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Throwing Back Seasons with the Fuzzball – Season 2 (Plus “The Great Phatsby”)

Hey hey there friends!

So… in case you missed it last week… we launched a new feature on the site where I do an audio recap of Seasons of The Simpsons plus new episode reviews and whatever other stuff comes out of my mouth. Basically it’s all The Simpsons stuff from the weekly podcast I do. With Totbox on a hiatus from the amazing Throwback posts that I’ve come to love, this is my way of keeping some sort of throwback going and while I’ll miss the hilarity that is Totbox covering episodes of the Best. Show. Ever., I like this format. Shoutout to Alissa for even thinking of this amazing example of the power of double dipping. NOTE: Do not double dip Cheetos… not a good example.


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