Winter Xmas 2016 Calendar: Act Two

It’s beginning to look a lot like Festivus… for the Rest of Us!!

The second part to this lil short Holiday-esque Event is now live in our silly lil games. That means there is a new batch of Personal Prizes you can play and earn towards. With all the new items dropped into place, the new panic sets in of how you can possibly earn them in time. No worries…



A few quick FYI’s



As per usual, I will be starting the Calendar one day AFTER the Act releases so you can factor in time you will need to send Characters on tasks, get Buildings, and fully launch the New Act. I will also be stopping it the night BEFORE the Event ends, as it will give you enough time to focus on all the other last minute stuff.


Now you have a basic daily breakdown for 11 days based off of approximately 6814 indicator_xmas2016_broochBrooch a day.

Again, do not panic. Remember that it is slow going at first so you may “appear” and feel like you are behind, but as you progress through the Questlines and Event you will start to see that you are getting more and more and more each day. Just go at a pace that fits you, but remember the more you play the more you will get. These are totals you want to reach by the end of each day if possible.



Here’s the rundown of the prizes available during Act Two that you can win by just playing the game and collecting indicator_xmas2016_broochBrooches.

devil-snowman-lgDevil Snowman- 5,200 indicator_xmas2016_broochBrooches
ico_xmas2016_runestones_pack2Goblet of 250 Runestones- 12,150 indicator_xmas2016_broochBrooches
ico_priz_xmas2016_baalpit_lgBa’al Pit– 23,500 indicator_xmas2016_broochBrooches
unlock_lisa_gothRavencrow Neversmiles– 38,850 indicator_xmas2016_broochBrooches (Skin for Lisa)
ico_xmas2016_runestones_pack3Chest of 400 Runestones- 47,050 indicator_xmas2016_broochBrooches
wickerman-lgWickerman- 57,500 indicator_xmas2016_broochBrooches
sacrifice-your-sheep-to-odin unlock_maggie_snowsuitSacrifice your Sheep to Odin & Star Snowsuit Maggie- 74,950 indicator_xmas2016_broochBrooches (Skin for Maggie)




There are BONUTS awarded at the end of the prize track.


There you have it. A Calendar of indicator_xmas2016_broochBrooches for you to follow along with as you progress through the Event.

What do you think of the 2nd Act of the Event? Where are you in the game so far? How are your Material Collection totals coming along? Any of the Personal Prizes you are looking most forward to? Happy they finally got Maggie’s cute lil Star Snowsuit in the game? Let us know.



69 responses to “Winter Xmas 2016 Calendar: Act Two

  1. I cannot find my star suit maggie!! Help!


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