Diary of a Wookiee: Building Castles in Spite of EA

I don’t know about you but I am finding myself smiling more and more every time I visit the Village of Wookieeton and find smoking remnants of buildings. While strategy based games aren’t my forte or really my favorite, I decided early on in this event to make the most of it.  If nothing else, this update has rekindled my creative fire.  My neighbors are active and so is my imagination… life is good.

I’m normally a pretty positive person but I do have one big gripe with this update.  I’m sure by now a lot of tappers have gotten their 3 castles up to Level 10 and found out that the accouterments for Lisa and Bart’s come with a premium price tag.  I was right there with ya being pretty ticked about the development and wondering what the heck I was going to do with just 3 towers, 8 walls, a gate and castle?

Click more to find out what my solution was.

Wookiee at Night

Holy smokes EA!  Really?  Blah and double blah… lame and blah.

Alright, I got that out of my system.  Here’s my thoughts after my intitial interior rant was over.  In my life, I’d be lying if I told you everything in my life has gone the way I wanted it to.  With each speedbump though I have had the option to just complain about it or actually DO something.  Sure I was bummed EA made the extras for two of the castles premium but would that really stop me from designing?

The decision was obvious.  I’m not going to spend my precious sprinklies just for pixellated walls, etc.  So solly cholly but I’m not buying something I think should’ve been freemium but I’m still going to have castles that make me happy. My town is an outlet for me not a reflection of availability.  In spite of the limited free stuff, I was determined to build fun designs.  While a lot of my creations are still works in progress, I thought I’d share to see if it would help spark your imaginations.

A bunch of tappers showed off their designs in our Springfield Showoff so I also thought it’s only fair to show you mine since you showed me yours lol.  Let’s start with the Barbarian Castle.

Wookiee Barbarian Castle

Boring… nothing fancy here.  All the building supplies were available with elixir and I kept it simple (I think of this as K.I.S.S.).  While the lack of some items got me designing like a mad man, the availability of these just left me feeling blah. I’ve seen some great castles in other towns way better than this.  I’ll  probably reattack this design later.  I’m much prouder of Bart’s Boxingham Palace.

Wookiee Boxingham Palace

This is still a simple design but I love it.  It’s in a wooded area with other fantasy houses.  My back story has something to do with Bart being the goblin protector of the wishing well.  Thankfully I had quite a few St. Paddy’s Day decos in my inventory to flesh this out.  The wooden fences made a perfect additional wall and all the construction was funded by lemonade stands of course.  One of my favorite things to do with this is to have Giuseppe create new fireworks.  It make a cool show in front of the Palace.

For Lisa’s Recycle Castle, I drew inspiration initially from “The Old Man and the Lisa” (S8:E21).

Li'l Lisa Slurry Factory lisa-slurry

I had visions of recreating Lisa’s slurry factory with the castle but alas, my view went a different way and I realized this was a Mr. Burns evil enterprise so I veered away from it.  Instead, I focused on how EA designed the Recycle Castle. The parts for this castle included a gazebo, dumpsters, trash cans, parking meters, barriers and gas pumps.  Using those items, I created my own walled-in enclosure.  I figured Lisa would recycle the ugly ponds from previous events for her own moat.  It only made sense she would also honor great Presidents from history.  Future plans include a few gazebos and more greenery.

Wookiee Recycle Castle

So far I am really happy with my castles.  Other little things I’ve done in my “Medieval Area” have been just as fun.  Check out the Stonecutter Estates… offering protection from the Barbarian hordes since 2014.

Wookiee Stonecutter Estates

A Japanese fortress also found its way into the war zone.  The Buddhist and Hindu monks found here are veritable masters of warcraft, peaceful resistance and omming.

Wookiee Shuri Castle

In the Recycle Castle image, you may have noticed an ugly conglomeration of brown buildings.  This weirdness is just me playing around with adding different buildings together to create some sort of super fort.  I dub thee Ugly Fort Wookiee.

Fort Wookiee

The last image I’ll share is just me being a real nerd.  It dawned on me the other day that with all the new Clash of Clones stuff, we may have forgotten we had a castle in our town the whole time.

Wookiee Retirement Castle

I actually want to expand a lot on this and make it really imposing.  So far I’m digging the design and it really makes me laugh every time I see it.  Hopefully your own town is as much a source of joy for you as mine is to me.  You can see I’ve tinkered quite a bit. I guess the point of all this is despite premium stuff and despite conceived limitations, what you do and how you feel about it is limited to the constraints of your own mind.

I design in spite of EA and am loving it.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

50 responses to “Diary of a Wookiee: Building Castles in Spite of EA

  1. Question: i have attacked random springfields and some of them had two of the same castle ( it wasnt an ooptical illusion because i attacked them both) (2 boxingham palace on the same town)

    how do they do that? i have 100K elixir sitting there…. i need to do something with it ( it would be great if you could exchange it for donuts)

  2. There is a page titled ” Castle Summary” in which it will tell you what level your castles are on. On the top right is a shield depicting a number. Does anyone know what that number represents?

  3. Love the Buddhist temple castle. Wish I had the creativity to do pseudo-3D stuff like that, but it annoys my eyes after awhile for some reason.

  4. I wish I could put the castles away I’m more than done with them tired of tapping them I’m no longer raiding wish I could just focus on my neighbors.

  5. If you sell a Premium item, do you get donuts or in game cash? (yes, this is kinda on topic)

    I’m sitting on about 50k of elixir right now and have already bought enough Barbarian gates, towers, walls to surround my Springfield or try and do something silly with all the bits. I keep buying them because it’s basically free XP. The elixir is going to be kinda useless after the event.

    But… if I was to upgrade Boxingham and Recycled to get the bonus walls, can I sell them after the event for sprinkly goodness?

    (Nice designs btw Wookie)

  6. Love the Retirement Castle, and the Fort Ugly, the rest… meh… Still love the idea of building castles with what you have “lying around” because I will not spent donuts on castle walls. Gave me some ideas of my own, but my main problem is space. Or rather lack thereof. I really don’t want to nuke my town, and can’t decide what part to raize. My patchwork castle starts to feel cramped with all the additional stuff in there. Plus, the whole event is rather time consuming, and I am already a bit tired of it (didn’t like Clash of Clans to begin with).

  7. Wow! I’m so impressed! Everything looks really great. Love that so many of the Storecutter stuff goes with the Medieval theme.

  8. I look at your town and I detect a sense of westeros…….

    • To be honest, I’ve probably seen three episodes of Game of Thrones… no HBO in a long time. I must admit I googled the term. It’s definitely one I want to see but until it’s offered on Netflix, it might be a while. HBO isn’t big on sharing.

  9. Sorry dude, I don’t like them… Just my personal opinion.

  10. I just used an actual castle tower instead of buying a fourth one for donuts I guess it worked though it does look a little bit stupid.

  11. LOVE the idea of the stonecutter estates! Very creative I applaud you Mr Wookiee! Definitely better than anything I could ever come up with.

    On another note, just rented season 20 from family video so a night with the hubby and little one watching Simpsons it is 🙂

  12. Three awesome designs, as usual. I love watching your town come to life! And to think you almost didn’t nuke it!

  13. Love the designs! Speaking of events, I thought of a good one while watching the “Crook and Ladder” episode on FXX. I know a lot of fellow tappers have requested fire fighter skins, so I’m sure this could be fun! Haven’t thought out all the details, but for part of it we could help our neighbors by putting out fires, and collecting “rewards” like in the show. Mr. Burns could actually be the victim instead of the villain for once! It’s also cool how we have most of the buildings that were on fire as well (at least those that have been playing since December). Maybe they could reintroduce Costington’s for those who missed out.

    • We’ve actually wanted an event/level like this for a while. It was even a rumor a year ago. Check out this post by Alissa. I think it’d be a great way to bring back Costington’s.


      • Cool, thanks for the link! I think I missed this last year as I didn’t discover Addicts until around Halloween! Hopefully we’ll see this sometime soon, since there are a lot more events this year than in the past! Of course THOH has to be next! 😄

    • I too suggested something similar here a couple of months ago. It would be fantastic to have an event that would finally give us a fire department. We have enough fires burning in our Springfield towns after all. We have a hospital and police department… We need a fire house and fire engine truck. An event based on ‘Crook and Ladder’ would do the trick.

  14. You spark me, Wookiee… thanks!

  15. When this update is over, Recycle and Boxingham will go into long term storage. They’re ugly, and a creative barbarian castle requires a lot of room.

  16. @Wookie, such cool designs–love the idea of how you worked with what was available! I too am continuing kind of in spite of this update. I find this one terribly time consuming especially since we are in the begining of a new school year for the littles. I love the game and your blog!! Thanks!

  17. I like it very much! Can’t say the same for mine!

  18. Nice. I especially like the last one.

  19. Oh my gosh I love your castles and courtyards! Such great ideas. I haven’t really designed anything because I am trying to buy all the land so I can blow up my town and redecorate. I have tried to buy castle walls and such so that when I do I will have enough to look good. It’s just about time to blast my town because it is driving me crazy at how jumbled it is. Just a few more pieces of very expensive land to go 🙂 thanks for the ideas Wookie!

  20. Love IT! !!!
    Ps: what the beck is “solly cholly” ????

  21. Great stuff as always, Wookiee. I enjoy your creativity and sense of fun. A question about design here, not specific to castles. I’m assuming I’m looking at part of the STAR WARS logo you designed in your town in one the the screenshots. If so, it’s awesome! When you do something like that or the Wookiee design, do you first plan and work it all out using a graph (on paper or in another app) before attempting it in TSTO game?

    • Honestly, I wing a lot of my designs. Trial and error over the years has taught me a few things. For 2Ds, I often use an image as my reference and then just lay down the pieces. On a rare day, I might find a pixellated image for the harder stuff. Your definitely seeing part of my TSTO Wars logo. It’s at the top of my medieval area. Nothing wrong with graphing it out, I know a few designers who do that.

  22. I admire your town every time I visit. I always say I shall steal ideas, then get lazy. Looking good!

  23. Actually, I really like your “Ugly Fort Wookiee”. It reminds me of a typically historical port town 🙂

    • Thanks… it was kind of the look I was going for. I love ugly things though. No kidding, I probably had one of the ugliest dogs as a child… 1/2 siberian husky, 1/4 labrador and 1/4 dalmation. He looked like Dr. Frankenstein took parts of those 3 dogs and fit them together like legos. People would remark about how ugly he was but boy howdy did I love that mutt.

      • Aww, ugly dogs are awesome 🙂
        There’s a joke in here about me also liking ugly things and my husband, but I think I’ll refrain 😉

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