Where Did THAT Come From – Guillotine


The TSTO Clone Wars continue and last week EA gave us even more stuff for the battlefront.  Of course, at first pass you might think none of it could possibly be from the Best. Show. Ever. because the event is mocking another game but you’d be wrong.  For this origin post, we’ll be taking a look at the instrument of decapitation commonly associated with Medieval Europe and Revolutionary France… the guillotine.


Admit it my friends, that word is just fun to say.  I saw this beauty and was transported way back into my Simpsonschildhood geekdom to the appearance I fondly remember.  This comes to us straight out of the opening of Treehouse of Horror V (S6:E6) aka The Simpsons Halloween Special V. We see Moe hanging alive from a tree, Patty & Selma lighting there smokes while they get burned at the stake and Skinner being guillotined by Bart.


Anybody else hoping EA has plans for this decoration come Halloween? Admittedly, this scene stuck in my mind when I first saw it because I may or may not have had some rebellious feelings towards my school principal.

Anywho… that’s the awesome decoration we recently got but guillotines have featured in The Simpsons more than this.  Let’s take a look at some of them shall we?

Way earlier than season 6, we got a guillotine shot in the Itchy & Scratchy cartoon in “Bart Gets an F” (S2:E1).  It was appropriate titled “Let Them Eat Scratchy”.

Guillotine 2

While we don’t actually see a guillotine in “Tennis the Menace” (S12:E12), there is a funny image and dialogue during Homer’s dream caused by Oedipal anxiety.

Guillotine 3

Bart: He thought that trip to the guillotine factory was just for fun, but it was the perfect place to shoot him.

Remember “Day of the Jackanapes” (S12:E13)?  It’s a great Sideshow Bob episode and in the end we find out Springfield has a guillotine to enact the death penalty.

Guillotine 4

For our last Springfield guillotine, we of course have to mention Judge Constance Harm. While Judge Snyder has a whimsical fishing clown he keeps on his bench (“The Parent Rap”, S13:E2), Judge Harm is much harsher and has her own guillotine.

Guillotine 5

Judge Harm’s bench decoration is more than just an icon of her severity though. I love her use of it later in “Brake My Wife, Please” (S14:E20) when she guillotine’s Homer’s driver’s license.

Guillotine 6

And that’s a wrap for this post about the guillotine.  Best part about the new decoration is that it’s freemium.  I think the Springfield Courthouse certainly needs one nearby.  Other good placements could be the Penitentiary or maybe even the Gilded Truffle based on the Bob episode.  Well, y’all keep on keeping on and I hope your enjoying the heck out of your games.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. The parent rap also included the stocks .

  2. Hey addicts team I have a friend who is having trouble getting through this event. Hes sitting at 9800 gold right now. I told him to only raid random towns as you get more rewards than you do for raiding neighbors and to also go for castles first. He is trying to send his troops out at least 5-6 times a day and using 1 nerd per building and all his castles are at level 10. This is exactly how I have been playing my game and I have been getting beetween 1000-3000 gold a day but he is lucky to get 100-200. Do you guys have any ideas of why there would be such a difference in our games and do you have and tips for him to increase his gold earnings? Thanks.

    • You gave them all the best advice. Make sure they are hitting in the evening so buildings can maybe be destroyed while folks sleep. I think as a lot of players have advanced, the way they defend their towns has changed so maybe that’s it. I’ve seen a minor decline. I hope your friend’s collecting increases.

  3. There’s been another episode with a guillotine. But I’m not sure if it was a mobile one. Marge tells Bart and Lisa the story of Henry the VII or VIII (u know, that guy who had some kind of problem with woman giving birth to daughters than sons 😉 ). Might have been a stationary one, still trying to find the episode. I even can remember that Skinner’s head was chopped of in a basket filled with newspaper. So much to google for. :X

  4. Guillotine, freemium, where?!? *googles, directed to another Addicts post she already read* Ah, okay, right on. After I increase my max nerd capacity again (one castle down, 2 to go), I plan to save up for the elixir-bought decorations (aside from the haystack which I bought early on for some reason) before upgrading my castles the rest of the way. Once I do increase my nerd capacity, I’m debating whether or not to become a non-defender aside from castles. Anyway, my point is that guillotines are awesome provided I’m not in one, and I must have it.

  5. I just got a notification saying I shouldn’t add anymore decorations as it may cause my device to malfunction?! I’m a freemiums player! Has anyone else seen this?

    • That warning first pops up at 4500 decorations. Every 125 after that it warns you again to the max of 7500 in your town. Don’t fret, I keep my game at or around 6000 and all is well. You may see texture glitches (i.e. fences become characters, buildings look funny but they’re harmless. Decorate away!

      • Is there a quick way of finding out how many decorations I currently have? I have not received any notifications, but I have–on more than a few occasions–experienced the strange texture glitches. It usually occurs with the row of houses on one side of the map changing into a repetition of other items (blimps, other houses, etc.) Sometimes there is a static duplication of characters placed in weird areas.

  6. And what about that one used by Homer as King Henry VIII in “Margical History Tour” S15 E11.

  7. Where did that come from? I don’t know… there’s a cranky guy who’s pretty delusional and thinks the new stuff in the updates is all about him.(rolling eyes)… Maybe he has a point. Maybe EA brought out the guillotine to eliminate cranky blogs?

  8. Regardless of other peoples feeling this has been the most enjoyable event yet (didnt start until this last Christmas) I love all the new decorations, guillotine being one of my favs.

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