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Game of Games the Sequel Prize Guide: Act 4, Prizes 3 and 5, Crowd of Cosplayers and Frinkiac 7

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well my friends, we’ve reached the end of the Game of Games prize posts.  These last 4 prizes are all we have left to cover and we can finally put GOG2 to bed!  Woohoo!

I know prize posts aren’t the most exciting in the world, but as I always say it’s still important to break these down.  Helps with various questions and, if nothing else, I can point to this post 6 months from now when they reappear in a mystery box.

Act 4 contains 2 costumes and 2 prizes (and one stinking Mystery Box Token).  So for this act we’ll (well me really) be breaking down the outfits and prizes in separate posts.  And this post will cover the prizes of Act 4, Crowd of Cosplayers and the Frinkiac 7…

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