Where Did THAT Come From – The Shadow Knight

Well hello there friends.  Halloween is quickly approaching but that won’t stop me from doing an origin post on our latest premium offering in the TSTO Clone Wars.  If you’ve been curious about where the Shadow Knight came from or just like my ramblings please click more.

Bart Shadow Knight Shadow Knights Throne

So, if you purchased this bad boy you have read all the dialogue between Bart and Milhouse about this character skin not making sense in Springfield.  It’s from a game within the Simpsons.  What game?  Well, let’s head off to Season 18, Episode 17: “Marge Gamer”.

Marge discovers the internet and Lisa is so proud of her. Just like Christopher Columbus, Marge found something millions of people already knew about. Sorry but that line is EPIC.   Marge is ready to surf “Wahoo or Yippee or AOK or pookadooka… whatever it’s called.”  “That internet has it all!”

Nerd note: In this episode Marge let us know she has the same birthday as Randy Quaid. Make sure you mark your calendars for October 1st next year. We missed it this go round. Happy belated birthday Uncle Eddie.

Marge is viewing her empty e-mail inbox and is bummed no one has responded to her St. Paddy’s Day e-card.  What to do when bored on the internet? View random pop-ups of course.  One of these is for something called Earthland Realms… it’s like a Renaissance Faire but without all the chubby couples. Marge finds the game intriguing, has her character all set and is off to explore.

Earthland Realms

Turns out lots and lots of Springfieldianites play the game too.

Earthland Realms 2

Marge discovers all of them fear the Shadow Knight. He’s one bad mama jama but what citizen could it be?

Earthland Realms Shadow Knight

Well, we already knew from TSTO but Marge discovers the Shadow Knight is none other than her baby boy, Bartholomew J. Simpson… and she’s proud of his destructive skills for once.

Earthland Realms Shadow Knight 2

Marge starts following her son around much to Bart’s chagrin. Sure he doesn’t mind defending her with his fiery sword but how can that be worth Marge turning his gory trophy room into a pink mess courtesy of the Hello Kitty expansion pack?

Earthland Realms Shadow Knight 3

Bart accidentally kills Marge in a fit of rage.

Earthland Realms Shadow Knight 4

While that seems pretty sad, there’s heart at the end of this story. Bart sacrifices some of his life force to resurrect his mama. Sure the rest of the gamers take advantage of this and kill him but no big deal. After all, it is only a game and Bart can always go play outdoors. (Any one besides me seeing a theme lately with EA’s stuff?)

Earthland Realms Shadow Knight 5

In a great segment, the Simpson family play soccer outdoors (this episode also has a B plot with Homer, Lisa and soccer) while Marge gets revenge for Bart’s death.

Earthland Realms 3

All in all a good episode poking some fun at gamers, especially the D&D style ones. While this new costume/decoration may be expensive, it really does tie in this whole Clone Wars event pretty nicely and proves that the show has done fantasy stuff like this before. Even cooler a lot of this characters animations are fitting tributes to its origin episode. It would have been cool to have had many more skins from this episode but oh well. What do you think of the Shadow Knight? Did you buy it? Like the episode it came from? Sound off below and as always… stay classy.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

Bart Shadow Knight Senseless Killing 1 shadow knightBart Shadow Knight Senseless Killing

15 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – The Shadow Knight

  1. Nooo way is this still available? I’m a newbie so i have quite a hard time finding stuff around atm, would love to buy this!

  2. I would have preferred the Marge-Shadow Knight skin, personally. But even then, I would never have paid 200 donuts for it.

  3. Good episode but still not worth 200 donuts. Thanks for the reminder, I had forgotten about that one!

  4. Hi I bought this premium item and only got the chair, was I supposed to get the shadow knight aswel?

  5. I would have rather had (and paid donuts) for that Marge Knight skin!!

  6. I was having some difficulty justifying this purchase until I got a belated birthday card with a $50 iTunes card inside. I rearranged my ritzy neighborhood a little bit, and the throne looks great between Burns Manor and the solid gold house. But if I hadn’t gotten that card, there was no way I would have bought it, especially with Halloween right around the corner.

  7. What happens when I can not get the black night I do not have money or the donuts

  8. Hi,
    Lots of lagging, so decided not to buy new Bart and chair just in case! Also, I was not a fan of the Shadow Knight episode originally, and I feel it is way overpriced! Wonderful web site btw, and makes me feel good knowing there are other Simpson addicts out there who knew the episode straight away! Go Nerds!! Xx

    • Aw well thank you for the kind words Laura!

      On the lagging issues…I’ve been getting them too. I find that if I hard close the app and restart it the lagging goes away. 🙂

  9. That episode was funny!
    I liked when Bart (Shadow Knight) killed Principal Skinner (Duck/Hen/Cock) and her head fell off. And than, Apu started eating him, Marge noticed that he was eating him, Apu put the Hen down, and said “He was a good man, but still, delicious!”

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