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Winter Xmas 2016 Calendar: Act Two

It’s beginning to look a lot like Festivus… for the Rest of Us!!

The second part to this lil short Holiday-esque Event is now live in our silly lil games. That means there is a new batch of Personal Prizes you can play and earn towards. With all the new items dropped into place, the new panic sets in of how you can possibly earn them in time. No worries…



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Winter Xmas 2016 Calendar: Act One

Weeeeeee wish you a Merry… hey now … wait a minute… what’s this??!!

It looks like we have journeyed back in time to celebrate the Festivities this year. The game is being infultrated with some old school rituals, Pagans, Goats… will we see Conan?… or CROM??!! 😉

With all the cool new stuff hitting the games for this smaller Event, I am sure the panic will set in (if it has not already) of the need for a daily Calendar to follow to keep you all on track. Well we don’t want our Material Collection stuck back in time… so I guess …



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