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A Friday the 13th Ramble

What is up my Stonecutter peeps?

Wookiee chiming in on this special day just to talk about Friday the 13th. One of those days you just look out for bad luck or at least a rerun of Jason movies on your local scream channel. I always thought it was funny people don’t like the Number 13. As a Stephen King fan, I always look at the Number 13 and think “there’s power in prime numbers”. Ever noticed things seem to come in threes? 7 is actually my favorite number. All prime…. Makes ya think?

And those of you used to me by now know that I get to thinking and then it leads to rambling with a fact or two thrown in as well as Simpsons references. This post aims to fulfill all of that.  Besides, I got to ramble last time this happened, so why not do it again?  Check out that post for some Simpsons insanity references.

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Woo hoo! We did it! Community Prize #5!!!

Hello hello hello! So excited right now to announce that we have finally reached one billion, 200 million gift bags and unlocked the fifth Community Prize, the Candy Cane Cooling Towers!

Wow, what an event. 10 personal prizes, 5 extra prizes for the group and whatever we all were lucky enough to win on the wheel. Not too bad a haul in my opinion.

I’m still kind of in shock that that many bags have been given by the worldwide community. I know there are folks out there who will say the counter is all just an algorithm and not indicative of real gift giving, but to that I say Bah Humbug. Every community prize was a gift, right?  The Holidays are about togetherness and a little bit of magic so I’m sticking to all of us as a group dropping those bags like it was hot. Just for fun, I have kept track of how many bags I’ve given during the update and I’m currently at 1387. If you multiply that by 1 million tappers (a small amount of the real total), you can see it is completely possible.

Anywho… all that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme, right? What matters is we got a new skin for the cooling towers of our Nuclear Power Plant (It’s pronounced nu-cular lol). Provided you’re at Level 11 and have built them, you can now make them all festive.

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A 2D Challenge from Wookieecorp with the winners

Hey hidey ho Tapperinos! It’s 2D Tuesday here at Addicts so I’m back with a 2D Challenge.

Last week was a little Maggie heavy on my end so I decided to keep to this theme and provide a challenge to any aspiring 2D artists out there. Now, the definition of art is very personal to each of us but I think all the cool images created by other tapaholics is one of the coolest I’ve seen recently.


So… although it’s not my favorite way to create 2D, one of the methods is to chart out your designs on graph paper and then transfer them to your game.  This can be done using an image or by actually finding a pre-graphed image. I found one of Maggie and decided to use it for today’s challenge.

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So first and foremost, Welcome to Tapped-Out 2D on TSTO Addicts!  This humble little page is a proud subsidiary of Wookieecorp (ripping arms out of sockets since 77).  If you don’t know me, I am Joe Wookiee Riot and really … Continue reading

Wookieecorp brings you… Comic Book Guy

Wanted to start off the 2D Design portion of Addicts with one of the Designs I made already to try and help out my fellow Tapperinos.  I tried to keep the design simple and took some screenshots through the process so maybe you could see how I go about placing the decorations to make a 2D.  So here’s the pic I chose which is a simple image of one of my favorite characters.   As an uber nerd, what isn’t there to love about the one and only Comic Book Guy aka Jeff Albertson.
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