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Whole ‘Nother Level: Honorable Mention

alltappedout2buildbetterspringfieldHey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As I mentioned when we announced the finalists for the A Whole ‘Nother Level Contest  we had so many AMAZING entries it was really difficult for us to pick the top 10, so we expanded it to 15…and even then it was difficult!  You guys are seriously so incredibly talented and completely blew us away!

So now that the contest is officially over and the winners have been announced we wanted to take some time and share with you some of our favorites outside of the top 15.  At various points we’ll be sharing 1 or 2 entries with you guys, so you can get a feel for just how talented everyone really is  and maybe inspire EA to give us an update already!  The eventual plan is to have a page of Addicts Dedicated to these ideas (and future ones)..but for now we thought it’d give you guys some fun reading! 🙂

Here are two great level ideas from DDCgirl and ranfelsner….enjoy!

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