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A Friday the 13th Ramble

What is up my Stonecutter peeps?

Wookiee chiming in on this special day just to talk about Friday the 13th. One of those days you just look out for bad luck or at least a rerun of Jason movies on your local scream channel. I always thought it was funny people don’t like the Number 13. As a Stephen King fan, I always look at the Number 13 and think “there’s power in prime numbers”. Ever noticed things seem to come in threes? 7 is actually my favorite number. All prime…. Makes ya think?

And those of you used to me by now know that I get to thinking and then it leads to rambling with a fact or two thrown in as well as Simpsons references. This post aims to fulfill all of that.  Besides, I got to ramble last time this happened, so why not do it again?  Check out that post for some Simpsons insanity references.

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