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Episode Recap: I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

Oi oi oi… how y’all doing? One of the features we like to have on the site is Episode Recaps of the newest Simpsons episodes. Of course with all the holiday goodness, we’ve fallen a little behind but with this recap, I think we’re actually caught up. You can see previous recaps here.  This one is for Season 26, Episode 9: “I Won’t Be Home For Christmas”. I know some people prefer to watch these on their own so only click more if you don’t mind SPOILERS. I know everyone can’t watch them so sometimes reading them can be a nice replacement. Also fun to see what others took away from an episode.

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Where Did THAT Come From – Ice Castle

Friends, Addicts, Springfield-people… lend me your ears… lol…

So… the holiday event is still upon us and by now everyone is well into Phase II of the TSTO Christmas Event. The Feds are gone and our game’s are now an edition of Elves Gone Wild. Anyone besides me enjoy giving that little mooner his comeuppance? Anywho… with new stuff comes my promise to let you know just where the items come from in The Simpsons universe. For this edition, we’ll take a look at the Ice Castle.

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