Where Did THAT Come From – Satan’s Anvil

Holy Stonecutters Update! Lots and lots and lots of stuff and not all of it came from just one episode.

Wookiee here with our usual Addicts amazingness and posts letting you know just exactly where items in TSTO come from. This update has had me really hyped but that also means it’s time yet again to let you know where thing come from. For this installment, we’re going to talk about Satan’s Anvil.

Satan's Anvil

After collecting 35,000 Stonecutter emblems, you receive this prize, improve your vanity rating and boy is it massive (10×10). For anyone unaware, the reason it shows up in the decoration menu with clouds around it is to identify it as an Aspirational Item i,e. big and expensive. Big … check… emblem cost… double check.

To find this giant depiction of the cloven one, we simply head over to Season 22, Episode 15: “The Scorpion’s Tale”. This is another one of those episodes which just demands a desert area in TSTO. The kids of Springfield Elementary are headed on their yearly field trip to Springfield Desert State Park.

Springfield Desert State Park

According to Otto, it reminds him of a planet on Star Trek and it’s so hot, Nelson want to wedgie the sun. Let’s listen in as Skinner narrates part of the trip…

“Children, I hope we have a pleasant and orderly day here at Satan’s Anvil. No one knows why the early settlers called it that and I suppose we never will.”

Right behind Seymour is our quick glimpse of our new TSTO decoration. Other notable things at the Park include rattlesnakes, weird metal-sculpting rednecks, rock climbers, hippy skeletons and The Woozy Canary Gold Mine with naughty French postcards (aaaaaaaaaand… Remorse lol).

Satan's Anvil

BONUS: This episode also is the origin of the 8 hour Silvertongue crop at Cletus’ Farm. It calms scorpions, disappears stains and makes Grampa Simpson (and the old folks of Springfield) less cranky. Sure it also has side-effects but old people are better when they’re smiling, right? Ok… I prefer my oldies with intact eyeballs… the better to see you with lol… but most of this episode stems from Silvertongue so it’s cool to have it in TSTO.


Anywho… that sums up this edition of WDTCF. Until next time, you stay classy and thanks for stopping by.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

8 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Satan’s Anvil

  1. As I have said before I would like to see a desert style expansion, also need bigger area in the game, running out of space.

  2. i hope they let us buy more land soon. it’s getting crowded. only way to solve that is to stack buildings on top of each other at this rate lol

  3. Did we order this lunch to go!!!

  4. Hopefully they add more desert items sometime now that we have more things associated with it. Mt. Carlm Satan’s Anvil, the Eye pyramid…now we need desert rocks, cacti, maybe some dirt/sand paving options. Dead trees too but I think those were released an old event that I never got to play. It just looks too odd now to have all this stuff sit on regular grass.

    • The dead trees were available during the 2012 and 2013 Halloween events so hopefully they return again. I think the desert option is a great one a lot of us would like to see.

  5. I said it before, I’ll say it again. Satan presiding over Pride Rock from the Lion King. (good for a chuckle for Wookiee and I.)

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