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Random Changes 4th of July Event

Hey there Hoppereenos. Jumpin on in to bring you the break down of some changes the new items brought with them to your game. You may have not even noticed them.


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Stonecutters Random Changes

WOOHOO! Another cool event with lots of cool stuff going on. Sometimes there is just TOO much happening that we may miss or forget things going on in the game. I am here to help out with a few of those items within our game that the new Event brought. So come along as I drag you through the event.


Homer pulling stone


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Name Notifications-UPDATED

Many of you are now noticing a new type of notification popping up in your games. Letting you know a neighbor has ventured in there. It looks something like this…(this is from my Galaxy S4)

2014-04-07 12.08.02-1








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Random Items Noticed On Level 39 Update

Hey there Hoppereenos, happy to FINALLY have an Update? Not to mention a NEW LEVEL??!! WOOHOO!!! You can get all the latest info on the Level 39 drop here. Well I am here to touch basis on a few things I noticed with the Update itself.

Level 39 unlock


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