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ADDICTS Meet & Greet

Hey there Addicts,

Bouncing on by with some fun things coming up on the Horizon. There is something we have been talking about doing since before the Addicts sites were formed. Meeting up with a community of players, people like us. Just hanging out, chatting, playing the game, and having a blast. Well, we want to keep that idea rolling along.

Addicts Logo Alissa Bunny Wookiee PNG

In continuing our efforts to bring together this Community of Amazing Gamers and Players, we have set our sites on the Next Meet and Greet opportunity. As you know we love involving YOU in all that we do, we are putting this out there to get feedback on your thoughts.

This is what we have so far…

The Addicts Meet & Greet will take place on the East Coast. Most likely the New Brunswick area of New Jersey.

The Date will be a Saturday Evening around the end of March

We “might” have some cool treats and beverages on hand for you as well as “possibly” some sweet Swag. 😉

So we are now leaving it to YOU. We want to get a place reserved an ensure we have ample room for us all. Are YOU interested in coming? If so, does this location work for YOU? The rough date? Time? Let us know, we really would love to hear from you as well as get a chance to MEET you too. 😉

Addicts Road Trip News!

Hey there Hoppereenos. Wanted to give you all an update on the Road Trip Alissa and myself are making…

Addicts Road Trip

As we already informed you, Alissa and Myself are heading to SanFran area next week. Well the fun just got funner. For our cross blog readers of all things Family Guy too, you may want to take a look at the post below if you have not already. Some really cool stuff happening.


We still would like to also know if any of our TSTO Addict are gonna join us. Let us know. We would LOVE to hear and see yah. (We may also have a few surprises up our sleeves.)

Bunny & Alissa

Addicts Up Close & Personal

Hey there Hoppereenos. Thought we would give a lil heads up to our readers to lock your doors, board up your windows, and fear for your existance. Bunny and Alissa are coming to take you away… to the funny farm… where life is beautiful all the time…  Lol

Addicts Road Trip

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