The Kidz Aren’t Alright: Greta Wolfcastle

Do you hear that? Me either. It is so nice and quiet and… OH NO!! Spoke to soon! Here comes the kids! D’OH!!

In our silly lil games, there are some smaller sized characters roaming around that don’t seem to get as much attention as the adults.

“Won’t somebody think of the children??!!” Lol.

Well, we thought of the children, decided that the kids aren’t alright, figured it was time someone took them out of the time out chair, so we can give you an idea of what it’s like growing up in Springfield.

Kidz Aren't Alright Playground Scene

This week I will be giving you the Origin of the cute lil girl that stole the hearts of two best friends, Greta Wolfcastle. Who did she really like better? Why was she in another school? How did Bart & Milhouse meet her? Let’s take a look.


Season 13, Episode 11: The Bart Wants What It Wants
Homer has decided to take off with the Olympic Torch as he is tired of them cutting into his TV time. Marge eventually gets the Torch back from him and tosses it to the cop in the chopper following them. Homer is bored now though, but no worries…there is a Annual Fair. At the Springfield Preparatory School. This upsets Lisa as they told her Springfield never had any Private Schools. Homer explains that her knowing about it would make her want to go to it.

The Prep School has many fun things to do at the Fair, like the Moonbounce. Too bad Homer decided to take it over…and pop it of course. Lisa finds Skinner breaking into the School and stealing supplies. While Bart is in the bumper cars teaching the kids how to actually use them. He of course barely taps on kid and off to the hospital they go.

Back out roaming around, we see a lil blonde girl getting harassed by other kids. Apparently she is “New Money”. So they tease her til she cries. Bart sees this and uses his slingshot to quickly disperse the bullies and help the girl. She is very grateful. Bart is happy to see her dad is Wolfcastle and they invited him over for dinner.

Greta and Bart

Later Bart is getting fancied up to go to Wolfcastle’s, driven by him in his Hummer of course. Bart is shocked he seems so nice. Greta and Bart are getting along great. Watching Itchy & Scratchy, getting a lil cozy on the couch, and even having dinner with her Dad at the Simpsons Home. Greta sneaks her hand into Bart’s at the table. She really seems quite taken by him. That is until Bart decides one day to show up the Wolfcastle’s Mansion with his best friend, Milhouse. Greta doesn’t seem too happy about it. She seems really sad in fact.

At a Basketball Game, she tells Bart about one of her School Dances coming up and would like him to go. He accepts, but later decides he wants to ditch her to mess with Skinner and Willie. Skinner is going to be trying to his stand up. Bart uses this to his advantage as he heckles Skinner all he can. Skinner gets booed off the stage. Upon returning home, Lisa informs Bart how upset Greta is. She is in love with him. Lisa tells Bart to cut it off if he doesn’t want to be with her.

So Bart takes her to Phineas Q. Butterfat’s the next morning to break up with her. She is devastated and sobs uncontrollably. Continuing on at home too. Wolfcastle tries to cheer her up. Bart goes to the Mansion to try and explain, only to find Milhouse there with her. Bart realizes that Milhouse and Greta are now an item. Back home Bart realizes that now she is with someone else, he DOES want her. But it is too late. Milhouse and Greta start hanging out and doing all the fun things Bart could have been.

Greta and Milhouse

Bart tries to devise a plan to get her back, in Toronto where she is going with her Dad to film a movie. No matter what he does, Bart still can’t stop thinking about here as they go sightseeing all over Toronto. The family eventually makes it to the movie set. Bart spots her and goes to try to win her back, but is blocked by Milhouse. A fight ensues between the two and all over the movie sets on the lot. Greta shows up and Bart begs her to take him back. She says no. Milhouse is excited, until she tells him she doesn’t want him either.

In the end the boys make up and Greta moves on…without either them.


Now that we have an idea of Greta, what about her parents?

Season 18, Episode 17: Ice Cream of Marge (with the Light Blue Hair)
Homer hands Max the Ice Cream Truck Man a $100 bill. As he desperately attempts to give him change in quarters, he ends up on the last 50 cents when he has a heart attack and dies. His widow doesn’t want the Ice Cream Truck so Homer decides he is going to take over the Ice Cream Truck. Pimp it out and try to get more money for the family. (Popsicle Stick People anyone?)

While out on his route, he passes by a Divorced Dad Fair. We see Wolfcastle there attempting to get Greta some ice cream from Homer, but he is all out. Makes you wonder how her life is with HIM as her Father.

Greta and Wolfcastle

Season 5, Episode 20: The Boy Who Knew Too Much
(Greta’s Mom did have a quick mention in the same episode Greta appeared when her Dad told her that her Mom’s custody hearing is at 6.) Bart has just hitched a ride in Freddy’s car and into the Quimby Compound where a party for Freddy’s 18th Birthday is going on. Bart runs into “McBain” and his, at the time, wife Maria. They seem to be happy as Maria does comfort him on his horrible movies.

Ranier and Maria

So sometime between the Birthday Party and when Bart met Greta, her Mom & Dad broke up.


Season 18, Episode 16: Homerazzi
After destroying the Family Portraits, Marge and the family re-stage them all. Upon returning from getting them developed, she notices a scandal in the background with Duff Man and Booberella. Homer sells the photo and soon becomes a Paparazzi. This leads to him helicoptering to a private ceremony behind a waterfall where Wolfcastle seems to be getting remarried to Maria. Upset at Homer ruining the intimate ceremony and the cake, Wolfcastle vows vengeance. This upsets Maria as he promised her one day where he wouldn’t promise revenge. So…he waits til another day.

Ranier and Maria remarried

So they were together, separated, and then back together again. Could be the reason Greta has issues when it comes to dating.


Greta was brought into our games during Level 46 as a Premium Character with her school. She does have some funny tasks indoors and out.

Greta Wolfcastle Re Read Love Notes 1Springfield Prep School Greta Wolfcastle Produce a Film

Greta Wolfcastle Tasks

Task Task Length Payout Location
Write a Rambling Letter 1hr $105 & 26XP Springfield Preparatory School
Sit In Silence 4hrs $260 & 70XP Springfield Preparatory School
Read Love Notes 8hrs $420 & 105XP Outside
Produce Wolfcastle Film 12hrs $600 & 150XP Outside
Consider Spending the Rest of Her Life Alone 24hrs $1000 & 225XP Springfield Preparatory School

(She also can use the Moon Bounce too.)

So there you have it. A troubled lil girl with a broken heart or is it heartbreaker? Now she is in our town with a school Lisa wishes she went too. What do you think of her? Did you spend your pink sprinklies to get her? Like her tasks? Let us know below.


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