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Episode Recap: Mythbusters Simpsons Special

Jamie Hyneman: Tonight we take on the classic myth that a cat will always land on its feet.
Adam Savage: We didn’t want to hurt a real cat so we took this Build-A-Bear carcass…
Jamie Hyneman: Stuffed it with ballistic gel, shot it with a 20 foot barrel steam cannon…
Adam Savage: And made a scatter plot of the remains. Booyah!
Jamie Hyneman: What was it we were trying to prove again?
Adam Savage: Don’t know, don’t care. (does the cabbage patch)

Oh man… gotta love when the Simpsons have awesome guest stars on the show. In “The Daughter Also Rises” (S23:E13), the Mythbusters duo had a funny appearance as Mythcrackers that inspire Bart and Milhouse to do their own myth cracking. Man those crackers that bust myths sure are entertaining. Of course, on January 10, 2015, the roles were reversed and the real-life Adam and Jamie did a Mythbusters episode all about the Simpsons. I thought it’d be cool just to recap the episode for any of you who didn’t get the chance to catch it, want to see my thoughts and/or can’t watch it for assorted reasons.

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Simpsons News: Cool Articles You May Have Missed

Good something Springfield building Addicts!

Wookiee popping by to share some recent news articles about the Best. Show. Ever. Periodically we like to share these with y’all. I briefly talk about each one but click on the links for the real meat and potatoes of each.

First off… something for the gamers. While I never really understood the fascination with Minecraft, my young nephew is obsessed with it. Lots of other kids too based on some Halloween costumes I saw. Minecraft is a poor parents dream considering you can just paint old cardboard boxes I suppose. Anywho… word has it that The Simpsons are joining the game. Check it out.

Simpsons Minecraft


Here’s the announcement from Xbox:


Of course, if you never saw it the couch gag for “Luca$” (S25:E17) was done completely minecraft syle.  Pretty cool.

The Simpsons Luca$ Promotional Photo

Next up… the A.V. Club is running an entire week of Simpsons content in honor or the 25th anniversary of the show becoming a weekly primetime series.  Here’s the announcement:


So far the articles have been pretty cromulent.  Here’s their review of “Bart’s New Friend” (S26:E11).


Also a really good read about what it’s like to write for the Best. Show. Ever.  It’s basically an interview with writer Michael Price.  I really enjoyed the insights.


People magazine also got in on the celebration with a good article including 25 touching moments in The Simpsons.  I smiled remembering the moments on this list although they forgot one of my favorites.  A flashback with Homer and Marge from “Girls Just Want to Have Sums” (S17:E19).

“C’mon baby, the only math you need is you plus me equals forever.”

I love this line and must admit to have used it once.  Here’s the article:


The next article I wanted to share is info on the show’s recent Je Suis Charlie moment.


Je Suis Charlie Simpsons


Last up just because I love this article, I really felt I had to share info about Simpsons Superman Sam Simon.  It is sad to know the co-creator of the Best. Show. Ever. is dying of cancer, but if you hadn’t heard about him donating his $100 million fortune to charity, it bears repeating.  Here’s the NY Daily News article from last November.


The info was brought out in the news again this week courtesy of NBC so I felt it’d be pertinent.  All I can say is Sam seems like a bonafide awesome dude and I’m so thankful for The Simpsons being in my life.  Best wishes to him and his family and tons of fan love.

Well that wraps up this edition of sharing Simpsons News.  Hopefully you enjoyed one or two of the articles.  Keep it classy and take life one tap at a time.

TTFN… Wookiee out!