Turbo Tappin’ Sci-Fi Springfield: Act 1 Premiums (RoboBurns & Rockstar Maggie)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The nerds have invaded Springfield!  Ok just one nerd, and he’s not all that bad.  And only in Springfield can Professor Frink, with the help of Homer, open up a black hole that transports doppelgangers, robots and Stephen Hawking (!) to our pocket sized Springfields!

And, like all events, the Sci-Fi Event has brought new premium characters to our towns!  Fun new multiverse characters to explore and bring into the fold of Springfield.  Of course these characters all come with their own questlines to guide us through their trip to Springfield (and help earn more ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg).

So let’s take a look at these premium questlines to see just what you need to do to help these new characters from other dimensions get acclimated to life in our pocket-sized Springfields…

sci-fi turbotap

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