Road to Riches Part 4: Beloved Billionaires Club

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Cast your minds back to the end of May 2017 if you’ve been tapping that long, when the Road to Riches first landed in our little pocket towns.

The final prize on that was shown as Coming Soon, but it seems soon means it’ll take 311 weeks !!

Well, at last it’s here – woohoo !!

I’ll have a quick recap on the original items and tasks and how it works then get on with the new stuff:
New Jobs
What you get

But first the scary bit.

Hold on to your hats, or get ready to call for the nurse.

I’ve seen posts, mainly elsewhere, with players complaining about having reached the cash limit and asking for something REALLY expensive.

It seems EA listened …


( *dramatic pause* )


It costs 2 Billion $$s !!


Blimey !!

Don’t panic !!
There is no End Date for these. It’s not like you only have a week to get ’em so work towards earning those $$s and doing a bit when you can spare the money.

A quick recap:

Many of you will have done these years back when they first hit, but for newer players or anyone who’s not been paying attention you can either see Alissa’s original write-up or here’s a very brief look back …

If you tap the Notepad for Daily Challenges on the left is the icon that’ll get you to the prize track –
Road2Riches Icon

The original prizes –

But you couldn’t just buy them, you had to send Cecil to do tasks to “invest” money until you reached the required amount.
Those original tasks –
Road2Riches jobs

A couple of warnings:

Mainly for newer players who may be unaware, but watch out for any task that has a green button. Those will cost you the amount shown on the button and there is no Confirm or Cancel.
Tap ’em and your cash is taken !!

Another oddity, you aren’t supposed to be able to get the Road to Riches prizes until you own one of the items that costs over a million, but I’ve got none of those in my 5 month old town and I do have the tasks for Cecil.
I have no intention of finding out, but think if I tapped one of those not only would it take all the money it might not count towards the prize.
That’s not good if I’m right, so beware !!

New Jobs:

You can breathe a collective sigh of relief if you’d pictured having to do thousands of one-hour jobs !!
There are three new jobs that will replace the early ones when you’re on Part 4 and help you spend your cash faster –

• Pour Money Into the Club
8 hours, costs 100 million $$s

• Decant Money Into the Club
12 hours, costs 125 million $$s

• Drizzle Money Into the Club
24 hours, costs 200 million $$s


I’d suggest you choose your tasks carefully. The 12 and 24 hour tasks have an “Overspend preventer” but you could end up with 1.975 billion spent and have to use the 100 million task to cover the last 25 !!
Perhaps pick one and stick with it.

I’m writing this in advance, but I’ve not seen anything to say the donut rush costs will be different than usual for these tasks.
If you’re feeling flush and want to rush the 8 hour task is the best bet.
You’d need 20 of those 8 hour tasks, and if it’s the usual 4 donuts to rush 8 hours thats 80 Donuts.
You’d need to do the 12 hour job 16 times, at 6 donuts a pop is 96 Ds or 10 lots of 24 hour jobs at 12 donuts a pop is 120 Ds.

Road to Riches part 4, what you get:
Road to Riches Beloved Billionaires Club
• Cost: 2 Billion $$s
• Name: Beloved Billionares Club
• Type: Building
• Built: Instant
• Earns: 135 $$s and 15 XP every 4 hours
• Job(s): Yes – for Gold Road tiles

Gold Road tiles:

All I can tell you right now is there will be an “Explainer Panel” when you place the building and that there are 4 new sets of 24 hour jobs.
Each of those new jobs can be done by Mr. Burns, Aristotle Amadopolis, The Rich Texan, Artie Ziff, Augustus Redfield and Arthur Fortune.

I spent my A town fortune on a mahoosive heap of sprinkles, but my B town has the dollars and donuts to go get this right away. Once I know what’s what for those Gold Road Tiles I will be back with a post on them, so please be a little patient and wait for that to go up – probably on Monday.

EDIT: Got the basics sussed and found the other info I need so I may have the post on these tiles by Friday.
Damn, they’re expensive.
Right now I’ve got a bed to build or there’s nothing to sleep on tonight, TTFN

103 responses to “Road to Riches Part 4: Beloved Billionaires Club

  1. Zoe Fitzgerald

    Hi, when I click on Red Blazer Realty it’s not bringing up the Billionaires club building so I can’t tell how much I’ve spent. There’s also nothing in my task bar. Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks all x

    • Yes, look in the top right where the Daily Challenges icon is. Once you click on that icon, it will show you your Daily Challenge. However, on the left of that popup, you’ll find three icons for Daily Challenges, the Monorail stuff, and then for Billionaire’s Club. That’s where you can see how much you’ve spent.

  2. karenskuality

    What’s the point of showing multiple people who can create the golden tiles, when they only let you create “one at a time”? Don’t get me wrong, I think the idea is pretty dumb and wasting all this cash (that I had to remove from my Roth IRA, is a bad idea 🙂 is awful but… when I get the first gold tile, will I be able to create “2 at a time” or always just 1? Is there an endgame or… do they just want us to pay $100M every 24hr for the rest if eternity?

    • Read Monday’s post on the tiles ( May 29th )
      Short answer it’s always one at a time, cost goes up

  3. Does the SH real estate value affect the overall bonus multiplier? Thanks to all!

    • No, they don’t. They only help unlock the items on the track.

      But that being said, there are some items that both increase Real Estate Value and increase bonus multiplier.

  4. charlesthefirst1

    FYI, one really annoying part with the gold road, they can’t be moved or stored as part of a group. You must delete the roads and then replace them. BTW, don’t store your Club while purchasing a golden road tile unless you want to lose 100M

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