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Where Did THAT Come From – House of Evil & Krusty Doll

Hey hey hey friendereenos!

So I’m sure you noticed I’ve been gone for a while. Suffice to say studying 3 history classes and anthropology with the added duties of surviving the zambie apocalypse kept this walking carpet pretty dang busy during all the Halloween festivities. As penance, I told the lady Addicts as soon as I was back that I’d knock out a few Where Did THAT Come From posts from the Halloween event. As a bonus, I was playing it just the same as all of you and boy howdy was it a doozy. Overall fun but I’m veering from my duties. With no more digression, here’s a Halloween origin for you. This post focuses on the House of Evil and Krusty Doll.

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Where Did THAT Come From – Drive-In Theater & Space Mutant

Hey there Home Skillets! How’s life in your neck of the woods. All is well in Kashyyyk but I thought it was time to bring you some more origin info from Halloween 2014. This round is all about one of the premium items you may have bought during the event… the Drive-In Theater. This building cost 150 donuts and came with the Space Mutant character. Based on the movie you play at the theater, you earn various amounts of cash and XP.

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11/28 Thanksgiving-a-Roony!- Gil’s Back!

You ALL should get the Update now to correct the issue of the Leftovers. Not sure if all will see the *(null) one fixed just yet. But the Update will auto hit your games. 😉 (Remember if you see Bart, it may because EVERYONE is trying to get the update, so be patient)

UPDATE BUNNY: Looks like many of you are running into another issue. (It is odd as it did not impact any of my games.) Yesterday’s task ended with coming back today for Leftovers. Part of the Leftovers dialog today and task is to again have Lisa and Ned Have a Peace Feast, but the option is locked up. I am currently testing a few things and will report back. 

I am in process of trying to contact EA, and also started a forum thread on EA. Please feel free to add to it and open a ticket with EA on the issue. Will update once I hear more back. (I am also looking into the **null** self punishment issue)


UPDATE BUNNY 10:30 AM EST: After a very very long conversation with some reps poking round in my game, they still are unable to isolate issue. So…off to a patch they go. They are looking into the entire “Leftover” questline that should have triggered properly as well as Ned’s task turning *(null). Hopefully they can get a patch out soon. In the meantime, keep flooding the forums with your info so it keeps it on top. 

UPDATE BUNNY 2:00PM EST: It seems they almost have issue isolated and hope a patch will be out soon for all these issues. No ETA as of yet on it, just once they got it all in order it will hit our games. So hang in there. This one is wide spread. 


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers and Happy Black Friday!

Looks like they’re celebrating Black Friday in Springfield too as Ol’ Gil is in town!  BUT he’s not offering discounted donuts…instead he’s offering donuts rebates!

2014-11-28 09.26.00

So here’s the deal…every hr on the hr Gil is offering premium items with a rebate.  You’ll still have to pay full price for them..but then he’ll give you some donuts back if you do.  The kicker is….Each item is ONLY offered for 1hr.  If you miss that hour…you miss out on the item.

So if you’ve been waiting for something, now’s a great chance to get it.  Here’s a list of what will be offered each hour…and what the rebate back is.  (sorry I missed the first hour…that pesky Turkey made me sleepy!) Continue reading