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Turbo Tappin’ Winter/Christmas 2015: Babysitter Bandit

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Christmas may be over, but the fun is just beginning!  Snow still covers the ground and Maggie and friends have arrived in town! Like all events, it’s not without it’s share of premium content and characters.  Of course those premium characters wouldn’t be complete without a questline!

Lucille Botzcowski (aka Babysitter Bandit) is a premium character that you could pick up during Act 3 of the Winter Event. She comes with a fun 5 part questline, that you may want to hold off on doing until the Event is over (since not all the questline tasks will earn you Event currency…)

Let’s take a look at the Turbo Tappin’ version of Lucille Botzcowski (aka Babysitter Bandit) questline….


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