Where Did THAT Come From – Hot Air Balloon

99 Luftballons
Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont
Hielt man für Ufos aus dem All
Darum schickte ein General
‘ne Fliegerstaffel hinterher
Alarm zu geben, wenn es so wär
Dabei war’n da am Horizont
Nur 99 Luftballons

Oh hey there friends!  Just singing and working here in the attic.  Nice of you to drop by.  I guess since you’re here it’s only fair to share the latest info I’ve been compiling for the Clash of Clones WDTCF series.  Let’s dive right in and check out the origins for the Hot Air Balloon, shall we?


It’s humorous to me that I actually find myself qualified to dish on balloons.  My first ever job at the tender age of 16 was selling balloons at Knott’s Berry Farm. While it might not sound glamorous, back then it was actually considered a very cool job and I had a lot of fun doing it for a year.  Ever since those days, whenever I see a balloon I reminisce about that year but this post isn’t about teenage angst, pretty girls, expensive prices and ska summer…  it’s about the 6th personal prize available in the Clash of Clones event.

I mentioned in a separate WDTCF that I think EA added this balloon to the game to mock the balloon troops from the Clan game but I was happy the designers actually chose something from a Simpsons episode.  Our new balloon comes straight from “Little Orphan Millie” (S19:E6).  When Milhouse’s parents are lost at sea, he becomes a brooding cool kid. Bart wants to help him (and also regain his popularity) so he contacts Milhouse’s beloved uncle from Solvang, California.

NERD NOTE: This episode teases on Solvang’s Danish roots but the real town WAS founded by and still has a ton of Danish influence.  If you ever wanted to see Danish windmills, reproductions of the Hans Christian Andersen and Little Mermaid statues, or a replica of Copenhagen’s Round Tower, this is the place for you.

Zack Van Houten

Norbert Van Houten is really cool (despite his name) and resembles the baddest mama jama of an archeologist EVER. He flies a biplane and apparently also owns a spiffy hot air balloon you should find very familiar.  Funny that he says he’s cool because he’s Danish and not Dutch.  (Anyone think the nerd looks like one of our “warriors”?)

Hot Air Balloon

Woohoo!  Event items that actually come from the show,  Just because I love to ramble and point out items in Simpsons episodes, I figured I’d share three other great hot air balloon moments from the Best. Show. Ever.

1) Naked Homer and Marge on the lam in “Natural Born Kissers” (S9:E25). They hide in the car dealerships balloon and end up running off with it. Best part of this sequence for me is naked Homer and the Crystal Cathedral.

Hot Air Balloon 2

2) Bart, Lisa and Maggie in a European balloon race over Paris, France, in “Mommie Bearest” (S16:E7).  This is what happens when you don’t watch your children lol.

Hot Air Balloon 3

3) Homer and Marge on a romantic hot air balloon ride at the end of “Million Dollar Maybe” (S21:E11).

Hot Air Balloon 4

Well my friends, that’s enough hot air from yours truly.  Keep on tapa-tapa-tapping and stay classy.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

10 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Hot Air Balloon

  1. Wow, you really had to remind everyone of that embarassing song… Takes me right back to my even more embarassing teenage years 😉

  2. Wookie, you’re my hero for the day because you quoted that song IN GERMAN! 😀

  3. I saw a few days back an episode with mr burns stopping to refuel the “gas” of his ballon. It was like a 5 sec scene but, i think it resembled our balloon

  4. Being from the L.A. Basin, and having visited the Crystal Cathedral, i too got a special laugh over that — but, i wondered for those having No Idea about this structure if THEY realized the possibilities/ironies involved ? Selling balloons at Knotts did not require any hot air on your part, so the analogy kinda wanes — like just so much hot air ! But, speaking of Knotts — the Gator Farm across the street was Once a Bigger Attraction ! Then, too — post it being Owned by the Knott family, many parts of it today are severely lacking, Ghost Town in particular — and, what ? They have MOVED the Gold Panning station just about every season, since ! Tradition got lost @ Knotts long ago … (Jest my opinions being Air-ed — as They have Erred) 😉

    • You should’ve heard my sales pitches… the very definition of hot air and the lines a 16-year-old boy will use on pretty girls… we won’t even go there. KBF was still owned by the family back then. It definitely has changed in the time I knew it. My neighbor used to tell me all the time about the “good old days” of KBF. The refurbs of the mine ride and log ride actually are quite nice. I won’t even get going on the renaming of the Cathedral. I still remember seeing live holiday shows there and being awestruck. Anywho… good to know I’m not the only SoCal person here.

      • I go back to when KBF was totally FREE Admission ! (Actually, Disneyland did not even exist first time i was there) Commercialization came, when WALTER saw what Disney wrought ! As for the CC ? I liked the flying Angels, but largely due to my Theatre Arts background. Nice seeing Camels, too — made me wonder, Camel pooh in a pew ? But, then the entire story about Schuler, too — with his FIGHTING on a Plane ? Sad, but apparently he was a bit of a fraud ? I HAD wondered where YOU (and the other 2 Musketeers) were located — thought i saw a reference, here, to life in Florida ? Myself, i was a Ballon Twisted Artiste back then … An EXCELLENT way to approach a pretty lass ! 😉

  5. I know want the Crystal Cathedral for my religious area which is kinda bare with just 1 church and just 1 Buddhist temple.

  6. Homer being dragged up that glass butt-ass naked might be one of the greatest gags in Simpsons history.

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