Sunday Night Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here we are…..SEASON 26 PREMIERE NIGHT!!! And just how are my favorite addicted Tappers doing on this beautiful September night?  Have a great weekend?  Ready for all new Simpsons tonight??

Anyway enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Nope it’s not time to boogie woogie oogie all night long (although if you do take photos for us)!  Nope it’s time for another Sunday Night Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Sunday Night Open Thread.  Finally, after 4 lonnnggg months The Simpsons are back!!  What will happen in tonight’s episode?  Who will die?   How will our episode tie-in items play into the episode? AND a little bonus Simpsons right after with the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover event!  No baseball tonight, as the playoffs are set.  Did you team make it?  Sunday Night Football features the Saints vs. the Cowboys….will you be watching?

So chat about the Simpsons…and for this one night only Family Guy too….MLB, NFL, TSTO Updates, Halloween Speculation or anything else you can think of!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


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  1. Hey guys, hope you can give me some insight to what the hay I am doing wrong…..BUT…..Question one….I managed to get the computer shop in my son’s town for him but nary a sign of it in my main town….is there something I should be doing that I obviously haven’t done??? AND… Question two…..I am now at level 45, but still no hospital although I have Apu and the dr’s nephew both waiting to do tasks with the hospital in place…what am I obviously not doing there as well please….AND…Question three ….some stupid female mistakenly pressed the sell button instead of the store button for the dog’s race track in my small town… there any way of getting it back or is it gone to the great white beyond the blue divide forever????…IF you can understand all of that, and have an answer for me …I’d love to hear it! Lol
    Cheers, Julie…nonnajay.

    • So…
      1) Level quests follow a pattern. You have to complete the building/character unlock for the previous level for the next one to trigger. So if you haven’t got Honest John’s yet first question is…did you build the Wheel and unlock Princess P in Krustyland for Level 43 (complete Pt. 1 of Princess and the Pea Brain)? If that’s a no we go back to Level 42 and Roger Myers and Itchy & Scratchy Studios. Both of those must be complete before Level 44 will unlock.
      2) Hospital is common glitch. As I said above everything has to be done in order, and sometimes you don’t even realize you’re not following the order. What are the open tasks on your side/task bar?
      3) You’ll have to go back into the store and repurchase it. 🙂

      Hopefully that helps!

      • Thanks Alissa….soooooo…question 1….NOOOooooo didn’t do that! MMMMmmmmmmm
        Question 2…. Apu has to spend time in hospital, and doc’s nephew has to face up to responsibility.
        Question 3……….dang it! Lol. Guess I’ll save my pennies again.
        Thank you again…with all the quest stuff it is so easy to not follow the order of tasks…that’s why I started my second town and wouldn’t you know it…I’m already way out of order in the tasks in there as well! Guess I’ll just have to stop being so impatient and go back and do them now!
        Cheers, Julie.

      • To do with the hospital, yes. There are some others but only for the doctors’s wife and the vulgari building, and some to do in KL with homer.
        I see where you have kicked we gas bags out of the no tag pages….you realise that this means we should be able to surpass your 800 comment challenge now! Lol.
        Cheers, Julie.

      • I Went in to my town and these are the tasks in the task bar.

        (A Perfectly Cromulennt Job Pt14)… Make Apu Recuperate in Hospital.
        (Vulgari Aspirations Pt1)…..reach level 41 and build the Vulgari Jewellry Store.
        (Hibbert’s Got Shed Pt5)…..Task 3….Make Chester Avoid Responsibility
        (The Krusty-est Place on Earth Pt40)… Build the Tooth Chipper.

        These are the only tasks on the bar apart from the coin one for the COC event. I’m not sure if they will tell you anything about where I went wrong…but there it is.
        Thanks again, Alissa.
        Cheers, Julie.

        • hmmmm nothing else would be holding it up, at least from your list there. Try storing hibbert’s office and see if that helps trigger it. Either that or it could pop once the tooth chipper is built. If neither of those are triggering it contact EA and let them know what’s going on. That would be your next best step…since it is a known issue.

      • Thanks Alissa…will try storing Hibberts and see how we go. Thank you again for your help. It really is greatly appreciated. Cheers. Julie.

  2. Here’s a line from the book Defending Jacob that I just started reading. “They called him Milhouse, after a dweeby character on The Simpsons…” Poor Milhouse, they’re even making fun of him in books now!

  3. OK, confession time. I couldn’t get through the whole Family Guy cross over show. It was beneath the Simpsons to allow the cross over. And the truth is…..I got bored. I think the Simpsons should have been horribly mean and chased them out of Springfield. ( Maybe that’s what happened, but I turned it off )

  4. Actually I loved both episodes. Unfortunately, my cable kept on freezing so I had to run to the other TV to continue watching it.

    RE: the x-over episode. I was REALLY waiting to see The Big Chicken try to also fight Peter, with Peter just yelling at the chicken “Not now!” and seeing the chicken walk off disappointed.

    And seeing Roger was a nice touch.

  5. This showed up in my Facebook feed – thought y’all might enjoy it 🙂

  6. ok… so after seeing the flash backs again level 42 confuses me. but then again i guess nitpicking the color of the a Rabbi’s hair is a path of purism

  7. Is it sad that the crossover episode was actually really good, but the season premiere of the simpsons was eh like krusty? I really liked the callbacks to old simpsons jokes 😀

  8. There is a piece (albeit very short) in The Wall Street Journal about tonight’s crossover episode ☛ “The Story Behind Sunday’s ‘Family Guy’-‘Simpsons’ Crossover”

  9. The crossover was epic television the only thin that I wish they would have done was scene with Homer and Peter pranking Flanders.

  10. Was making a pie today and when it came time to cut up the top into a design I created a homer with a ’26’ on it. Just thought it was great to celebrate a show that somehow has made it to 26 seasons! Now it I could figure out how to either post or link the picture I took to this post, I’d be happy.

  11. The season premiere wasn’t bad, but the mere fact that it had been hyped up for so long, that I think it’s going fall a little flat on everyone’s high expectations.

    I was pleased that when we saw Krusty’s mansion. It had a fountain in front as I had designed mine the same way without knowing (I don’t recall if they had shown his mansion in past episodes or not, if so, I don’t remember it).

  12. The car wash scene, my God I couldn’t stop laughing

  13. I really enjoyed the premiere of The Simpsons any episode dealing with a death should be a little bit dialed back. But perhaps they did that on purpose to make us enjoy the crossover sooooo much!!!!

  14. HOLY SHITE! Redo the opening to tapped out with a hulk Homer destroying Springfield!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

  15. The Simpsons premire was, like Krusty’s dad described krusty, ‘eh!’ Th cross over on the other hand was hilarious.

  16. Thought the season premiere was only OK. Not worth th build up. Rather enjoying the cross over. Pretty funny.

    One of my baseball teams made the play offs, the other is preparing for next year. Football ha been good to me so far, hope it holds out until Monday night. Go Pats!

    • Poor Stewie….

      • Yeah the Stewie part was really sad. The car wash part made me wonder if that is how I look when I wear shorts. Was really hoping they could sneak in a Futurama reference. Other than that top notch episode.

        I think the problem with the premiere was that any time you focus on Krusty (who is supposed to be an unfunny clown) you get an unfunny episode. Shame.

  17. Now I want Peter griffin In my Springfield! And Lois! And Stewie! But not the others.

  18. I know this isn’t the add me thread but my origin id is supremekngpsycho can Alissa and bunny and anyone else who wants to add me

  19. 1 more week for CoC and Halloween next!!! I know you 3 (bunny, wookie & the big A) have insight or a spy in EA so have you heard anything? It’s killing me the suspense.

  20. Bunny, i need you back as my neighboreeno! If your up and running then send an invite cause i dont know if your game name is the same

  21. What did you think of the episode? Pretty eh or eh+?

  22. It’s a longshot, but here’s hoping for another As-Giants series! The BART series in 2014; same as it was in ’89 when this great show premiered.

  23. I spent a dollar on a golden scratcher and didn’t receive it but made purchased after and received my sixty donuts and other 4 golden scratchers what do I do

  24. I liked what Mel said…believe me you’re not the only one whose thought of killing him!!!!! Good show so far…

  25. My weekly mystery box contained another mystery box, which had a third mystery box inside. That box contained a Homer Buda, which contained another mystery box. Inside that mystery box… a parking space.

    Also, glad to see Bunny’s town is back and no longer causes my phone to crash when I visit.

  26. What a cop out! Knew it would be him because hes not a main character.

  27. Aaaaargh, who dies…. Who dies…. How can i be so impatient with this but willing to wait 24 hours for buildings in t.o

  28. I knew it. *********** is dead. Now if ******* dies too…that’d be a shocker!!!

  29. No, my team didn’t make it (Indians) but then again we didn’t spend…250 million 4 to 5 “upgrades”…sorry to see Derek Jeter go but don’t worry you still got A-Rod…okay I’ll stop…1/2 hour to go and can’t wait…

    • ouch…geez way to hit below the belt!

      And if you find a Yankee fan that wants A-Rod on the team next year let me know. I’ve yet to find one myself…

      • Alissa, as a hard core Phillies fan, as much as I don’t like the Yankees, I do have to admit that that was a pretty classy last game for Jeter.

        • lol Yankees play the Phillies next year…but only in NY which I think is odd. But hubs and I will be going, one of the few times we can BOTH see our team in 1 place 🙂

          And yes…very classy. Think the Sox made up for their boneheaded move last year

      • Oh really? I haven’t been to Yankee stadium! I’m going to look in to that.

  30. No disrespect intended towards the many sports fans out there, but I certainly hope the football game on Fox doesn’t interfere with the schedules of tonight’s premieres of ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy.’ When I do miss an episode, this is how it happens because it screws up my DVR recording of them.

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