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Woo-hoo It’s Our Blogiversary Week!


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

This week is special around the Addicts Offices because Friday marks 6 months since the launch of TSTOAddicts.com!  Woo-hoo!  I know it may seem silly to celebrate a 6 month anniversary, but Wookiee, Bunny & I are silly people!  We even celebrated our 1 month anniversary back in September!

We’re always celebrating little milestones with each other and we LOVE to share the bigger ones with you guys!  So in addition to our regular posts about Valentine’s Day,  we’ve got some really awesome things in store for you all this week!  So get ready to celebrate with the Addicts!  (just don’t ask me to share Bunny’s “water”…I tapped into her reserves and it’s mine all mine! 🙂 )

In honor of our anniversary we’ve given the site a little restructuring makeover.  Back in December we ask you (the AMAZING Readers of Addicts) what we could be doing differently to make Addicts a better experience for you.  Many of you said better search options and easier to navigate menu structure.  We’ll we’ve listened to you and worked to restructure both!  You’ll notice the menu tabs at the top and bottom of the page are much simpler and easier to navigate now!  We’ve got everything you could possible need in those menus AND if you still can’t find something you can always use the search box.  🙂

We’ve also made the Character Page AND the Premium Page easier to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for!  And in the coming days we’ll be working on restructuring the Walkthrough Page, including complete Level Guides for all of the information you’ll need in TSTO for each level of the game!

Now…Just a couple of reminders:

-The time to submit entries to our Valentine’s Day Contest is NOW.  All entries MUST be received by 11:59pm TONIGHT!  You can submit your entire via the comments on that post OR through the Addicts email at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com.   Be sure to submit yours on time and don’t miss out on your chance for FREE DONUTS!!

-Have you submitted your answers to the Addicts Want To know Blogiversary Poll yet?  We’ve received thousands of submissions so far…but did we get yours?!  Be sure to fill it out so your answers can be part of our TSTO Survey!  We’ll be sharing the results later this week!

Happy Tapping Everyone!