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Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go your way? Alarm clock doesn’t go off? No more milk for your cereal? Clothes not dry? Flat tire? Gas tank Empty? Late to work? Surprise meeting with the boss? WELL TOO BAD!! DEAL WITH IT YAH BABY! 😛

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Bunny here with a quick little update. About a week ago, I did a post on my Sideshow Bob 2D art. I had a mini contest at the end for my readers to guess just how many newspaper dispensers I used on his hair and their total cost.

Sideshow Unfilled

So I took off all of his hair (he looks kinda silly without it)…


…and here are the totals.

Contest totals

All of that just for ONE section of a 2D. No wonder I keep falling behind on buying buildings, but I don’t mind starving for my art.

Now…the winners…

Mags1972 guessed: “$131,725
405 dispensers at least”. Really close. Good guess.

Mummie guessed: “I’m going with 312”. Great guess…I was probably closer to this count just before I ran out of money and was left with a hole in his head. LOL


So there yah go. Due to only two people enteredBOTH WIN!! WOOHOO!! I will create a custom 2D design for both of you. You are welcome to contact me at the social site tapped-out.com.uk or I can email you here.  Just let me know.