Random Changes 4th of July Event

Hey there Hoppereenos. Jumpin on in to bring you the break down of some changes the new items brought with them to your game. You may have not even noticed them.


First off, the Stonecutter’s items for purchase are gone if you’ve updated… so what does this mean? Well let’s cover a few items.

All Seeing EyeAll Seeing Eye: Once paid Emblems, now pays $200 & 20XP Every 8 hours.


Chest of Sacred ArtifactsChest of Sacred Artifacts: Once paid Emblems, now pays $200 & 20XP Every 8 hours.


Sacred ParchmentSacred Parchment Wall is just a decoration now. Does nothing when tapped (as it opened the parchment puzzles prior).

#1 victory poseNumber 1: The one everyone continually asked just what would happen with him after the event. Well, he is now a fully playable character with tasks similar to all the other Stonecutters.

#1’s Tasks:

Task Task Length Payout Location
Quick Drink at the Stonecutter Lodge 1 hr $70/ 17XP Stonecutter Lodge
Run the Stonecutter Daycare 2hr $110/ 27XP Stonecutter Daycare
Attend a Secret Meeting 8 hr $275/ 70XP Stonecutter Lodge
Nap at the Stonecutter Lodge 12 hr $420/ 100XP Stonecutter Lodge
Feast at the Stonecutter Lodge 24 hr $600/ 150XP Stonecutter Lodge

Speaking of the Stonecutters, you may have noticed above that many of the costs that were paid out on the tasks has changed slightly too for the Stonecutters.

 #12 Lenny #14 Carl#Regular Character’s Tasks:

Task Length Previous Payout New Payout
1hr $80/ 17XP $70/ 17XP
2hr $125/ 27XP $110/ 27XP
4hr $190/ 45XP $175/ 45XP
8hr $300/ 70XP $275/ 70XP
10hr $400/ 90XP $350/ 90XP
12hr $495/ 100XP $420/ 100XP
16hr $1400/ 325XP $1250/ 325XP
24hr $700/ 150XP $600/ 150XP

#51 phone home 1 #314 Frink#Premium Character’s Tasks:

Task Length Previous Payout New Payout
1hr $115/ 26XP $105/ 26XP
2hr $190/ 40XP $175/ 40XP
4hr $275/ 70XP $260/ 70XP
8hr $445/ 105XP $420/ 105XP
12hr $675/ 150XP $600/ 150XP
24hr $1100/ 225XP $1000/ 225XP


tree forest tree

Items you could not store: Back around the time that Stonecutters was first launched, we were given the Nuclear Option. Sadly, there were glitches with a lot of the decorations that would not store and just disappear. With all the issues, the Nuclear Option was shut down and the items with issues vanishing were locked out from being able to be stored in inventory. Now Nuclear is back and the option to store those items is unlocked again. WOOHOO!! So, now I can start my town designs again without worrying where to put all those shrubs if I couldn’t store them.


TomaccoCletus' Farm

Cletus’ Farm: The Tomacco crop has now been dropped down to a quicker time. The Grow Time is now ONLY 30 Mins and the Payout is $75 & 20XP.

Keep in mind there is still more to come as some items won’t unlock until the 4th and the 11th. Just keep watching the blog and we will post as the changes hit. The info below is for those that already had some of the items not available to new players yet. 

4th of July Reboot: For those of you that were tapping during last years 4th of July Event, you will see some changes to the items that you got.

Tapped_Out_Lisa_statueLisa Liberty: The bonus multiplier was 2.5% and is now 2.75%

Tapped_Out_Crate_of_fireworksCrate of Fireworks: Vanity was +500 and is now +600

Tapped_Out_Pinwheel_fireworkPinwheel Firework: Vanity was +300 and bonus of .75% now is +400 Vanity and 2% bonus

Nighthawk Diner TSTONighthawk Diner: Was 30XP payout is now 45XP payout

Rex Banner Banana Kaboom all american apuRex Banner & All American Apu will now payout at premium character rates due to they are being brought back as Premium Items.

More info on all the items as they are released into the game.


Last lil bit (you know I am always gonna mention this), with so many people having technical issues with their games. Uninstall/Reinstall, Clear Cache & Data, etc…do NOT forget to check the Confirm Donut Spend. It will reset. For the rest, just make sure all your settings are still where you want them to be. (Items Menu, lil Italic “i” in top left corner of menu next to vid camera) Those pink sprinklies are precious and it sucks when you lose them.



Confirm Donut Notification and Sound Volume



Confirm Donut Spend



Got the typical “ROLLBACK” glitch that occurs with some updates. Try the usual Basic Troubleshooting, and if need more help…contact EA.

So there are a few random changes. I am still looking to see if anything more pops ups. I will update this post if I do. Do you like the new items with the 4th of July Event? Any changes you see that we have not listed? Let us know.


Til Next Time…






69 responses to “Random Changes 4th of July Event

  1. fluffybunny0023

    Is it safe to go nuclear? I really want to redecorate my Springfield but I don’t want to lose anything.

  2. Matthew b Lawler

    I feel really bad for anybody that spent donuts on stonecutters skins considering that all skins now have the exact same cash and experience payout for task as non-skin task so there’s really no reason to have the skins other than for a variety of activities because there’s no financial or experience benefit to the skins

    • It was ultimately their decision. Still real cool to see all my townsfolk wander in their robes.

    • Louis Trapani

      Wasn’t the only Stonecutter skins you could had bought with donuts were Doctor Hibbert and Professor Fink? If I recall correctly, Fink’s was something like 12 donuts and Hibbert was 60. The other skins were rewards for accomplishing the parchment mysteries or accumulation of emblems. If you purchased the skin for Hibbert, it essentially turned the character into a premium character while he is wearing the Stonecutter skin. So the payout using that skin is now of a premium character. Fink being already a premium character gets the same pay now with or without the Stonecutter skin, but his skin was for much less donuts and if you got it early enough in the event, it would had paid out $10 more on all tasks while he was wearing the skin.

  3. I’ve noticed that since the 4th of July update that now when I level up and I get my chance at the 3 ‘donut boxes’, it now costs me $150,000 to try again when it used to cost $50,000. Playing on a samsung galaxy if it matters.

    I remember this being posted in one of these posts during the stonecutter event as a glitch? Is it now permanent?

    I’m fortunate to be lucky enough that I usually get 3 donuts on my 1st try using Bunny’s 3rd box time the lights trick. Got 3 sprinkles my last 4 level ups until my timing was off and I found out about this. D’oh!!

    P.s. thanks again for the level up trick bunny!!

    • I think that is the new norm now. The glitch was it was $50 when it should have been $150 K.

      I am glad the trick worked for you. It is a trial and error thing that I played round with. Lol. 😉

      • Louis Trapani

        Oh? What’s the trick? I only just reached this point of the game a couple of days ago. It was $50k for me for each re-try. Thanks in advance.

      • The trick didn’t work for me. 🙁 Oh well. I tried the 3rd box first, then the 2nd, and of course the 3 donuts were in the 1st box. It still was “only” $50k to retry for me though. So perhaps it goes up as you continue on in the game? Similar to the boardwalk tiles maybe?

        • I just wonder if they start it from 40 or 42 up. Testing a few things out. 😉

          • For me I first topped out at level 42 (appropriate for me being a fan of ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’). So I can’t speak of hitting the ceiling of 40 or the previous levels. I’ve hit the top of level 42 twice now so far. Working on my third at the moment unless they drop a new level before I get there.

  4. It looks like Disco Stu’s 1 hour roller boogie task has a new animation.

  5. My leprechauns don’t seem to be subject to my bonus multiplier any longer. I have a multiplier north of 500% – used to be I’d get a nice pile of cash from tapping on my leprechaun or yuprechaun…now they only pay off $5 each. Hardly worth tapping anymore…:(

  6. Have you guys notice that mr costington sometimes walking so fast just like sideshow bob when you have him 1hr task?

  7. Anyone else having trouble when playing items within the bottom 4 rows of their town? It hangs on all my devices, S4, transformer 300, and even tried on bluestacks. Once I place the item where I want anywhere within the bottom 4 rows, press the check Mark, the box turns white and then game will just freeze, I let it sit for 10 minutes to see if it would come back, then had to force close.

  8. Okay i have to ask because i may have read it wrong before…..clear cache, delete and reinstall Now do i understand your saying clear DATA as well?

    • Clearing cache is fine, clearing data…that clears it ALL…well…almost. Lol. I find it seems to work better on the clear data. But it is really all up to your device and what you find works for you.

  9. Hi Addicts! New to this blog as a commenter, but I’m a really frequent visitor.
    But I have a burning question. I’m a daily player, and since the update just before the end of Stonecutters event, I go into my game, click maybe one-third of my buildings to collect, and the game slows to a crawl. If I click anything or try to scroll, the app closes. If I stop everything I’m doing and wait about 15 seconds (an eternity!), it usually goes back to normal. I use a Galaxy Note 2, and I clear my RAM and all open apps prior to playing TSTO. Is this happening to others?
    I’m no stranger to TSTO, so I have previously done troubleshooting. If I uninstall and reinstall the app completely, am I at risk of losing my Springfield or will Origin automatically save it and I will be safe when I sign in afterward? All of us at the max level are hesitant even accidentally clicking logout for fear of Origin losing all our hard work!

    Thanks, as always!

    • There is ongoing issues with android devices since the Kit Kat update came. I am hoping Android and EA can figure something out. They worked on my game for 4 months. It has gotten better. I do notice that outside tasks seem to slow it down. I put most my NPC characters in storage (Zombies, cat, guinea pig, etc) and that seems to help it. Also, and this sounds funny, once you are in the game…try to zoom out as much as you can. Sometimes that seems to help as the game launches slighty zoomed in.

      Outside that, it is just continuing to report the android devices impacted to EA and hoping they find a permanent solution to it.

      • I definitely zoom out, how else can I maximize my collecting, of course! 🙂 I have a friend though who must have 5000 decorations out and about, and it crashes nearly every time I get to that Springfield. What a shame this has to happen to Android users. Seems TSTO is a little more optimized for Apple users.

        • I have…ummm…6000 or more decorations in my B game. I was loading up on Stonecutter fences and got booted out before I could store them. Now, I cant get back into my game yet. Pushed the limit too far 🙁

  10. shadowchasers

    It is always good to give the confirm donut reminder. It is too easy to get caught up in a frenzied reinstallation during an event. Setting the default to no confirm would seem to be EA being greedy, hoping that people will accidentally burn their donuts. But if enough people complain about unwanted purchases, maybe they will switch the default to confirm on. Personally, I would rather see a default confirm purchase (what is one more tap in the grand scheme of things) and the settings toggle used for completely locking out donut purchases.

    • I have TWO giant whales in my B game thanks to the fact that I forget to reset it after a reinstall. You just get too carried away in the excitement of new events at times, that the lil things get looked over. I think I do these posts more for MY own sanity and reminder too. Lol. 😉

  11. Anyone else not have friends handshakes registering? I have two different games and tried it but they didn’t show up in both games..

  12. Is the option to ‘turn off’ streets and rivers when moving objects new this round or did I just never notice it before?

  13. Why did they lower the time on the tomacco to 30 minutes? I like having a 1 hour option on things. I would like EA to put in a 4 hour task for Number 1, Mindy, and Ralph, too. 1,4, and 8 hour tasks are the ones that I use the most.

    • Not sure. The money stayed the same. Maybe they are prepping for another addition to the Farm options and getting it ready. There are a lot of farm things in there that still have not been released. I also like the 1 and 4 hour tasks. 😉

  14. Grrrr. I’m absolutely furious. Back on June 24th, I finally had enough donuts for Louanne and the Cracker Factory (i had boosted waith a few Golden Scratch-R’s bought with real money). As I was scrolling to buy it, poof! I had bought the Rich Texan. Sure enough, donut spend has reverted – even though I check it every 2 days and after every update I notice. I submitted a ticket. Three follow-ups later, NO reply. So today, I contact a live advisor chat for the first time. Rep repeatedly tells me, too bad, best I can do is give you 15 donuts. I refuse to accept this. What kind of garbage customer service is this? I’ve finally started spending real money in this game – a new event with premium items is upon us, and they refuse to accept that the fact you don’t ALWAYS need to confirm items is nothing short of unethical and thievery? I realize you guys are not EA, I’m just venting. But cheez Louise….. When it’s real money laid out, I consider this totally unacceptable. Fuming!!! It took me almost a half an hour just for the guy to understand what actually happened. What a joke.

    • Sorry. The reps quite honestly are hit and miss. My suggestion, if you feel one is not helpful, try another or ask for a manager to contact you. I do this with ANY company I deal with in life. EA included. LOL. 😉

      • Yeah, I re-opened the ticket. We’ll see if I get an e-mail reply (they have always been prompt in the past and better). I repeatedly asked for a manager and he just kept saying “I have spoken with my supervisor and the best I can do is…” I mean, I didn’t even truly select it. How many times are you scrolling through your friends and instead of changing screens, it goes into the rightmost friend’s city? Same thing, basically, and I’m out 85 donuts before I even knew what had happened…. Not impressed. And especially because I do heed the warnings and check the confirm setting constantly.

        • Yah, it can get frustrating. So I keep trying all sorts of methods. Chat, call, email…until I find someone I can tell knows the game and what is going on. 😉

  15. My Pyramid earns 22xp

  16. Can’t collect emblems anymore the games forcing me to update

  17. How do you get to that options screen? To Confirm Donut Spend?

    • The info is there… Just go to ANY menu screen (like where you go to buy houses and trees)…in the top right corner of the pop up box for the menus you will see an icon that looks like a video camera and an italic “i”…tap on the italic i…you will then be directed to a screen pop up that looks similar to the screen shots I have in the post. Make adjustments to fit what you want for your game on sound, music, notifications, and ALWAYS make sure that confirm is set to on to avoid unwanted purchases of donut items.

  18. Plus Apu has a change
    He can relax in brown house for 2 hours
    Instead of 6 hr task

  19. Are there any game file details leading us to believe that a Gil 30% donut discount (or 30% donut bonus) is on the horizon. I basically started playing around November 2013. I’m current on everything since, but looking ahead, Halloween (and Christmas) is going to cost me a lot of donuts. I’ll drop $100 but I want to maximize my potential….

  20. Drats — I liked the stonecutter getting an extra cut on their tasks… seemed so diabolical yet calculated.

    Also — happy to welcome 2 new premiums without dropping a single donut — thx bunny

  21. I must admit I do sometimes like when long term players are kind of rewarded by making some of these old items pay out premium rates next time round. I know it sucks for newer people but I can’t help being selfish 😉

    • Can’t say I disagree with you 😉

    • I agree with you. I’ve only been playing since near the end of Christmas 2013 event and missed A LOT of good stuff. While I wish I could get it all free, I am glad that I have the opportunity to get it at all, and since it is kind of a status symbol when you get these things. it makes sense that original owners reap some kind of benefit for that. I only wish that they wouldn’t always cost donuts. Perhaps some kind of exorbitantly high in-game cash amount. But in general, I think it’s a nice compromise between both long time and newer players.

    • Happened a lot since I started. barney was a prize at Christmas 2012, Tatum and Miss Springfield from Whacking Day, To name a few. Not to mention some of the Valentines decorations which were free last year and now pay a nice bonus. That got me 20% boost on my bonus multiplier. Nice work if you can get it…

  22. Houses appears in the task book. I haven’t noticed that before.

  23. Are the pinwheel fireworks animated ?

    • They were last year. The crates too. Pinwheels spun when tapped with the fireworks sparking. The crates shot out fireworks when tapped.

  24. The stonecutter skins no longer being slightly better than normal payout is sad.

  25. Is it safe to use the nuclear option now?
    I’m so tempted to hit it and starts all over! Xx

    • Is it ever safe to use the nuclear option? 😉

      However you should be good if you decide to do it to Springfield

    • Before you hit that Nuclear Option as Alissa would say, “Lets take a look as to whether or not you should!”

      It has been ok’d to use Nuclear Option as long as A. it is only for Springfield B. You must wear proper radioactive attire C. Must be absolutely sure you wanna and D. STAND BACK!! 😉

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