Victorian UFO & #51

Hey there Hoppereenos. Looks like EA have dropped a few more treats for us as we are getting near the end.

victorian ufo 3000 goo#51 phone home 1

For those of you that have been wanting the really cool looking Victorian UFO from last Halloween, you can now buy it in a combo pack with that silly lil Alien from the Stonecutters event.

Victorian UFO #51

For the cost of 120 Donuts. You can get your hands on this duo and introduce a cool new decoration and a fully tasked Character into your town. (Of course if you already have one or the other, this cost may vary in your town.)

twirl n hurl 6500 goo

Next up, for those of you that also wanted that cool looking ride they put in the actual Simpsons Theme Park at Universal, the Twirl n Hurl is back again in your Krustyland for the cost of Β 150 donuts.


What do you think of this offer? Have you been wanting these items? Did you buy it? Let us know.



54 responses to “Victorian UFO & #51

  1. I didn’t realize that Twirl n Hurl had dropped into the store. Then again, I did not get any “new” badge on the store button this time around. I saw the Victorian UFO last night (this morning) after deciding to check myself sometime after 4 AM. I was waiting for that one, so I snatched it up for 40 donuts (I already had #51 from the Stonecutter’s Event). Although the UFO adds tasks for Kang and Kodos, I’m a little disappointed that it does nothing else. I love the Twirl n Hurl, and I will most likely get it, but it will be tough at 150 donuts and like many others, I don’t spend too much time in Krustyland these days.

  2. for those who had number 51 the victorian ufo is 40 donuts by itself

  3. Twirl and hurl is a tough one as it looks great, but like many others, I don’t really visit krustyland anymore. Is it worth 150? I’m not sure. Something like that in Springfield and I’d be all over it, but for kl I think it’s a pass πŸ˜“ The donut price for kl items needs to be a lot more reasonable to make them must haves for me!

  4. I bought the combo – the locked tasks for Kang and Kodos (which I also jumped on) were nagging me. The alien was a nice bonus, and once Halloween is over you can bet there will be a sing-along or 5 at the Stonecutter’s table in my town.

  5. I almost have U.B.O.I did pick up the Victorian U.F.O, and the twirl and hurl.Ive been playing for a long time and lost my original game, so it’s good to see E.A release old items that I once had and lost. Thank you to the t.s.t.o team ****

  6. This was my first THOH (I first started playing in January) and I loved it… I’m really tempted to go for the Victorian UFO & #51 I only have 64 donuts at the moment (I spent the 150 early in the event to get the ray gun(s) last night I was going to grab Moleman but then saw this at the last second and now I’m torn… I think I may just cave and spend $20 to get it… any thoughts on whether to get it now or hold out and hope its back next year?

  7. I picked up the Alien and V-UFO immediately… In fact, I was up late last night that it was actually early this morning, and saw the sale pop up then. So grabbed it straight away.

    I, however, didn’t see the TnH for Krustyland. I’ll have to go to KL and check it out…. I’m on the fence about it. I have the weekend, to decide, right? I’ll look forward to your SYB article and see if that pushes me over either way…

    Thanks guys!

  8. I am thrilled to get the twirl and hurl. I have been waiting for that one. The Victorian UFO is a nice bonus. Like many people below I have been waiting and hoping for Crow Bart and church of lard o lad. A little over 4 days left….here is hoping!

  9. Will you post “Should You Buys” for the Mutant Rabbit and this Victorian/Alien bundle?

  10. Sweet! The Twirl and Hurl was the last most wanted on my Halloween reissue list. Looks perfect in my KL. THANKS EA for bringing back so many of the past items for us newbies. I’d love to see the return of Costingtons, the Casino with sign and Native American character, the turkey, Springfield Falls and the Happy Little Elves ride for a Thanksgiving rerelease. I’m so addicted!

  11. Oh yes! I’ve been waiting for these items! I had to have the Twirl N Hurl since I will be riding the real thing in about three weeks! Excellent!

  12. They still haven’t brought back Raven Bart!! exactly!

  13. I already have #51 and UFO.but i don’t have the Twirl n Hurl. I’m not sure i will buy it. I don’t visit Krustyland anymore . It does nothing, beside giving you ticket. I know, those ticket can give me money, but i have plenty of money..

    Twirl n Hurl look cool, but i will pass, not a big fan of Krustyland

  14. They still haven’t brought back Raven Bart.

    Shut up and take my donuts, EA!

  15. **** made fun of this blog again in his latest post… πŸ™

    • Of course they did. They probably figure it will anger us and we will drive our readers over there to spout off and bring them attention. For me, I decided long ago they are just NEVER worth my time. So I never bother to even care. If there is an issue, the blue haired guy with the suitcase will know what to do.

      I will not give into cyber bullying. Bringing MORE attention to them is just what they want. Won’t do it.

      • Wait I don’t get it, what are we talking about? Was there a reference to this blog in the dialogue if you purchase any of these premium items?

        • No… some one else out there on the internets has had it out for me for a LONG time now. So, they like to try to start “flame wars”. I don’t bother to waste my time or energy on cyber bullying so they try to up it now and then to get a rise out of me or readers. Ain’t gonna happen. I just don’t care. If you give bullies attention, they in turn love it as it is just that…attention. Regardless of what kind it is.

          Just not worth it at all. I have a real life and don’t care for people like that in it. πŸ˜‰

      • πŸ™‚

  16. Was looking to get the Twirl n Hurl and Victorian UFO, didn’t expect to have Number 51 as a bonus. Thanks EA ^_^

  17. Good thing I already had them….

  18. Number 51 alone costs 100 alone in my town! So sounds like a bargain for both

  19. How do I buy more donuts? When I tap the get more space it just lets me buy more currency with my donuts. Where do I go?

    • In your game you will see your donut count at the bottom. If you tap on “Get More” option, it should take you to your Currency screen. In there you should be able to scroll left and right through both in game cash (I would suggest to NOT buy this) and the Multiple donut buying packs.

      Remember to use any deals you have locally to make your money go as far as you can. Many sale iTunes and Google Play gift cards for a discount. Just check your local store ads.

  20. Seems expensive if the UFO doesn’t have a payout increase, no?

    • It pays out in the way that it is an item with tasks linked to it. I am still seeing if there are any other changes and will report.

      • Thanks, Bunny. You’re amazing with the info and perspective you share on here. πŸ™‚
        And Alissa too, of course.
        And, agreed, don’t give any kind of bully any time or attention; ain’t worth it.

  21. Is the Twirl n Hurl also for limited time?

    • Yes. So grab it while you can. I just have it in ALL my games already so I do not have an image of it. I will pull one later if I can.

  22. Question: not much of the event left do you guys have any idea if the final 2 things will be released like the crow bart or the Church of Lard lad?

    • Nope. All we can do is wait and see what EA drops before the end of the event.

    • Hi just a little FYI. I have been playing tsto since its inception and have got to go through every event ever put out. Crow Bart is so small I cannot even see him in my town anymore. Since my town is huge. if you want as an extra decoration go for it but if I had a second chance on purchasing him I would pass

      The church of lard lad is pretty cool as a deco. I believe only one character has a 5 minute task there. I don’t remember I don’t send anyone there anymore. But if we’re debating between the two I would say yes to church of lard lad. It’s a bigger deco and you can actually find it in your town.

      Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

      • Oh Ya. Forgot to mention. The little green dude is 100 clams…..doh !!! Wrong game I mean donuts in my town πŸ™‚ lol !!!

        I find 100 donuts a tad bit much. Now if EA would make characters 75 donuts they got themselves a deal πŸ™‚

  23. I’m debating if I should. What does the UFO do?

  24. What does the ufo do? Any %bonus or impact on conform-o-meter?

  25. Now i can get it him!

  26. The alien twirl ride is back in krustyland for 150 donuts

  27. FYI: If you already got the little green dude from the Stonecutters event, you can get the UFO for 40 donuts.

  28. Not bad!!! I already have them but for newer players that’s a pretty fair cost. Completes the sing a long at the stonecutters table too. If you are on the fence about it I say go for it.

    • That’s literally the only reason I’m considering it… full sing a long for stonecutters is very tempting, but I’m going to save my 100 donuts in the hopes that we’ll get a futurama character soon. If we don’t, then I’ll consider it!

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