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Turbo Tappin’ Premium Turkey Day 2014: Mrs. Bouvier

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ah Thanksgiving!  In the words of Homer….”The high holiday of gorging! Uncluttered with Yule logs, Easter egg hunts, flag saluting or the yoinking out of groundhogs.”  That is until your mother in-law shows up!

The Thanksgiving update has brought Marge’s mother, Mrs. Bouvier, back to Springfield…much to the delight of Abe Simpson!  So now that we have an all-new premium character added to Springfield it’s time to take a look at just what happens when she arrives in town!

So now…let’s get to Tappin’ shall we?!

turbo tap Thanksgiving

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Should I Spend Donuts on the Heimlich Machine?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Turkey Time in Springfield!  But what happens if you get a piece of that turkey stuck?!  Who’ll be there to help give the Hemilich?!  Well…this Thanksgiving EA thought of the perfect solution…the Heimlich Machine!

Wondering if you should add the Heimlich Machine to YOUR Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this squeezing apparatus to YOUR Springfield!

                       Heimlich Machine                   

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Add Friends- Who Pledge Not to Vandalize You! Part 7

This Feed was getting quite long so we’ve added a new Vandalism free Add Friends feed here.  Comments on this post have now been disabled. 

UPDATE BUNNY: WARNING, TAPPING ON A NEIGHBOR’S ELF CANON OR ELF TUNNEL IS MARKED AS VANDALISM!!! (We have not seen an impact to Righteousness yet though in our games ). Don’t stress it though…it WILL help you both out, so just an FYI… I would suggest to take the hit for this event as both items will help both you AND your neighbor out in Phase 2 of the Christmas Event. MORE Bells and possibly FREE DONUT!

Hey there Hoppereenos!!!

Do you hate getting graffiti in your Springfield?  Are you tired of cleaning up after other people’s fun, at your expense?  Are you someone that NEVER Vandalizes other towns?  Are you super concerned about your Righteousness rating…no matter how many Training Walls you build?  Well this is the Add Friends Thread for You!

no paint

Now before we get started, there is something we must go over…

HERE IS WHERE WE ARE GETTING DISTURBED BY THIS THREAD AND RESPONSESWe see new players as well as seasoned players state they really do not know what vandalism is, so they assume they are not doing it when tapping to spray paint. We also see many apologize for accidentally tapping on a spray can. I do all the time and it is for so many reasons it would be impossible to list them all, but I do it at least once a day.

The part that should NOT be happening is the increasing amounts of “threats and abuse” to other players in the comment threads. No matter the reason for the “tag”, accidental or not, NO PLAYER/READER has the right to use it as a basis to come here and attack or abuse that person on our site. ANYONE doing so will find their comments quickly in the trash. Further abuse will result in removal from our site. 

This goes COMPLETELY against our Addicts Guidelines and will not be allowed. If the abuse and threats still continue beyond this, the Vandalism thread will be pulled altogether. Be kind to each other. Realize not everyone plays like you and there are mistakes as well as those that are still learning the game or just finding this site to know what the ins and outs are. SO BE RESPECTFUL!!!

If you are not sure what Vandalism is…see our in depth post HERE so you can understand it better and why it bothers so many players. 🙂

Now on to what this post is supposed to be about. 

Here’s your thread for those of you who PLEDGE NOT TO VANDALIZE EACH OTHER’S TOWNS!  If you can’t keep that pledge…please don’t add your name to this thread.  We’ve got a whole other Add-Me Thread here, for those who may/may not vandalize each other.  

IMPORTANT…..Include that you WILL NOT VANDALIZE in your comment with your request.  DO NOT put your name on this list AND the other list.  This is the list for those who pledge NOT to vandalize…if you put your ID on both lists we will delete it from this one.

And a friendly reminder about the rules for this post/thread….
Remember…this is a thread to Add Your Name for friends ONLY.  If you’d like to have a conversation with other players (and we encourage you to do so!) please feel free to take it to one of our many open threads (we have a new one each week on Sunday!) .  You can access the open threads here. Again…we encourage you to take any and all conversations about TSTO (or anything else) to one of our many open threads. 🙂

Because we’ve been seeing many emails lately from players who are having a hard time finding friends on this thread (or having their name disappear in a sea of comments that aren’t friend requests) we’re limiting ALL posts on this thread to the following:

-Origin ID (Add Me Request) with Pledge Not to Vandalize
-Posts saying you added someone
-Post ONLY to say ” —- tagged me” AND THAT IS IT! NOTHING MORE!

It is up to YOU to decide who you want on your friends list. If you don’t want them, take them off. That simple.

So please, we encourage you to talk to each other about your towns, etc.  but please please PLEASE take it to the Open Threads and leave this thread just for players looking for Player IDs to add to their game who won’t vandalize.  

Also, if you have specific questions about an aspect of the game (or Friend requests etc) we invite you to ask on our Q & A page.  There your question will be sure to be seen, and not lost in a sea of Add Me requests.   🙂

Thank you! Happy Tapping!

11/26 Thanksgiving-a-Roony!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Phase 4 of Turkey Day is now active…as you may have seen when you finished the first part of the Thanksgiving Questline this pops up:

2014-11-24 02.58.48

And well…today is Wednesday November 26th…so what’s in store today?

Homer gets things started today…

You’ll continue the Black Friday questline, Gear up for Savings..with a 4hr task for Homer.

And then *GASP* a second questline!

Puritan Flanders will start another part, once Homer is done talking.

This time you’ll actually get a reward, prize!

For those that don’t want to know…details on the prize are after the fold.  Continue reading