Friend/Neighbor Leaderboard

You bored of visiting neighbors? Want something a lil funner to do? Something to make the trip worthwhile? Well EA thought out this one and introduced a Leaderboard.

Friend Leaderboard Final Results

You go into your main Neighbor screen and this giant Leaderboard pops up telling you where YOUR counts are in the game. Thoroughly confused? Wondering how you got there? How do you move up? What’s it all about?

First a few quick tips. If you go into your Main Neighbor screen, you will see the Menu icons on the lower right. The Grem-Alien Egg Medal Icon is for the Leaderboard. Just tap on this to see the stats.

Leaderboard Icon



When visiting a Neighbor to drop the Grem-Alien Eggs, their town will tell you how many they have room left for. They can only get a MAX of 10 at a time. Other Springfield only a MAX of 5 at a time. You will find this icon in the upper right corner of their town. The number available to be added in the orange circle.

Neighbor Grem Alien Counts



Let’s now get started with the board itself. It will ONLY be comprised of you and your friends on your list. Your friends will be highlighted in Blue. You will be in Yellow-Orange. So if you only have 5 friends, you will only see 5 names and stats listed on the board. The one I am using for show only has 64 total.(Many of my neighbors have either stopped playing or just haven’t updated yet, so there totals are still Zero.)

Friend Leaderboard Total Friends


Now how to move up? Let’s have a lil fun. I started out in position 38 with 410 Points. Using the test game, I invested in some Grem-Alien Eggs to go with those I already had piled up and went a visiting.  The points you will get are from dropping Grem-Alien Eggs into your neighbors towns and then squishing the Grem-Aliens that were dropped in yours. 

Friend Leaderboard Progress



First town I went to had the ability for me to drop 6 Eggs. So I did. I exited out and went back to the Leaderboard. As you can see my points have increased. 10 points per Grem Alien Egg dropped. So 60 points total. Friend Leaderboard Progress 1


Now I returned to my own Springfield to see if any Grem-Aliens were there for me to squish. I found one and tapped on it to squish it. I then went back to my Neighbor Main Screen and checked the Leaderboard. It gave me 15 points for the squish. Now I was at 485.

Friend Leaderboard Progress 2



And that is pretty much how your Leaderboard works. You give Eggs and receive 10 point for each one, you squish Grem-Aliens in your town and get 15 points for each one. I played around a while, dropping eggs and squishing Grem-Aliens. I ended up moving from 38 to 13 in the ranks.

Friend Leaderboard Final Results

Side note: In doing this lil test I visited all friends (including those that have not even updated still) and shot down 14 UFOs. This yielded me the following prizes; (4) 50 Probes, (2) 20 Pumpkins, (1) 50 Gummy Bears, (1) 20 Chocolate Bars, (4) Bronze Treat Bags, (1) Silver Treat Bag, (1) Gold Treat Bag. Not too bad. 🙂

There you have it. A fun lil competition to have with your fellow neighbors while you play the game. On top of Leaderboard points Neighbor visits can get you FP, donuts, XP, $$$, Probes, and lots of goodies for those lucky UFO hits.

Where are YOU on your Leaderboard? Do you even notice it? Have you been following it closely? Let us know.


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  1. Quick question, is there a prize for top ten/five/three, or is it just motivation? For me it’s mostly motivating me to compete, being super competitive, but I have that wonder if a prize is involved.

  2. quick question about dropping eggs in other springfield. since no friend is actively squishing the grem-aliens – does this mean by placing max 5 eggs there i would get max 4 probes per egg?

  3. I vary between 5 and 7 out of the 75 of my friends who have updated. Currently at 5. With the top spot held by someone with over 13000 points, there isn’t any way to catch them. I think it’s kinda fun being as there are a few people I know in real life and some friends I’ve had since I started playing. Plus, it makes an easy way to visit the long time friends who do play regularly.

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