT Homer will have a 8hr task here (Experience Irony) and yes, it’s animated. 
Fun Fact:
Mythbusters did an entire episode all about The Simpsons & Homer on the wrecking ball was one of the Myths they explored..

And that’s it my friends!  Once you’ve unlocked those 3 items (which will cost you 140 million in game cash…) there’s nothing else in the Road to Riches..for now.  Looks like they may add some more items in the future, but for now that’s it.  Just those 3 and call it a day…

What are your thoughts on the Road to Riches?  Have you finished it? Working on it? Just started it? What have you done with the items you’ve unlocked?  What do you plan to do? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


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  1. When i go to the road to riches page it says invest to unlock but when I actually click on Cecil none of his jobs to invest come up. Ive got several of the aspirational buildings and over €100 million, so any ideas why its not working?


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