YAY!! Somebody Won…Stuff!! Santa’s Sack Results

Hey there all you silly people with your resolutions, still barely hanging there Holiday Decorations, and bits of wrapping paper still laying around!

So just after Christmas, I decided to go shake down Santa. I knew that guy was packing, and boy did I get the goods. Lol.


What on earth am I rambling on about? Well about that silly lil Giveaway we had running for a week of course. Where were you? Not paying attention??!! D’OH!!

I got to say we giggled so hard at a lot of the comments and responses. So many times we wanted to respond back, BUT…to try and not throw off the randomizer (by throwing a moderator in the comment streams)… we tried REALLY hard to keep our names out of the posts. Lot easier that way, I mean I love to win and all… BUT… I would rather give the goodies to YOU all then keep them. 😉

So I guess you are all Hi Diddly Ho Panicereenoed with excitement wanting to know just WHO was able to get into Santa’s Sack? Well I suppose I could toss the names out there … maybe… possibly… for a price? 😉

Today, we want to know… What was your favorite gift when you were a child? 

tiptapasu: Cabbage Patch Kid

Erika Fournier: My favorite Christmas gift I received as a child was a purple Game Boy Color. My brothers and I spent many hours each day on those things. I miss those days, my brothers and my game boy color.

Today, we want to know… What is your favorite color

Cindy Hershauer: Purple all the way!

Mike: Red…its all my daughters fault. When she was 3 I introduced her to The Wizard of Oz and the moment Dorothy opened the door she was mesmerized. She watched it straight through 3 times that night (I was sick with the flu so I was just trying to keep her occupied while I slept) and she watched it religiously for almost 3 years. At the time her favorite color was red…. Because of Dorothy’s ruby slippers (and blue for her dress… And black because Toto is black… But, mostly red)

Today, we want to know… Chocolate? White, Milk, or Dark?

j7345wright: Milk chocolate, as long as it’s Lindt or Godiva. Mmm mmm. Especially when there’s creamy milk chocolate hidden within! White chocolate is a close 2nd, but I never liked dark. I got too used to how milk chocolate tasted, so I never associated dark chocolate with being “real” chocolate. It was always something foreign and unnatural.

Joel: Dark chocolate is the best. It helps to mellow your mood. Anytime I am stressed or just want a nice evening of tapped out I eat some dark chocolate, they are best served as cookies.

Today, we want to know… Coke or Pepsi

mccoyinpink: Hard to say… Coke has been synonymous with cute Christmas ads for forever… but I love the taste of Pepsi better. If I had a choice, it’d be Mountain Dew, but since you’ve eliminated that as an option… I think I’d still have to go with Coke. Gotta love those polar bear commercials!

TSTO Tapper: I grew up in Alabama and currently live in South Carolina. We order two beverages in the south; sweet tea and Coke. Coke means Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, or any other carbonated beverage. Heck there is a World of Coke in Atlanta where you can sample dozens of Coke products. If you like the bubbly sugary goodness, then it is a great place to spend a hot, humid southern summer afternoon.

Today, we want to know… Where is Bunny? 

Vanessa: Bunny is at TSTO headquarters explaining the trauma they cause us when the game is down!

BurghBaby: Bunny is trapped in TSTO and fighting with EA in getting answers as to what is going on with the game. She is trying to get out of the house more, but the Simpsons have locked the door and hid the key!! Poor Bunny!

Today, we want to know… What is Alissa’s favorite candy? 

Bsapp66: Better not lay a finger on Alissa’s butterfinger

AnarchyReigns: I believe that if Alissa is a woman of good taste (which of course she is, she plays TSTO!) her favorite candy is my favorite candy, TAFFY!
(I would have also accepted chocolate covered gummi bears)

Today, we want to know… (feel free to answer all or pick just one)

Is this real? Or is this just Fantasy? 
Red Pill? Or Blue Pill? 
What is the Ultimate Question?
How much Wookiee could a Wookiee Chuck  chuck if a Wookiee Chuck could chuck Wookiee? 

Bman: The ultimate question is …..
If 1 + 1 = 2 then why is 1 and 1 = 11

higalcantara: – This is REAL. R-ed suit Santa drank too much E-ggnog so A-lissa, Bunny and Wookie L-ooted everything in order for us to be happy. Cowabunga!
– I’ll go with red pill coz’ in my book (yes, I have a book!) red means spicy. And I’m a spicy person lol
– The ultimate question is “What if?”
– The Wookie Chuck could only chuck one Wookie coz’ there’s only one Wookie. Unless, Wookie has a twin. Therefore, it could chuck 2 Wookies. lol



Congrats again to all those awarded prizes… and THANK YOU to all who entered. We laughed and giggled all week long and hope you did too!!! Don’t forget to let us know what YOU got from Santa’s Sack when it arrives. Post it here or feel free to email us pics to tstoaddictsblog@gmail.com

What did you all think of this contest? Have a favorite question? Like to see more like this one? Think we lost it? Let us know.

42 responses to “YAY!! Somebody Won…Stuff!! Santa’s Sack Results

  1. I just got mine! I love it. Definitely one of the coolest ornaments I have seen. Thanks you guys!

  2. Got mine today 🙂

    Thanks to the tsto addicts team for the fun prize. It’s a simspons badge holder that you wear around your neck and a light up fox pin. My kids are loving the flashlight pin. All three of them actually
    Went to hide under the kitchen table and were taking turns turning the light in and off and on and off… I’m gonna use the badge holder tomorrow for work. We are required to have our badge at work visible at all times so I’m excited to have a new accessory for my work badge.


    Thanks tsto addicts 🙂

  3. Just got my present today!


    Thanks guys! I actually just started collecting these pins!

  4. I have also received my prize from the contest today. It was an awesome grandpa simpsons Lego mini fig! Thanks Alissa Wookiee and Bunny I love it but I wasn’t the only one. My 4 year old son does as well he instantly took it from me to play with it and his other Legos and when I told him that it was for daddy he looked at me with all seriousness and said yeah but it’s a toy so I’m gonna play with it. Lol I couldn’t argue with that. He even asked if he could watch the Simpsons when he went to bed I think I’ve created an addict in training 🙂

  5. Hey Fellow Tappers, I received my prize today too!
    I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this was a great prize!
    Thanks Alissa, Bunny and Wookie, you made my day!

  6. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    I finally received my prize from the contest and it was worth the wait!!


    Thank you Addicts 🙂

    • You are most welcome. 🙂

    • I tried to use your link, but it took me to a Flickr app download/login page. Does one have to have a Flickr account to see images uploaded to that site?

      • I don’t think so. It worked for me and I’m not logged in.

      • I’m glad you told me that, Alissa, because it made me try again and it worked! I think the difference was that this time I tried it from the post itself, instead of from the email copy of the post. I’m using a kind of “locked down” site for my email, so I’m guessing it was doing something that caused the problem, although I don’t know exactly what.

        At any rate…cute prize! I also really like the Homer-eating-a-huge-donut one – is that a pin?

  7. I received my gift today! I got a Simpsons Christmas ornament! It has Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie on it! It is so awesome!!! I hung it on my wall!!! Thank you guys so much!

  8. I still keep coming back to this post to see if anyone has posted what they won……but nothing yet. Will there be a new post letting us all know who won what or should I just keep checking in here? I’m just soooooo curious to find out what everybody won!!

  9. When I get my prize, I will come here and post what I received. I can’t wait….

  10. Strange that we still haven’t heard from any of the winners as to what they won – I thought that was part of the deal? Or do they have to wait for something to arrive in the mail first?

  11. Add Nemisisdk
    daily player

  12. Congrats to everyone that won!

  13. Stupid randomniser stupid contes…….grumble moan whine etc etc

  14. “To the victors belong the spoils!”

  15. A big thanks goes out to Alissa Wookie and Bunny! I’m still in total disbelief that I won especially with the hundreds of great responses that were given to each question. I really enjoyed reading and laughing at them. I will definitely let everyone know what was in Santa’s sack as soon as I know.

  16. Maudlin Monarch.

    Sometimes I read faster than I write (and I’m remarkably prone to the occasional typo or grammatical error), but what were the prizes for this contest (or where were they listed)?

    I did not win–no matter, it was fun–yet I’m curious to was awarded.

  17. It was awesome to participate in this give away. I usually try to stay out of them, but I could not resist poor Bunny being locked up by the Simpsons!!! I am trying to hunt the key down so I can unlock the door, but Bart is a sneaky booger and hid the key very well!!!

  18. Whoop whoop I won!!! Thank you Bunny, Alissa and Wookie.. I can’t wait to share the gift..

  19. Fun contests (even if I didn’t win any of them)! Can’t wait to find out what the lucky ducks won, so I can be even more jealous 😉

    I really enjoyed reading other people’s entries, especially for the s Sunday, Thursday, and Saturday ones.

  20. does anyone know if this month is gonna have anything new?

  21. Kim (Kimberlyah794)

    Congrats to the winners! And thanks to the addicts team for a fun contest! You all are one of the things that makes this game extra-fun!

  22. thanks again to the addicts team for their hard work on this site. It truly is really appreciated. hope you all had a great holiday and happy new year !!! I had so many good comments to all the questions…but I knew you could only leave 1 comment per day 🙂

    FYI…yes…I have seen hitch hikers guide to the galaxy (my favorite theme song of all time is “goodbye and thanks for all the fish”) 🙂 hehe….and I know what their version is of the ultimate question is….however, my answer to the ultimate question is due to my grade 2 teacher asking us that very question when I was 7 years old. I have been analyzing it since then. I am 37 now so 30 years later…I am still wondering why if 1 + 1 = 2 then why is 1 and 1 = 11 🙂 LOL!!!!!! gonna go pop open a bottle of JD now..oops I mean when I get home later and ponder that question some more….maybe bottle zap a couple more elves while I am it…..I am 2000 bells away for the last prize.

    thanks again addicts team for all your hard work on both your sites 🙂


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