Weekend Update: September 7th – 13th

Never gonna give you up…

Never gonna let you down…

Never gonna run around…

Cuz Bunnies hop…DUH!

Weekend Update Addicts

 SATURDAY, after last weeks Update, Alissa reminded everyone of the Troop Replenishment Saturday. Do you have YOUR Nerds cleared for it? Also don’t forget if you want to buy some extra Elixr to get it this weekend before it’s gone.

Bunny then bounced on in for some Springfield Showoff: Castles Edition.

Now for this weeks fun…


SUNDAY: Alissa started off the week with the short short version of Turbo Tappin: Level 44. Then brought in the weekend conversation with Sunday Night Open Thread.


MONDAY: Alissa brought in some giggles n laughs brought to us by YOU in Caption This. Then she brought in some details on Should I Buy: Two-nicorn.


TUESDAY: Wookiee came in with some history on the Hot Air Balloon in his Where Did THAT Come From. He then jumped in with a recap on the Old items that are New? and Recycled.

Alissa then jumped in with some information to help you decide Should I Buy: Akira & the Happy Sumo. Then gave some details for the In-Game Update.

Fort Sensible

WEDNESDAY: Alissa started off the day with some help on information for Should I Buy: Fort Sensible.

Wookiee rolled on in with some back history on Where Did THAT Come From: Guillotine. He then went a lil Nerdy with his silly From The Mouths of Addicts: Nerd Aid post. You should give it a read. Everyone loves Nerds.

911 Memorial Sandy Utah 7

THURSDAY: Alissa, Bunny, and Wookie took some time in the morning to reflect and remember a day that is very personal to our dear Alissa and many others around the world on 9/11.

Wookiee then brought back the humor and fun we like to have on this silly lil blog with his Where Did THAT Come From: Marge Tetherball.  He was back later to bring us additional information on unlocking the Friendship Prize: Marge Tetherball.


FRIDAY: Bunny hopped on in with a breakdown of the Random Changes Level 44 brought to the game. 

Wookiee then brought a lil potty humor with Where Did THAT Come From: Two Story Outhouse. He then pulled out his Diary to speak on some cool designs of YOUR own created Castles.

Add friends image

SATURDAY:  So do we have anything else in store for y’all today??  Well you’ll have to stick around to find out!

FYI, we have some new pages for your Friend Requests.

If you want any kind of friend out there, go to the MAKE NEW FRIENDS PAGE.

If you prefer to not have your buildings spray painted, go to the ADD FRIENDS NO VANDALISM PAGE.

Please do NOT put your requests for friends anywhere else but one of those two pages. If you do, they WILL be deleted. Sorry, but it is better than having posts with important info clogged up with them. It takes away from the post and the help needed on them. 

And that about does it for this week here at TSTO Addicts. What did YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Something specific you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

12 responses to “Weekend Update: September 7th – 13th

  1. Question, I have spent zero (0) donuts on CoC (or Lvl 44, which I am just about done with), and yet I have more than double the gold of all my neighbors (a little over 123,000) – well, one neighbor has about 80,000.

    This is not typical, I am typically up near the top, but never way ahead. Anyone else closing in on Homer Level 100? Any ideas what I am doing right?

    Or wrong, since I haven’t had anything to do with CoC for more than a week now (other than grinding out gold and elixir – to collect walls for the 2 otherwise premium castles).

    • You’re playing. Honestly the gold collects insanely quickly if you play the 1 nerd per building strategy and you send them out often. I was done collecting about a week and a half ago…and I just stopped going for gold.

  2. I was promised a hopping bunny 🙁
    I want my elephant…

  3. I’m not sure if it was shown in the states but over in Scotland we saw that groundskeeper willie gave his opinion on our independence vote this week and it was amazing that the simpsons are keeping up to date with current events lately as they did with the ice bucket challenge too a few weeks back

  4. What? What? Rick astley again? My bunny ears are perked up!

  5. Anyone else hoping they roll out more items to spend all that elixir on? Not sure how many hay bales & tents one Springfield really needs…

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