Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go your way? Alarm clock doesn’t go off? No more milk for your cereal? Clothes not dry? Flat tire? Gas tank Empty? Late to work? Surprise meeting with the boss? WELL TOO BAD!! DEAL WITH IT YAH BABY! πŸ˜›

Just thinking about some poor sob having a rough day makes me giggle. YES, GIGGLE! Well don’t go getting all snippy with me. Chillax man. Simmer Down. Let me ‘splain. πŸ™‚

While playing TSTO, I come across a lot of characters. Both in the game, and in fellow tappers…like you. Yah, I am pointing at YOU. I enjoy the fact that EA has taken the time to make the game laughable by adding subtle lil items to make us giggle when we play not to mention the subtle jabs at themselves in the dialog.

Get to the point? SHEESH! Demanding, aren’t we?

Over at the social site, there are all sorts of characters I enjoy chatting with over TSTO daily. For fun, I decided to do a competition for one of my 2Ds, Sideshow Bob. (You can see more on him here:Β  ). As a reward for this competition, I offered to place their name on my work and to make a custom 2D art piece of their choosing. Yes, I know…PG only. Who do you think I am?

YES I AM RAMBLING ON…DEAL WITH IT! THIS IS MY POST! Did you expect me to NOT ramble? This is Bunny we are talking about here. Not to mention all those multiple personalities she has hidden in her lil brain.Β  πŸ˜›

So the winner, Cleckers, asked me to make a character who makes him giggle too. (See I am not the only one laughing here). He chose Bumble Bee Man. PERFECT! Being a player that doesn’t dabble in the donut fun, I can only enjoy Bumble Bee Man when I come across him in another town. Seeing him walking along minding his own business…then *POW*…down he goes…flat on his face. Oh my goodness this gives me giggles. His expressions. His manner. How can you not laugh at his misery. It IS what EA intended us to do. Just look at these and try not to laugh or crack a smile. (See, I’m not a mean cruel bit…person).

Thus another 2D was to be created. Yes, I giggled the entire time I made it. Poor lil Bumble. Using all the screenshots from fellow tappers towns, I started on him. Face first. Using the small bushes to make a general outline of his features. Aww he looks so miserable. GREAT! πŸ™‚

Next up the outline of his mask with snapdragons around his face to get the general shape. Then on to the propane tank eyes. They look a lil buggy. *snicker* See what I did there?

Now for those lil dangly thingies on top of his head. You know, the thingies that look a lot like an antennae. Lol. Then on to the outfit. ***giggle*** The costume he wears is a riot. Gotta make it look, well, like a bumble bee. Wooden fences seemed to work. Then trash cans for his arms. Snapdragons for the blackened areas. Now…wings…hmmm….I saw another fellow artist use lawn chairs for a separate design…they work great. Most of this is mainly outlining to get shape. Add a couple firey bushes at the tips of the antennae.

Then when it looks just right, FILL ‘R UP! (I did try to fill in his face, but it just looked…wrong).

…and there you have…BUMBLE BEE MAN!!Β 

No…wait…that’s not mine…try again…

Hmmm…he still doesn’t seem miserable enough…oooooooh, I shall add one of his catch phrases. TA DAAAAAA!!!

There he is. Sad. Mopey. Depressed. Hey, kinda like you when I force feed you another one of my posts. πŸ˜› EA definitely has a great sense of humor and it shows in the thought and effort that goes into their characters. (I still want to see Sideshow Bob walk into a rake…hint hint hint).

Now keep this in mind next time you’re having one of THOSE days, it could always be worse…you could be Bumble Bee Man. What? What do you mean you don’t find that funny? Fine! Sheesh! Sourpuss! Don’t even think about crying to me…I mean…errr…



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  1. I made a 2D pacman ghost with orange cones, gas tanks for the eyes and a snapdragon for the pupil. Its gonna be there until halloween is over. Add me if you wanna check it out cause I have no idea how to screencap my game to post the picture online (sorry)

    • No need to be sorry. Many are unaware how to take a “screen shot” on their cell phone. Each is different and the easiest answer is to look online under the make and model phone you have.

      For most, it is a matter of pressing and holding at the exact same time your power button and home button until you see it “capture” the screen. Usually a pop up saying it was captured will appear.

      I am over 100 right now, so unable to add you personally…but no worries we will figure out a way to help πŸ™‚

    • If you’re still unable to figure out how to screenshot it after trying Bunny’s advice and want to submit your design for our contest send us an email at with your username for TSTO. One of us will be able to add you and grab the screenshot for you πŸ™‚

  2. I love your posts and I truly learn something with each one.

  3. Yep, definitely made me giggle. Thanks for showing how you put it together.

  4. si es bueno

  5. very well done!

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