Where Did THAT Come From: Sit-N-Rotate

Look in the sky… it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…. a… a…. giant freaking restaurant. What the what?

Well, by now all of you dear readers are in the thick of the July 4th event goodness and I’m sure you’ve noticed that EA had added a new aspirational building to the mix.  Costing $10,000,000 game cash, it is by far the priciest item EA has brought to us on the freemium level.  It requires you be at Level 35 in your game and helps out that Gluttony rating on the conform-o-meter.  Did I mention how massive this thing is?  It’s 9×9 and really tall with a continuous animation of the top spinning.  It is purely aspirational and does not earn anything for your town but those are just game details… you didn’t come by here for that, did ya?  Let’s get into just where this monstrosity of a restaurant comes from.


In “Principal Charming” (S2:E14), Homer decides he must go to the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet at Greasy Joe’s Bottomless BBQ Pit and someone has to watch the kiddos.  The go-to sitters are of course Patty & Selma but first, the chain smoking twins have to attend a co-worker’s wedding.  The love of the couple at the wedding brings down Selma’s spirits when she realizes it possibly could have been her marrying Stanley.

Selma realizes she’s not getting any younger and asks Marge to help her land a man.  Because Homer still owes her a favor from the last family vacation to St. Louis, Missouri to see the car shaped like a giant bowling pin, he is enlisted to find Selma a guy.  How hard can it be?  She likes Police Academy movies, Hummel figurines and walking through the park on clear autumn days.  She simply had a life of celibacy thrust upon her.

Homer ends up searching and listing pros and cons of eligible suitors which is quite funny.  Courtesy of Bart landing in trouble at school once more, Homer decides Principal Skinner is the appropriate sucker errr I mean beau.  Skinner’s pros: Uses big words, dislikes the boy and is well-groomed.  Only con is he’s possibly Homer Sexual lol.

In a mix-up when Skinner goes to dinner at The Simpsons house, he falls for Patty instead.  I still shudder every time he says “Be still my foolish heart.” Skinner asks Patty out on a date to see the premiere of Space Mutants V.  The school board apparently asked him to view it.  On the night of the date, he first takes Patty to our new restaurant… the Springfield Revolving Restaurant because food tastes better when you’re revolving.  I like this little scene just because of the background animation of the House of Tires billboard, Wiggum trying to talk down a jumper and Springfield Penitentiary inmates being hosed by guards.  The name of the TSTO decoration must come from the sign seen inside.

Sit-N-Rotate Restaurant

For another view of this building as we see it in game, we fast forward a bit to “Guess Who’s Coming to Criticize Dinner” (S11:E3).  This episode revolves around Homer becoming a Food Critic for the Springfield Shopper.  No surprise one of the restaurants he reviews is the Sit-N-Rotate.  Lisa says the food is exquisite.  Homer describes the view as “beautiful, inspirational and nauseating.”  In fairness, that nausea was because of a view of Patty & Selma working out.

The restaurant also appears in the very next episode in the “Life’s a Glitch, The You Die” segment of “Treehouse of Horror X”.  When all electronics go haywire courtesy of Y2K (remember that?) and Homer not doing his debugging job, the restaurant starts spinning out of control and the top launches off into space like a UFO.

Sit-N-Rotate Restaurant 2

Of course Simpsons gamers will recognize this building from several of the video games also.  When you buy this behemoth in your town, it does prompt a little mini-quest for Skinner to date Selma (shudder) which I think of as redemption for her.  At least EA seems to know some tappers are sitting on a lot of cash and need something to splurge on.

Well, that really is it.  What do you think of this new giganstaurant?  I think it’s cool but will need to save for a little before I can splurge on it.  Good news is it looks like it’ll be around to taunt our bank accounts for as long as it takes.  Y’all stay classy as usual.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

34 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Sit-N-Rotate

  1. Did the Sit-n-Rotate disappear with the latest update? I’ve checked every menu category beginning with aspirational buildings and it’s no where to be found. There was also another building but I forget the name, some type of chocolate aspirational building that is also gone.

  2. Just bought this, it does nothing monetary but it looks cool. I do have a question, when this item is placed, is it supposed to misorder the tasks for Skinner and Marge’s sister? In my game, their two hour tasks are displayed first and it masks the other tasks for those characters. When I’m clicking rapidly to send every character in the game on 24 hour tasks, I have to scroll with those two characters and it’s super frustrating. In the past, I remember other character had misordered tasks and after a while the game programmers fixed these. So far, the only way to fix this is for me to inventory the item, which makes it more productive as a stored item than as a used item.

    • I think it reshuffles them for the quest, did that pop up for you?

      • I did run the quest, but it hasn’t reordered them. I’ll run it again…


      • After recompleting the tasks, dine at sit n’ rotate are still the top tasks for Skinner and Selma (2 hours). They’re not highlighted in yellow, they’re just plain white and misordered and always displayed first. Any secret to getting rid of this? If not, I’m just going to store the building permanently. Thanks!

  3. Going from 10045539 to 45339 is a real shock… a real shock indeed… but in 3 days, Sit & Rotate will be done and I can sit back and be amazed that I really just built it. I hope I get to feel again what it’s like to have $10mil in my Springfield bank.

  4. I have 8 million (almost there)

    I think EA needs to do this for a LOT of buildings (some with characters) by offering a price that’s 6 – 12 million vs donuts (plenty buildings from last year that I didn’t get) …

    I also wouldn’t mind expanding land / sea past current maximum boundary


  5. I bought this item, looks cool in my overcrowded Springfield. I have way too much game cash (would be great to trade in $10 mil for a few donuts) but otherwise I like it. Would also be nice if other people could go to it, especially the ones that don’t have a 2 or 4 hr task. Otherwise if you have the game cash why not buy it IMO. I’m also a completist & still mad at Apple for not letting me purchase donuts for the Solid Gold Mansion. :-/

  6. Got it right away! I’m glad I have it, but for the price, I had much higher expectations. A bit of a let down.

  7. Homer Simpson and the blue haired lawyer

    Ooh you said freaking I’m telling

  8. On second thought: Well, golly, gee, and gee wiz. How many zeros in the price? Ugh ugh. What’s the benes? Do you get $10,000 every 24 hours maybe? I only have $3M at this time, so it’ll be awhile before I can get near enuf to buy. It’s pretty, tho.

  9. I lived near Seattle for 20 years. I adore that part of our country. I was going to ask Cyber for help in building a Space Needle. Now I don’t have to. Thank you, God, for The Pacific Northwest.

  10. I got it straight away, looks brilliant as a centrepiece for my restaurant district. I like how EA has given us tasks to go along with the Sit n Rotate and also the Sunsphere. It really makes you want to earn that building.

  11. Josephine Kick@$$

    Day off, can’t do anything but relax, so guess what? SIMPSON MARATHON! 🙂 (well what Hulu has available). Starts with season 25 episoda 15 (The War of Art). Lisa wants a guinea pig. Other than not having more episodes, they don’t show the couch gag 🙁 After that, I think it’s on to Futurama 🙂

  12. Josephine Kick@$$

    Good morning Wookiee! 🙂
    It’s good to know I’m not the only daily that can’t afford it LOL

  13. I love it, it is the 2nd Space Needle clone in the game (the other being The Food Needle in KrustyLand), Since I live in Seattle, it is a bit of home in the game.. Now, we need land and a Monorail. 🙂

  14. It looks like it should be in krusty land lol I still like it though

  15. Well buying cash with donuts would cost you 40,000 donuts for the sit & spin so it must be a pretty epic experience lol !
    There used to be a toy called sit & spin. Wonder if that’s where they poached the name 😉

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