Make-A-Things Prizes Breakdown

Hey there Hoppereenos. Hopping on by to give you a lil insight and details on all the cool things you can win/create during the event.

Make A Thing Workshop

Trying to decide what item to create first? What one is the better deal? What does it look like in town? Is it animated? Well let’s take a peak at them. (More will come with the next phase, for now…these are the current ones available.) If you want to see more about creating them, take a look at the Create Post Here.

The Grand Pumpkin (Decoration): Sits on a 4×4 block. It looks like a Giant Pumpkin just sitting there, but when you tap it…he stands up, yawns a lil, stretches, and sits back down. Milhouse does have a task to Hang Out with the Grand Pumpkin. Very Charlie Brown style. Looks cool when surrounded by a bunch of Pumpkins and the Pumpkin House. This will unlock the ability to make Pumpkin Houses once created.

Grand Pumpkin 1 Grand Pumpkin

Mihouse Hang Out with the Grand PumpkinMihouse Hang Out with the Grand Pumpkin 2

Pumpkin House (Building): Sits on a 5×6 block. Drops 1 Pumpkin every 24 hours for the event. Is a cute looking Pumpkin House.  Not really used by any character. More there just for looks. (You have to create the Grand Pumpkin first in order to be able to create any Pumpkin Houses as the two are linked.) You can make as many of these as you want, however the cost will go up each time of needed items. (There will be a plus sign next to the item that will increase.)

pumpkinhouse 100goo

Hugo (Character): He is a new individual Character complete with his very own tasks. Unlike other kids, he is not able to go Trick or Treating. He will unlock the ability to make the Spooky House once you create him. More on him in another post.

unlock_hugo Hugo Walk Pigeon Rat 1

Spooky House (Building): Sits on a 4X8 block. Drops 1 Bronze Treat Bag Every 24hrs during the event. Is used by Hugo for the task Nap at the Spooky House. Really cool looking house decoration wise. The door will flap in the wind while Hugo is inside on his task. (You have to create Hugo first in order to be able to create any Spooky Houses as the two are linked.)  You can make as many of these as you want, however the cost will go up each time of needed items. (There will be a plus sign next to the item that will increase.)


Mutant Peacock (NPC): This crazy lil bird is a Non Playable Character. That means it will just wander your town until you store it away. When tapped, the snake feathers coil and hiss and the bird does too. You can get this by earning it in the Personal Prizes, or by creating it after the Prizes swap out. More info here on it.

unlock_mutantpeacock Mutant Peacock  2

Donut Torture Device (Decoration): Sits on a 2×6 block. This decoration is actually used by Homer for the task Suffer Ironic Punishment. Hilarious to watch. That is really the only use for the item outside a decoration. You can get this by earning it in the Personal Prizes, or by creating it after the Prizes swap out. More info on it here.

donut torture deviceHomer donut torture device

Human Test Subject (Decoration): Sits on a 2×2 block. This item is tall though. It is a really cool looking decoration that to me, seems like Fry is inside floating around. Lol. You can create this item or earn it in one of the trick or treat bags.  You can make as many of these as you want, however the cost will go up each time of needed items. (There will be a plus sign next to the item that will increase.)


Spooky Wall (Decoration): These are the standard 1×2 wall pieces. I did get a lot of these last year as I liked the look of them in my decorations. They do offer a .05% bonus to $$$ & XP per each one.  You can make as many of these as you want, however the cost will go up each time of needed items. (There will be a plus sign next to the item that will increase.)


So that is a brief look at the current prizes you can create to add to the look and feel of your town. Do YOU have any of these items yet? If so, what one is YOUR favorite? Have one you really want? Let us know.


104 responses to “Make-A-Things Prizes Breakdown

  1. So I have every available crafting prize at least once. Is there any information on what I should craft next, as to what benefits my springfield most once Halloween is over?
    I know the walls add some % income.
    What will the Regillian Huts generate?
    What about another spooky or pumpkin house?
    And are the shrubs and test-subjects good for anything (except looking cool, (the test-subjects that is))?
    Thank you!

    • Honestly it all comes down to your own personal taste. What YOU would like in your town months from now. What design element would they add. We wont know til event ends what, if any, payouts they have.

  2. Literally jumped over here just to say that Human test subject looks like Fry. Glad to see you already made that comparison. Revelation about the Simpsons/Futurama crossover episode make it, it my opinion, that much more likely that this was intended.

  3. Will the Mr burns ufo become available to create? And how much will he cost? I have to decide what to craft and he is top of my list

  4. I also got the grand pumpkin today FINALLY! Shot down a UFO in a neighboreeno’s town and got 50 chocolate bars to push me just over the top. Animation is nice!!!
    I have a pumpkin house from last year, which has been producing a treat bag throughout the whole THOH event, so I’ll probably skip making another. Hopefully will get enough more chocolate bars for a tribal hut! Game on!!!!

  5. Got Grand Pumpkin today, but can’t unlock Pumpkin House. Any suggestions?

  6. supermusicfiend

    When the ray gun phase ends, will the newer craft items leftover from the probe phase disappear? I missed out on the donut torture device during the probe phase and am trying to craft it now but it’s taking me forever to earn enough chocolate bars and candy corn. I have enough for the spooky house but am considering waiting off on it and instead to keep working toward the donut torture device. I know that Spooky House gives you treat bags but one every 24 hours doesn’t sound very convincing to me right now.

    • There are not dates on the Make A Things, so we can only assume they will stick around and then more added as the other two Personal Prizes roll in from Phase two.

  7. The income from Spooky House and Pumpkin House are pretty stingy. One treat bag every 24 hours for Spooky House and a single pumpkin every 24 hours for Pumpkin House. really?! After all the hoops you have to jump through to craft them?! Kind of discouraging. Crafted one of each. Pathetic income is a disincentive to waste craft items crafting more.

  8. Argh! Early on I crafted a human test subject, and then found two more in my inventory. I figured I’d messed up but I’ve just found another two I never crafted, stored in my inventory. I wouldn’t care but it used up a bunch of candy bars I need for the pumpkin prize. Has this happened to anyone else?

  9. Will there be new items to craft in phase 3 or is this everything? Because I am a bit on the fence about creating more pumpkin houses and spooky houses because I’m scared I might need the items later on.

  10. Getting close to grand pumpkin and spooky house. Recamendations on which to craft 1st?

  11. I just checked *****

    I prob go for the queen instead of hut if I can only get one as animated over non animated is better in my opinion.

    Hope this helps as it helped me. Also I wonder why ea doesn’t help out players who buy doughnuts when these people who hack get everything. It would make more people out these hackers most likely as I believe people who use these hacks for free doughnuts will most likely hurt this game.

    Also ea needs to add a offline mode where people can show off their towns and also design when they not near wifi like me as I use ipod touch or iPad for my town.

    • As you stated, this person is playing a modded game. That means ANYTHING they do is from a version they created and not the actual EA one. So until we see it go live in the game, I don’t care to follow those creating their own.

      EA offers a LOT to the players. There are many free donuts to be had daily. You just have to put in the effort and not expect it to just be handed over. It is very easy to earn free donuts the right way by just completing tasks, visiting neighbors, and playing the event. 🙂

  12. Anyone have glitches with Hugo?
    I crafted Hugo and have been doing his quests. When it came to the quest with Bart, my game crashed after I click to view Bart thru the quest dialogue box. (This happens often when characters have aliens on their head and I use the quest dialogue box to find them.) Now I no longer have a quest for Hugo, Bart has nothing highlighted beside Trick or Treat in his tasks. I can’t build the Spooky house yet because I haven’t completed The Good Son part 5.
    Does anyone else have this problem or know a fix? Thanks 🙂

  13. Did the craft prizes add more yet or is there still the same from phase 1.

    Cause I only see

    hugos house
    The great pumpkin
    the pumpkin house
    Human test experient
    And spooky wall

    If it has not popped yet does anyone
    Know when more will rotate in.

    Or do we have to do more of the main quest involving kang.??

  14. Anyone know what the flavor text for Hugo was? It didn’t even give me a chance to read it. =.=

  15. I’m a little confused. Ok so the prizes from the probe section are supposed to switch out at the end of today. I was able to get all the treat bags but am barely at 7396 probes and I need 8050 to get the Donut Torture Device. Since I won’t be able to get the 218 missing probes that I need for it in the 3 and a half hours I have left, I was considering buying donuts for it but from what I’ve read, I’m getting that if we collected all the treat bags, we should be able to craft it in the next section? Does that mean that I should just wait and not spend any donuts because I will still be able to get the Donut Torture Device later on? Or is it really gonna disappear right now and I should just spend my donuts on it?

  16. Does anyone know, the personal prizes are rotated automatically (with an ingame autoupdate) or do we have to manually update?
    I’m asking this because have around 7300 probes and, for sure, I need more time.. About 6h to get all probes

  17. Tnx that was helpful as I was also wondering if the create a things workshop prizes would rotate out or stay n more would be listed.

    As atm I have Hugo/the doughnut torture device/One experiment test tube thingy/one alien shrub and of course that peacock which looks more of a freak then Hugo. I like how you can get the experiments in treat bags as they are pretty cool.

    So maybe you can get other things as well when the other stuff rotates in.

    Cant wait till tomorrow’s H 0f Horrors.
    L8ter all.

    If you want add me.

  18. Ooh thanks for the help/tips 🙂 I need more friends *******thanks!

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