I’m Away From My Game Right Now: The LONG Requested Vacation Feed

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well for quite sometime you guys have been requesting a place where you can leave a note for your neighbors to let them know you’re on vacation, sick or just plain busy so they won’t think you’re completely inactive and unfriend you!  So once again…YOU asked, WE delivered!  Here is your LONG requested: “I’m Away From My Game Right Now” thread!

Here you can leave message for your neighbors to let them know you’re away from your game and when you can expect to be back.  This should allow for more understanding when it comes time to explain why all those handshakes aren’t cleared!

So sound off in the comments below and be sure to include your Origin ID, When you’ll be leaving (if you know) & How Long You’ll be Away For (if you know)….and as an added bonus (if you’re going on vacation) be sure to include where you’re going!  It’s always fun to see where other Tapping Friends are visiting!

Have Fun and Safe Travels everyone!


Note: This is NOT an Add Friends Feed.  DO NOT PUT ADD ME REQUESTS ON HERE.  This is for Tappers who just want to let their existing neighbors know they’ll be away.  Any “Add Me” requests posts here will be deleted.  I promise, if you’re looking for neighbors,  you’ll find all you can ask for AND MORE on our Add Friends feeds

260 responses to “I’m Away From My Game Right Now: The LONG Requested Vacation Feed

  1. Not sure if anyone checks this anymore, but I will be AFK for the next ten days. Might have sporadic internet tomorrow. But then will miss nine days, including my first day without any Tapped Out since my sisters destination wedding in Oct 2013.

    I was upset I missed out on a few awesome freemium prizes then from Halloween 2013. I’m sure I’ll be upset this time round too.

  2. Don’t know if any of my neighbours will read this but I’ll be in Turkey then a few days in England for 3 weeks in total from 25th June. Not sure if I’ll have Internet much if at all. Maybe this will be good for my Simpsons addiction! sahmum

  3. Hi neighbors — it’s Pickles210p. I just want to let you know that there is some sort of issue in the game that makes it so that some players cannot see some of their neighbors anymore on the neighbor screen. I know that my husband can’t see my SF, and also my name doesn’t show when he taps the prospectors I’m leaving him. EA is apparently aware of the issue and working on a fix (where have I heard that before?), but in the meantime I’m concerned that none of you can see me anymore and/or see that I’m leaving you prospectors because I have not received a single prospector, and my neighbors have always been generous during past events. Please know that I am still playing and leaving my wonderful, loyal pals prospectors. Please don’t drop me as a neighbor!

  4. Hey friends! theduchesss here.

    I’ve been having issues with my kindle fire HDX and it’s completely dead in the water (womp, womp). Amazon doesn’t repair and there are no refurbs available so I’m moving on up to a refurb Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (my geek heart rejoices!). It’ll be here in about a week so if we’re friends, know I’ll be back with you all shortly.

  5. I am not away from the game but I am having difficulty getting emails informing me of comments to blogs.

  6. Not truly away but I’ve been having a lot of difficulty visiting my neighbors on my device, very very very VERY slow and sluggish and jerky, which has resulted in some accidental vandalization. S for now I can only visit when I have access to my husband’s device when I have free time, which isn’t every day or even every other day 🙁 I’ll get to you when I can and thank you for your patience.

  7. For the neighboreenos of jmpml0001…. I am at a 2 week course with shoddy wwireles, and long days. I will try to clear every day or every other day, but I don’t think I will visit much outside the weekend. I tried today and my kindle kicked me out after one town. Thanks for all of your visiting! I’ll be back soon!!

  8. My access is going to be limited to 3-4 days a week until the end of Feb. Unless I can sort out some internet where I am staying and the company isnt playing ball.

  9. Not quite away from game, but nuking my Springfield. So if filmbuffcw is one of your neighbors there might not be as much to click on for a while while I rebuild.

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