Trick or Treat: Update on it’s Way

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well…it looks like SOMETHING BIG is coming!  An update just hit the files BUT it has not yet hit our tapping devices.  However, this is going to be HUGE.

Looks like Halloween is FINALLY on it’s way!  We say goodbye to Barbarians and Nerds and hello to Mutants and Monsters!

It looks like it’ll be an app store update so if it follows suit of previous updates, something will be hitting the app stores between 11:30-1:30pm EST, so be sure to check  your app stores for the update.

We’ll be back with more once the update hits!

Happy Tapping Friends!

TSTO Halloween 4

P.S. We know all about the spoiler sites.  We’re in the files ourselves right now pulling loads of images and data for when the update hits.  However, our policy is, and has always been, we don’t post spoilers unless EA posts them first (like they sometimes do on Facebook).  Otherwise, we wait until the update actually hits and as soon as it hits we roll out TONS of info, but only after we’ve confirmed it to be actually in the game itself.  It’s just the way we do things around here.  We promise as SOON as the update hits, you guys will have ALL of the info as fast as humanly possible, if not faster.  🙂

104 responses to “Trick or Treat: Update on it’s Way

  1. Here is where you actually want to go…

  2. i can not find a friends list of those who dont care if they get vandalized or not, please add me for all the fun I play daily *****

  3. Hey was wondering why I havent seen any of the premium items for purchase? Do I have to finish the quest line first? Lisa is trick or treating now…

  4. Should I have kept Lisa free? Nothing to do currently even though the build a thing has been built and Lang finished task. Knew I shouldn’t have started those 24 hr tasks! Doh.

  5. I don’t have the update yet I live in England is it not hit here yet

  6. Update is live for iOS in France. I’m already started with the first 8 hr quest! So happy for Halloween. Being in France, the TSTO Halloween event is all the Halloween I get, which makes me sooooo sad. (It’s my favorite holiday 🙁

    Oh! the build menu has changed in a big way. When I first went into it, it took my brain a second to catch up with my eyes!

  7. I gotta ask. What are these files you talk about? Is there anyway for me to see these? I don’t know if you’ve answered this before or if it’s on your site already. Thanks in advance!

  8. Yippee! Only been playing since stone cutters so color me surprised when my trees are all colorful for fall! I love the leaves blowing around too!

    I was impatient when I read others were getting the update so after restarting my phone and the update still wasn’t there I clicked open in the App Store and bingo it started the update!

  9. Random question: Do you still get the bonus % on decorations if they are in storage? I am already thinking about how to redesign my Springfield! I want to put away some of this castle stuff and make a windmill farm down by the river.

  10. So excited updated and started already, love the first freebie!!

  11. Woo Hoo! The update is here 🙂 I am in France btw.

  12. Do you know if there is a delay in getting the update on iPods compared to iPhones?

  13. Yay halloween! I am super excited and glad coc is over with. I know i have seen someone post this before, but maybe if we keep on they will do something about it! I have played tsto faithfully since before halloween last year (when I discovered this great game) and in the beginning I played just about every hour. Now that I have made it to the highest possible level clearing out completed tasks and collecting money from buildings is becoming a chore. I’m TAPPED OUT ( literally)! I love this game, but now if I only have a few minutes I check my family guy game instead, because it doesn’t take as long. I am sure as it continues to grow I will be wanting the same thing for it. Also tsto has never ran slow on my phone, but the clash of clans update slowed it WAY down. When my buildings were demolished game play was very choppy so much so that I have hardly been playing at all waiting for this update to end. Hopefully Halloween will be better! I have heard from many others who are not playing as much because of how long it takes to collect everything that is done. EA is going to lose players because of this or more people will be playing family guy. Please give us a completed task collection button!  Again I love this game, but it’s supposed to be fun and all this collecting is starting to not be.
    Lastly thank you addicts for being amazing! Not complaining about anything you all do, I know you all get lots of complaints, just hoping EA will listen and help make this game more fun again!

  14. The anticipation is KILLING me! Halloween 2013 was my favorite event and I have high hopes for Halloween 2014!

  15. What the duck? The App Store has got the new update pic BUT the update isn’t available…

  16. Update here for android 🙂 downloading it now!!!

  17. It’s here! Finally… really nice new start screen!

  18. It’s On!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I’m just hoping the update is stable when it first drops. The last big updates had some…issues. This is my first Halloween and I’m looking forward to burning some donuts on it! Thanks as always for the great updates. 😀

  20. I got an Amazon update

  21. Just looked at the spoilers and all I can say is it has similarity to the stonecutters and is very similar the past two halloween updates.

  22. I woke up at 5:00a.m EST. this morning, because I suddenly dreamed that tapped out was being updated and I wanted to get a head start on doing some halloween type task. Unfortunately that wasn’t true. So I got dressed and ready for work before I tried to salvage at least an hour for sleep. You’d have thought it was Christmas or the first day of school. I’ve even been preparing my town for at least a week, expanding land, buying houses to be egged or haunted, or whatever, getting more characters, etc. I am so happy you posted this article because I was afraid this day will never come and I was unsure if it would come right after Clash of the Clones left. I was done with that thing weeks ago but let my neighbors pillage me in case they needed stuff. Even cashed in all my elixers for random extras I stored in my inventory for later. It’s already 12:58 P.M. EST here in Maryland and I just can’t wait. It feels like waiting for the cable people to show and hoping that they come in sometime in their allotted time.

  23. Oh great. Get all excited and all I get is a YouTube update

    • lol i hate when that happens!

      • I’ve had 3 different app updates today since I started checking the App Store. None of which have been TSTO 😞. Being on holiday means I have a level of boredom for the first few days sat at home. It’s usually a nightmare for my mum who has to deal with me saying “I’m bored” till halfway through the week. TSTO saves her from that sometimes.

  24. Is it me, or are the update and micro games getting more fun. Hopefully the unwinable lottery wheels are a thing of the past. (More land would be nice too. 🙂

  25. Sent all of my citizens on 24 hour task. I lost track of the date. Oy.

  26. Call me crazy but I am just a few gold away from the 8000.. Do I keep raiding or write it off? :/

  27. I feel old, this is my third Halloween. Liked the previous two. However stone cutters is still my favorite. I hope we get more vids soon… Those were cool

  28. Getting giddy cannot wait to get home

  29. Yay! I was so bummed when I logged in, and still had CoC nerds running around my town. Not to say that the beginning of it wasn’t interesting, but it went on way too long. It was just repetiveness, chased after more repetiveness. I’m sure my neighbors appreciated me though as I gave up on Elixir collecting after I earned the balloon, and thereby let not only my houses, but castles sit til they expired. It’s a shame more of the decorations weren’t currency based, instead of donut based, as that probably would’ve kept some people interested & collecting. Ah well, on the bright side Halloweeen is almost here :-). Thank you for letting us know when the update is expected to be rolled out! And happy halloweening to you all

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