Whole ‘Nother Level: Honorable Mention

alltappedout2buildbetterspringfieldHey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As I mentioned when we announced the finalists for the A Whole ‘Nother Level Contest  we had so many AMAZING entries it was really difficult for us to pick the top 10, so we expanded it to 15…and even then it was difficult!  You guys are seriously so incredibly talented and completely blew us away!

So now that the contest is officially over and the winners have been announced we wanted to take some time and share with you some of our favorites outside of the top 15.  At various points we’ll be sharing 1 or 2 entries with you guys, so you can get a feel for just how talented everyone really is  and maybe inspire EA to give us an update already!  The eventual plan is to have a page of Addicts Dedicated to these ideas (and future ones)..but for now we thought it’d give you guys some fun reading! 🙂

Here are two great level ideas from DDCgirl and ranfelsner….enjoy!

This one was submitted by DDCgirl…
“Level 44” (based on the episode Bart After Dark)

Level Up message: Frank Grimes “I guess someone else has been doing your work for you” (Reward: 2 donuts)

Unlock Belle and Premium Skin for Bart.

Full details (including questline) can be found here

This one was submitted by ranfelsner…

“Level 44” Constant Justice

Level Up Message: “Here’s some donuts to shut you S.O.B.s up!” –Gabbo
Level Up!  Reward: 2 donuts

Unlock Judge Constance Harm, Principal Harlan Dondelinger, and Lunch Lady Doris

Full details (including questline) can be found here


So there you have it my friends…two entries for the Whole ‘Nother Level Contest that didn’t make the top 15, but were definitely ranked high by the Addicts Staff!

And one thing is for sure…based on your feedback and response to this contest we’ll be doing something similar in the near future!  Here’s hoping we inspire EA to hit us with an update tomorrow!

What did YOU think of the level ideas?  Any characters you were happy these two readers added?  Anything you’d like to see different?  Do you have any ideas for a future TSTO level?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

3 responses to “Whole ‘Nother Level: Honorable Mention

  1. These were both very good. I don’t envy the TSTO staff in having had to decide which entries would be finalists.

  2. Mary Jo Scadding

    Just wanted to say that I ditto your comment on how clever the people r who play this game. Would love to see their homes, because I would think they would be beautiful. Always ready for a new event.

  3. People are soooooo clever !!!!!

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