Weekend Update: January 26th – February 1st

UPDATE from Alissa: We’re back…kinda sorta maybe.  All of the info (posts, images and your AMAZING comments) have been ported to our new server.  However, now we’re just waiting for the domain name to play catch up across the internet.  So some of you are still seeing the old site (if you see this message you’re seeing the old site) and others will see the new site.  We’re hopeful it’ll all be resolved shortly.  Believe me Bunny, Wookiee and I are going NUTS with out being about to post and answer your comments….we miss our favorite Addicts!!

That reminds me…if you posted a comment yesterday and have yet to see it post…we have it I promise.  It’s still in moderation because we want to make sure it carries over to the new site.  I promise you that I will make sure your comment gets posted on the new site

You ready for some Football? No? Good, me either. I only watch for the commercials. 😉

So another week has come and gone. Shockingly…I am still awake. (Too much caffeine hoping for an update.) I guess I should just go ahead and start rambling on now and remind you all the goodies you missed this week.

Weekend Update Addicts

SUNDAY: We started off the week with Alissa’s coverage of one of the newer Premium characters in our game with The Real Housewives of Springfield: Luann Van Houten. Then she jumped back in picking all your brains in the Sunday Night Open Thread.

MONDAY: Bunny hopped on in with a recap from the New Simpsons TV Episode: Specs and the City. Then she hopped on back to let you know just Where Did THAT Come From: Khlav Kalash Stand. Bunny wanted to see more and more Boats, so she told all you readers to SHOW ME YOUR BOATS!

Alissa brought us all some great giggles with this Monday’s Caption This. Then she wanted to give you some more giggles with the full dialog to the Judge Snyder Walkthrough for Level 38.

TUESDAY: Wookiee brought back some more detailed information with the Where Did THAT Come From: Sunsphere.

WHO WANTS FREE STUFF??!! Have YOU entered our Valentine’s Day Contest? Come on. YOU KNOW YOU WANNA!!

WEDNESDAY: Bunny stopped in to give a lil advice on ability to take a nice clean image for your screenshots in the Addicts How-To: Take A Clean Image/Picture.

Alissa reminded us EA snuck in a hail mary pass and dropped an extra treat for this weeks Superbowl Sunday. Don’t forget to log into your game on Sunday for a really sweet treat. 🙂 Then she came back again with some more giggles in the Hump Day Humor Caption This. Then she held your hands and you tried VERY hard to not throw your phone against the wall as the Origin servers crashed down. Then she brought us YOUR thoughts in this weeks From The Mouths of Addicts.

Wookiee took us through his dilemma and struggles to get back the access into his game. Read his post to see just what he went through and how EA responded.

THURSDAY: Wondering where the Duff Party Bus came from in the Simpsons Series? How about the Duff Racer? Take a peak at Wookiee’s Where Did THAT Come From post. Then he brought you even more details and information as he gave you another Where Did THAT Come From Howard’s Flowers.

Alissa let us know there was a small minor in-game update. NO NOT VALENTINE’S. 🙁

Bunny gave us her opinion on whether or not to spend your precious sweet treats on the Should I Spend Donuts on the Duff Party Bus. BOATS BOATS BOATS…Bunny wanted boats…YOU brought her boats. It made her very happy! Springfield Showoff: BOATS!

FRIDAY: Bunny, Alissa, and Wookiee went FRAKKIN NUTS!!! (More so Bunny…but with all her cray cray, it was hard to guage the extra cray cray added.) We upgraded the site and could not access it as normal. What on earth were we to do? DRINK ALL BUNNY’S WATER OF COURSE!!! PARTY IN THE BASEMENT!! WOOHOO!!

SATURDAYWookiee wetted our palettes with a lil taste of Simpson’s Super Bowls of the past for this weeks edition of  TSTO Anonymous.

The new site is still taking a lil bit to finish relaying over, meanwhile…Bunny has escaped the Basement and is running rampant all over NJ, scaring all the would be Super Bowl goers. Wookiee has escaped the attic and was last seen covered in Orange POOF and rambling something as he waved his arms in the air…like he just don’t care (keepin it tight, yo!). Poor Alissa is just sitting in the corner…arms around her legs…rocking back and forth…saying, “there’s no place like Addicts home…there’s no place like Addicts home…”

ANOTHER REMINDER…WHO WANTS FREE STUFF??!! Have YOU entered our Valentine’s Day Contest? Come on. YOU KNOW YOU WANNA!! Contest Ends February 10th.


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