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Weekend Update: January 26th – February 1st

UPDATE from Alissa: We’re back…kinda sorta maybe.  All of the info (posts, images and your AMAZING comments) have been ported to our new server.  However, now we’re just waiting for the domain name to play catch up across the internet.  So some of you are still seeing the old site (if you see this message you’re seeing the old site) and others will see the new site.  We’re hopeful it’ll all be resolved shortly.  Believe me Bunny, Wookiee and I are going NUTS with out being about to post and answer your comments….we miss our favorite Addicts!!

That reminds me…if you posted a comment yesterday and have yet to see it post…we have it I promise.  It’s still in moderation because we want to make sure it carries over to the new site.  I promise you that I will make sure your comment gets posted on the new site

You ready for some Football? No? Good, me either. I only watch for the commercials. 😉

So another week has come and gone. Shockingly…I am still awake. (Too much caffeine hoping for an update.) I guess I should just go ahead and start rambling on now and remind you all the goodies you missed this week.

Weekend Update Addicts

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