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So… the holiday event is still upon us and by now everyone is well into Phase II of the TSTO Christmas Event. The Feds are gone and our game’s are now an edition of Elves Gone Wild. Anyone besides me enjoy giving that little mooner his comeuppance? Anywho… with new stuff comes my promise to let you know just where the items come from in The Simpsons universe. For this edition, we’ll take a look at the Ice Castle.


So the beginnings of the event brought us the Ice Princess Martin skin with a 60 minute and 8 hour task. This was our freebie tie-in for Season 26, Episode 9: “I Won’t Be Home For Christmas”. Of course, his task list seemed small but EA apparently had sneaky premium plans for us. For Phase II, they made the Ice Castle available for 120 donuts and if you didn’t know it yet, the castle makes Martin’s costume have 3 extra premium tasks but how does this all make sense from the show?

Well my friends, it’s yet another tie-in. In a Where Did THAT Come From first, I figured I’d just show you the clip instead of writing too many words. Suffice to say, if you haven’t been living under a rock, the skin and costume are Frozen parodies. Seems that movie truly has taken over everything including The Simpsons and TSTO. The couch gag of the episode lampooned the uber popular animated movie.

So there you go. The Ice Castle in all its glory. Sure Lisa may have worn Elsa’s dress in the gag, but based on the numerous jokes about Martin’s particular affinity for closets, him wearing it makes sense and makes me giggle. If you need an excuse, just pretend Martin was hiding in Lisa’s closet and borrowed it lol. Let’s not forget him as Calliope, the muse of poetry, in “Treehouse of Horror III” (S4:E5).

Calliope Martin Prince

I kinda wish we’d seen the Olaf skin for Homer but oh well. So we got an original spoof and a spoof from a recent episode… that wraps up this one folks. I’ll leave you with Martin’s expanded task list.  The two outdoor animations are entertaining, especially the 12 hr one.  As for the indoor tasks in the Ice Castle, it glows when Martin is inside.

Sing His Cares Away 60 min Outside N/A $70 17 XP
Be Cool 4 hrs Inside Ice Palace $260 70 XP
Show Off The Sparkles on His Dress 8 hrs Inside Kwik-E-Mart $275 70 XP
Make New Friends 12 hrs Outside Outside Task w/ Ice Palace $600 150 XP
Host an Ice Palace Play Date 24 hrs Inside Ice Palace $1,000 205 XP

TTFN… Wookiee out!

35 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Ice Castle

  1. I passed on spending donuts on the ice palace and I still have Martin wanting to show Lisa the ice castle ,it won’t go away any ideas ?

  2. I bought it because it I have kids that are insane for Frozen and while they’re too young for the gameplay I could at least show it to them. I don’t know that I would have changed my mind but they could have let me know before I spent the donuts that it was going to melt. Oh well, premium puddle coming soon.

  3. Thank you v much for the clip goodness knows when it will reach uk c4 we’re about 10 series behind!

  4. Rah21 (RebeccaA21)

    I want it but been waiting to buy it. I think Im going to today….. If I can ever get back in the game. I really hope they can fix the loading issue Bart screen soon.

  5. bus driver Otto’s use of a candy cane still makes me lol 🙂

  6. Love the opening scene clip, now my favorite!! Thanks for posting!

  7. Is there a ‘should I buy it’ post for the ice castle yet? If so can you tell me where it is, please? Thank you in advance.

  8. Is anyone else having issues loggin into game? I keep getting the famous Bart screen.

  9. I bought all of the snowmen and the ice castle. There’s going to be a flood in my springfield when winter is over lol. What’s going to happen to frosty the hitman though?

  10. Wow, so many glitches ATM, have taken screenshots to upload, but wasn’t sure it was appropriate… Anyone else have massive black snowy blotches?

  11. Well I was going to pass on it, but now that I know just what it can do I will have to buy it (at least I think it’s still available). Curse you addicts for being so thorough and informative on your site 😉 Oh well, at least I have a great spot for it.
    Plus looking at the comments I see that Mr. Plow and Plow King are now available! My wallet will never be safe!

  12. Down again?

  13. Count me as one of those “living under a rock.” I never saw ‘Frozen’ so I never got the connection at first. I couldn’t understand how Martin’s Ice Princess skin was a tie-in to that episode of The Simpsons since I saw the episode twice and didn’t see him don the dress in it either time. I also didn’t know about the additional tasks he is given once you have the Ice Palace since I passed on buying it. Thanks for the inside scoop.

    • Some might say you’re better off for never being drawn in to the frozen madness. I have a 5 year old daughter so alas, I was not so lucky. How’s the rock btw?

      • Hmm… The Ice Palace is still available. I thought its time had passed. I may get it now. Even though I haven’t seen Frozen, it still looks cool (no pun intended) and it gives Martin another outdoor task with his Ice Princess Dress. Anyway, now I’m reconsidering getting it after reading your post. Are you sure EA doesn’t put you up to write these things? (I’m kidding).

  14. The ice castle is just so pretty! I’m glad I got it, even though it will melt. I also got the snow cat. In fact, I got two… One to put in front of Crazy Cat Lady’s house when I finally spring for that! There’s going to be a lot of puddles in my Springfield come Spring.

    • That’s where I put mine. Though I only got one. Unfortunately it is hard to see it there since it’s all white and the snow covered ground is all white, so it all blends in together.

  15. I kind of wish they told you it might possibly melt BEFORE you bought it.
    They wouldn’t actually do that for a premium item, though, right?

    • We are not certain. No building has “melted” yet. The pumpkin house “wilted” a bit like pumpkins do, but it was still clearly a building…so I anticipate the same for the Ice castle.

    • All other ice based items have melted, such as the snow men of the Simpson family and the ice god. Even though it’s not certain they probably expected everyone to expect that it might look melted. Same thing with those new ice fences.

  16. I love it and happily bought it.

    Out of curiosity, will there be a “Should I Buy” on Mr. Plow and Plow King? Not to rush you (I know you have lives and they just went on sale today), I was just wondering. 🙂

  17. I too passed on it, not knowing the story, did not want to spend the donuts.

  18. I bought it, had a litle corner wher it fit right it. I just hope it doesnt melt when the snow is gone all though they made a pont of saying that it probably will even though its a huge premium item lol

    • I know what you mean. I have a plan for my Springfield that can handle a “winter” scene. Dang that those in sunny CA can’t relate.

      • Have to say, I’ve lived in places with winter for many years. Just not a big fan of the cold but probably more from an achy arthritis perspective than anything else. Winter scenes are glorious and TSTO snow is my favorite time of year. I enjoy looking at pictures of snow all the time lol.

  19. I passed on it. Felt it’d look out of place in my Springfield, even during winter.

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