Friendship Level 11: Unlocking Mr. Teeny

Well I got friends in high places, earned a bunch of FPs and rare prizes, yes I’ve got friends… in TSTO places…

Oh hey there… how you doing today?   Winding down the Clone Wars and Level 44?  Racking up those FP’s by visiting your neighbors?  Just a reminder, remember to help out your fellow neighbors and clear those handshakes!  Are you in need of more Tapping Friends?  Remember you can always find friends on our Add Friends Page (and here for ones who pledge not to vandalize you)…the best (and only way) to submit your Add Me requests on TSTO Addicts!

So with the Level 44 update, EA also gave us the 11th Social Currency Event Prize… Mr. Teeny!  A new character for your Springfield!  Unlike some NPCs, Mr. Teeny actually has a task to earn you money!  Let’s break down the info on this funky monkey… and final for now (at least until EA decides to add more)… Friendship Prize.  Just want to remind you all with this update it’s important to remember to SLOW DOWN.  There’s no rush to get the FP’s, so take your time and enjoy it!  🙂

Anywho… Mr. Teeny is unlocked once you’ve unlocked the Marge Tetherball AND earned an additional 5,000 FP…so many of you should be unlocking it sometime in the next few days (depending on how many friends you have) or you should have it already.  So what happens when you unlock this character? Does he do anything? What about a questline?  Well let’s answer all of your questions by taking a closer look at Mr. Teeny…


Once you’ve completed Friendship Level 10 and earned an additional 5,000 FP you’ll unlock Mr. Teeny and you’ll see this message popup:

2014-09-05 20.26.56

Once you return to your Springfield you’ll find your very own chain-smoking chimp in your Inventory. You will have to go into your inventory to unlock it completely.  It will not automatically be in your Springfield.  You’ll have to go into your inventory and “use” him in order to see him appear in your Springfield.  Once he’s pulled from your inventory you’ll see his character unlock message popup:

2014-09-05 20.29.17


He’s part of the C List Celebrities Character Collection:

2014-09-05 20.29.21


And that’s it for Mr. Teeny.  No questline, no random dialogue…just another character in your games.  He has 1 task and it’s a joint task with Krusty.  Krusty’s existing 12hr Walk Mr. Teeny Task now requires Mr. Teeny to complete.

Now that you’ve completed Level 11 and gotten your last Friendship prize, what’s next?  Well it’s onto Level 12 whenever EA decides that will be.  What does that mean exactly?  Basically the same thing it meant before only a level higher.  You won’t accumulate more points (no FPs will pop out of buildings when you visit friends, or when you clean spray paint in your town, or when you clear handshakes in your Springfield).  Instead EA has come up with a different way to encourage you to keep visiting your friends:


Yes, that says TRIPLE the money.  Which means…you’ll earn $90 per friend interaction when visiting neighbors, or $270/neighbor.  Talk about a good way to earn some extra $$$.  If you have 100 neighbors that’s $27,000/day you can earn JUST from visiting your friends!  Pretty sweet huh?  Before you know it that Sit-N-Rotate will be all yours!

Oh and now that you’ve maxed out FP there’s a chance for FREE DONUTS when visiting your neighbors!  Woo-hoo!  Who doesn’t love free donuts?!

Well that’s it my Friends.  What do YOU think of Mr. Teeny making it to the game?  Have you unlocked him yet?  Did you earn it via FP or did you spend donuts to get it faster?  Were you excited they added him to the game?  Wish he had more tasks?  Sound off in the comments below…you know we LOVE hearing from you!

30 responses to “Friendship Level 11: Unlocking Mr. Teeny

  1. Mr Teeny is back, and he has 3 tasks. I’m liking this…

  2. I seem to have lost him after the superhero events, can’t see him in my list and he doesn’t appear on Krustys tasks. Did this happen to anyone else?

  3. I’ve earned Mr. Teeny twice…

  4. Do you have any recommendations on how to get Krusty walking teeny task to go away? I’m on level 47 and this 12 hr task is one of those random tasks that comes up but no matter how many times I do the task it is still there. It is not saying it is completed or any just sits there. I can’t start it or make it go away. I contacted EA and they couldn’t help, I deleted that game but the task is still there. I store my entire Springfield but it is still on the list. Any ideas?

  5. Is anybody else having an issue with Mr Teeny appearing in your inventory? I finished the requirements and received his award message while visiting friends towns, but when I went back home to my inventory he was nowhere to be found.

  6. I think I get $132 per tap which means 392 per neighbour. Can someone double check that please as I thought it was supposed to be $90 per tap.

    • It varies by player. Only YOU will know the exact you get. It is at least $90. Just watch your totals next visit. Take not of the amounts you have. Go to ONE neighbor and tap ONE item. See what you collect. 😉

  7. Hi everybody! Needs more quests. Bye everybody!

  8. I too wish he had a solitary 24 hour task. I suggest flinging poo. I was also hoping he’d go to KL.

  9. I don’t really like that his only task is a joint task. I wish he’d have a 24 hour task on his own, too. Maybe more tasks will come with future updates? He’s pretty much a NPC for me now.

  10. I’m always glad that racking up those FP’s by visiting neighbors hasn’t have a time limit. I have friends but most of them don’t always have houses where I can tap on. 🙁

  11. Just got level 45 update

  12. I know this isn’t relevant to this post, but I just got level 45 in an in game update. Where did that come from!!! I haven’t even saved enough for honest Johns yet, so looks like it will be a while before I get to start the level 45 questline though 🙁 ********* spoiler alert *************

    I think its to do with Artie Ziff, cool!

  13. I should unlock him within 2 or 3 days. Cool character, I wish he did more though. I would love to see a “blow up the network executives” task or “plot against Krusty”. Hopefully they beef him up in the future.

  14. OMG! Level 45 is upon us, have you seen it?

  15. Level 45 just hit!! It comes with Utër and Artie Ziff!!!

  16. Hurts me to say this but I’ve thing I have outgrown my game 😫 tbh I only have 26500 gold coins and I have hardly played the event the last two weeks…I dunno guys maybe it’s time to break up with tsto or ride out through troubles times. So bad in relation to your article I didn’t even know what the new friendship prizes were until now 🙈 lol. I maybe tap 5 mins a day then I’m out…I’m a premium player also but havnt spend any cash since stonecutters(best event) this event was ok but honestly the prizes have been so rubbish that I don’t care if I get the sling shot or homer statue. We always go one step forward 2 steps back with this game…what happened to community prizes and earning prizes by kinda using our brain during stone cutters just kept things fresh…I loved this game but have to admit it has become pretty stale. Great work tho from ea For keeping it running for so long and to you guys and your enthusiasm. Hopefully I can re discover my love who knows.

  17. My default tasks are the eight hour tasks for my characters. Unless EA decides to give Mr. Teeny more tasks later, this basically makes him an NPC for me. Which is all right, I guess, but what about a smoke cigarettes task or… well something. Once I get him, he’ll just be roller skating around my Springfield not earning, for the most part. Oh well.

  18. I don’t have the olmec head at all yet, so I guess i need more friends

  19. Add me tremblayfamily

  20. I don’t care much about Mr. Teeny, particularly because only has this single joint task. I would have enjoyed him more with two tasks like Stampy, one of which is a joint and one a standalone job. Likewise Jub-Jub who can earn on his own or in combination with Selma.

    Tehrefore, I’m more excited to start getting donuts again after tomorrow. This has been a great source of additional free treats for me. Some days, my ~100 neighbors yield 2-4 donuts, some days less or sometimes even none. But one day I even found 5!

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