Level 44 Glitch Report: Missing Bonsai

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Popping in with some quick info for those missing their free Bonsai trees….

Addict Tech Support

We’re seeing more and more reports of Bonsai Trees not appearing in your inventory after you completed Akira’s 3 12hr tasks to earn one for free.  This has also happened to me during Akira’s questline (however, this did not happen after completing the main questline, so not sure if it’s a questline glitch or not).

If you’re missing Bonsai in your inventory from Akira first, make sure you’ve completed the Bonsai quests in order.  It takes 3 12 hr tasks to earn a free Bonsai from Akira.  You must complete all 3 in order to earn the free Bonsai.    The order is:
-Plant Bonsai
-Prune Bonsai
-Re-pot Bonsai

If after completing the 3 tasks in sequence the Bonsai does not appear in your inventory, contact EA.  One of the specialists there will be able to add it to your game for you.  Which is exactly what I did, and within a few minutes I had a specialist adding the tree back to my inventory for me.

Here’s where you can find more info on contacting EA:


If possible, choose the Call Me option.  This option will only show between 8am-11pm CDT (Central Time in the US), but it’s completely worth it to speak to someone live on the phone about the issue vs trying to navigate the chat.

So there you have it my friends, the details on what to do if your Bonsai has gone missing from your inventory!

Has this happened to YOU?  Did it resolve itself or are you still having the issue?  Did you contact EA and get it restored to your game?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


37 responses to “Level 44 Glitch Report: Missing Bonsai

  1. I recently got the Happy Sumo.
    I already have one bonsai from Database storyline.
    Currently, doing the “re-pot” task of the 2nd one.
    1. Is this missing bonsai glitch still being reported?
    2. I saw on another TSTO Addicts page that Ralph has a 3-hr task with Happy Sumo? When is that supposed to be activated?
    Thank you!

  2. I sent all of my spring fielders to “make springfielders tap away their thoughts.” In my task book it says the task is completed. But the building is attacked and there is no shield or check above it to repair it. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling my game, but no luck. 🙁

  3. Has the lady justice statue always been animated? I was certainly surprised when I seen.. Probably missed the info on this

  4. I just earned mr. Teeny and krusty was already doing the task of walking mr. Teeny so now I have two mr. Teenies in my town! Funny. I wish he had more than one task though…

  5. I have a whole other glitch where I stored 6 barbarian castle walls, hen stored 7; went to my cardboard box…. And had seven, tried to store another 6(like a fool) had 6 in storage….. Waiting to hear back on my lost walls now 🙁

  6. i didn’t realize that this happened to me until i saw that i was missing donuts (forgot to click box after update). oops.

  7. I recieved the first bonsai for free, but didn’t get the second after making Akira do all 36 hours. Oddly enough I put the original bonsai in my inventory and then planted it again and Akiras bonsai task completion changed from 1/3 to 2/3 …. The next time round worked fine and I now have 2 bonsais and a cash reward for completing the Plant Three mission…. Go figure…..

  8. I received the bonsai in the main quest just fine. I completed Akira’s first 3 steps to create a bonsai, but it’s not in my inventory. If I try to proceed with part 4 of “A Deep Bonsai of Relief” and place the first of 3 bonsais, I’m directed to buy one for donuts. Case opened with EA. Thanks for the thread!

  9. My issue is that I’ll plant, then prune, but then the task rolls back to plant again so that I don’t get the third task.

    • Seeing more and more of this now…make sure you contact EA and let them know. Could be a specific glitch with your game. Also, try storing and replacing the Happy Sumo. Sometimes that will help to clear out a glitch like this. 🙂

  10. Oh thought it was either/or , I even created an evil Facebook account just to play the game …. So you can register it to origin and continue with town.
    P.s thanks Alissa

  11. Doing the 3rd task as we speak. This will be the first time outside of his questline(which did give me a tree). Hopefully I get my tree this time. Can this be done forever and keep earning bonsai’s? Or does it max out?

  12. Do we Continue to receive more bonsai upon each completion? Or was it a one time thing?

  13. Happened to me, too. Database gave me one, Akira didn’t.

  14. Yes had missing bonsai here but since I don’t have an origin account the EA contacting is not really an option , oh well.

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