Where Did THAT Come From – Krusty Burger Oil Rig

Woo hoo! Level 48 dropped in the midst of all our holiday fun and this fuzzball is pretty stoked. Not only is it more Simpsons fun for all of us, but I got things I mentioned in other posts. Add to that some extra goodness and let’s just say there’s a walking carpet in Southern California with a big smile on his furry face. But enough about me… I’ve got a job to do and you know what that is… let y’all know (or remind you) just where THAT comes from. Before I begin, let me apologize for the delay in these posts.  They were written up but delayed by all the holiday madness. For this Level 48 edition, we’ll take a look at the Krusty Burger Oil Rig.

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Where Did THAT Come From: Sit-N-Rotate

Look in the sky… it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…. a… a…. giant freaking restaurant. What the what?

Well, by now all of you dear readers are in the thick of the July 4th event goodness and I’m sure you’ve noticed that EA had added a new aspirational building to the mix.  Costing $10,000,000 game cash, it is by far the priciest item EA has brought to us on the freemium level.  It requires you be at Level 35 in your game and helps out that Gluttony rating on the conform-o-meter.  Did I mention how massive this thing is?  It’s 9×9 and really tall with a continuous animation of the top spinning.  It is purely aspirational and does not earn anything for your town but those are just game details… you didn’t come by here for that, did ya?  Let’s get into just where this monstrosity of a restaurant comes from.

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WDTCF – The Sunsphere

Well, it’s another day at Addicts and another where did THAT come from just for you.  As often happens, life imitates art.  I have friends I’ve made through this game from all over.  Some use certain characters as avatars and every time I see Otto or Kearney or Frink in my town, I think of them.  Even some of the buildings remind me of my buddies.  One that always reminds me of one of my pals is the Sunsphere.  He actually lives in that general vicinity and sees it all the time and I think it’s so cool that a piece of TSTO connects to real life for everyone blessed to be connected to this awesome guy.

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World’s Largest Zirconia and the Note

Hello Fellow Tapped Out Addicts!

Hope you’re all enjoying level 34 as much as I am! Today I wanted to take a little break from game play and take a look at the newest aspirational item in TSTO, the World’s Largest Zirconia.
For a cool $5,000,000 tappers can add the latest aspirational item to their Springfield’s but why the Worlds Largest Zirconia? What does it have to do with The Simpsons? Was in shown in a previous episode? Continue reading “World’s Largest Zirconia and the Note”