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Disappearing Items From Springfield Glitch

Hey there Hoppereenos,

Bouncing by as a small issue seems to be increasingly spreading so wanted to bring attention to it. Many players stating Tasks disappearing, Buildings, and even Characters….

Addict Tech Support

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Tapped Out Premium Walkthroughs: Queen Helvetica in We’re Not in Equalia Anymore

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Earlier today Gil brought us a royal deal and if you are willing to part with the 175 donuts you’ll be treated to a fun little questline between Queen Helvetica & the citizens of Springfield.  Now let’s take a look at the full dialogue version of Queen Helvetica’s questline for those who have purchased her and need help and for those who won’t be purchasing her but still want to know what happens…

Some questline basics…for those who don’t like Spoilers:
-Questline is 6 total parts.
-You’ll need to build Town Hall and Channel 6 to complete
-Part 2 requires Mayor Quimby and Lisa
-Every other part only requires Lisa

Now let’s get into this dialogue shall we?


WARNING Dialogue Spoilers Ahead…

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Should I Spend Donuts On…Gil’s Princess Deal

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Christmas is over, Elves are gone, snow is gone and we’re all just sitting around waiting for the next big thing to hit our games.  And what better time to keep us entertained during a little lull period than Gil?  I don’t know about you but even if I don’t take his deals I just love having Gil in my town.  He always cracks me up….

gil_surprised     gil_annoyed      gil_sad      gil_selling

So Old Gil has returned to Springfield…this time with a Princess of a deal!   For 175 Donuts Gil is offering a Princess Combo for Lisa.  The Castle Equalia and Queen Helvetica Outfit for Lisa.  gil deal


And I know many of your are wondering if this deal is worth your donuts…especially with that clock ticking down (remember it ends at 0800GMT (3am EST) on 1/20/15).  But before you hit that confirm spend button let’s break down all the pros and cons of adding this royal combo to your Springfield…. Continue reading

In Game Update: Islands, Princesses & Gil?!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well looks like we’ve got ourselves a little TSTO update on our hands.

2015-01-15 14.12.40

First EA’s giving us a little gift…and Gil is back!

I know this probably isn’t what many of you were hoping/looking for but it’s a little something to hold us over until the “next big thing”.  Let’s take a look at what’s involved…


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Random Changes Christmas Is Over

No more snow, no more Elves, no more… snowmen. Christmas is gone and with it many changes I am sure you are all noticing in your game.


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