Addicts Weekly Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Due to POPULAR request….we’ve moving up our open thread time so that our friends outside of the US can participate too!  Let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Now…enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Time for another Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  The Simpsons are all new tonight, what will happen in the new episode?  The Superhero Event Issue 2 hit our devices this past week, what are your thoughts on it so far?  What have you won so far? What do you think will happen when issue 3 hits?  March is here…who else is ready for Spring?!

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


318 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. @Wookiee — Your pal Han Solo crashed an antique spacecraft cleverly disguised as at atmospheric craft on Thursday. Why weren’t you there as co-pilot? If his life-debt buddy had been there, this would never have happened! 😉


  2. Woohoo! Dr. (not) Colossus! And 4 days / only 1 pie wasted (seriously not going to email-bomb EA over that, meh!).
    And nearly 2000 anti-sprinkle-points and the 2 / 3 of the Collectors second round of buildings!
    Just had 5 donuts from the Level 50 update (2) and then collecting the XP bonus from maxing out once the Pancake Parlour (Ozzie thing 😉 finished building. I think EA thought they may have been too generous because I didn’t receive any sprinkles from friendly tapping but hey, a good day in my little Springfield!
    Celebrated by a solid bit of re-arranging 😉

    • No more donuts from “friendly tapping” for anyone for a while, now that there are new Friend Prizes to be earned. We’re all back to just earning FPs, until both new prizes are earned.

      But what are “anti-sprinkle-points”? Do you mean “ante-sprinkle-points” (as in, pie points going towards earning sprinklies)? Or is there something else going on that I should know about? I don’t think I want anything that’s “anti” sprinkles! 😉

  3. Is it only ‘The Collector’ that earns handcuffs by defeating a felon?

    • Nope all the heros do…

      • Okay. Thanks. For some reason, I thouht it was only The Collector that did. When another finished off a felon, I didn’t see the handcuffs, but I may had just missed them. Anyway, it will make things easier now as I don’t have to schedule The Collector to finish off the felons in “round 3” of the fight.

  4. Who do I have to beg for them to make Kumiko available again?.

  5. Hey Alissa, Bunny and Wookie,
    I have just posted a submission for this thread as a possible future entry, its not your standard format 😉 Without giving too much away, if you can’t post it here could you post the link in the next Weekly Open?

  6. Having made my post, I now see that apparently there is a new option to confirm donut spending. That makes my situation even more annoying, I wish this had been in place from the start.

    • Yea that pesky confirm donut spend. It’s great when it’s on…when it’s not bad things can happen!

    • Just as an FYI, it’s not a new option…it’s been there for at least the 8 or so months that I’ve been playing this game. Unfortunately, it defaults to “Off” when you first start playing, so you have to know to go turn it on, and then you have to check it every time there’s a new event or level released, to make sure it’s still turned on.

      • The option has been there for years. Your game play will reset it if you purchase a donut item and check mark the lil bubble to not “ask me again”. That turns it off. When new content hits with a Level causing the game to update, it resets a lot of things… including the confirm… so you gotta go check it again. You can always contact EA and see if they will help with the oops. Just remember… kindness goes a long way. 😉

      • Oh OK, I don’t remember ever seeing it which is annoying. I suppose at least now I know there is the option and to ensure that it is checked. And now I’ll hopefully be more careful in tapping characters in large crowds. Oh well, I probably would have just hoarded those donuts or spent them on something small and useless. Well thanks for the help and advice everyone!

  7. Just made a terrible mistake, I had just sent Pie Man Homer to fight a criminal. I accidentally tapped the speed up thing for 20 donuts, I recently gained some for levelling and adding friends, I now have 12(I don’t buy them either) because I couldn’t tap on cancel as there were too many criminals in the area and I couldn’t reach the top icon because the mobs were in the way again. :/ I wish it was like the Family Guy game because that asks you to confirm the speed-up.

  8. I’m wondering what kind of crafting strategy everyone else is doing… Are you crafting certain buildings when you have the items required or are you waiting to craft them all later on? I’m trying to decide what the best thing to do is since handcuffs are so slow to collect and I want the Times building! Which to choose, which to choose…I’m terrible at decision making! 😉

    • If the crafting extends to the third issue then im sure you’ll have enough time to craft all the buildings. Does anybody know if the CBG crafting task is mandatory or not?

  9. So i just crafted the ZC Apartments and am now at :
    95 lockpicks
    0 capes
    9 hand cuffs
    121 phones

    Im sure by now you’ve all have realized that getting all the buildings crafted by the end of the 2nd issue is mathematically impossible lol so my guess is that crafting will continue into the 3rd issue.

  10. Craig (ibuylow2014)

    Just got a Level 50 update. Everybody is off doing tasks so I don’t have a quest line, yet. Bartman Cave came up for sale at 55 sprinkles even though I have not purchased Bartman.

  11. Just a heads up, but my TSTO just updated, and new in the shop is Bartman’s Lair. Not sure if it only shows up after you buy Bartman, or if you can buy it independantly. (I’m assuming you can)

  12. Noticed some of my neighbors have crafted the phone booth already. Not sure if its something I’m doing wrong, but all I am seeing is the three buildings. There is a scrollbar like item off the left, but it is not allowing me to scroll down. Any suggestions?

  13. My Fallout Boy just finished offing another felon. Too bad I can’t program him to release the next felon when he comes due at 1am (at which point I should be fast asleep) and then start fighting him. Programmable characters would certainly make earning currency a lot easier lol! 😉

    • Tell me about it! 2 felons for most of the time and only 1 for 4 or so hours in the crossover.
      We do need more felons! Ok, that sounded a bit wrong 😉
      By-the-by Sandra, is your Castle cardboard still showing Bart as level 1? My Castle stone is still showing Marge as level 1… hope the new leveling up doesn’t go the same way!

      • Yup, still Level 1. I came up with a theory about that a while ago, but forgot to share (and don’t want to that out) that maybe it happens if you put a castle in inventory and then bring it out again. It’s possible that I stored Bart’s castle at some point when I was redecorating and then pout out back in the game, but I honestly don’t remember.

        (I also don’t know what autocorrect wanted to change “Bart’s” to “Garry’s” – who the neck is Garry? Lol!)

      • I don’t know if that’s correct, as Marge is level 1 and Homer still has his 50 or so levels in my Castle stone… hmmmmm… email to EA time?
        Is there anyone else with the same challenge?

        • For some reason it resets some times when you store it. Try to store and replace it again and see what happens. Otherwise, not sure what… if anything EA can do to fix it.

      • Is it really worth the bother of contacting them? It’s not like those levels have any real usefulness anymore….

      • Its the programmer in me, I see glitches, I prefer to report them, otherwise if they don’t know, they can’t fix it.
        Also, glitches and errors may be apparent im one example but maybe responsible for other hidden challenges… fixing one issue can clear or reveal others 🙂

  14. Hi—thanks for your reply on the arbouritum. I understand ( maybe ?) the crystal form. My question was about an actual building–brick like foundation, glass, open roof and trees inside, maybe it is being called a greenhouse also? A few neighbors have it– Any tips on how I can get one? Thanks.

  15. Ok I am a couple of days into collecting now. I have decided to not craft anything until the last few hours of the event, this way I can work out an optimised crafting plan so the least amount of my items are wasted. I also have a feeling EA will change or introduce something new in relation to crafting before the event is over. Patience is a virtue 😉

    Anyway, I was just curious how I was doing compared to others. I would appreciate it if you could reply to this comment with how many items you currently have. I have:

    Lockpicks – 91
    Capes – 14
    Handcuffs – 9
    Phones – 184

    • 71, 11, 5, 144

      How the heck did you get so many more capes and handcuffs? And I’ve even been collecting for more than a “couple” of days! How long is your game-playing day? Are you getting up during the night to tap?


      • Lol, I play lots. I am a shift worker and my longest shifts are 4hrs. I also have insomnia so I only sleep 4-5hrs a night. So pretty much the longest I go without playing is 4hrs, but I usually play every 30min. I am a true addict.

        Now that I think about it, I might have been collecting for 3 days. That is not my point though, I just really want to see where people are up to (everyone would of started collecting at different times) and to see the item ratios other people are getting.

      • Burrahobbit_L27

        72, 11, 6, 80. Wow, and to think I thought I was addicted when I started playing every 3 hrs. I am slightly worried now I might not get enough handcuffs. I’m a bit slow on that even though I have been collecting for 3 or 4 days. I tend to play a lot in the morning and early afternoon, and not have time to log on until around 10 pm, which is hampering the number of convicts I release.

      • Ah – the 4-5 hrs of sleep explains it! Yeah – I miss out on a lot, having to sleep 8-9 hrs a night.

    • 66 Lockpicks
      16 Capes
      6 Handcuffs
      100 Phones

    • Wow…You are doing awesome! I have:

      I still have yet to figure out what to do with the new buildings! Hopefully I will get at least a little inspiration soon, because right now they are just there and looking like crap. 😊

    • picks- 106
      capes- 17
      cuffs- 10
      phones- 97
      after crafting gardens (i must not have payed my phone bill, to explain my lack of phones) 🙂

    • Thanks guys, from the info here and from other comments it looks like the ratio most people are getting is:
      10:2:1 (lockpicks:capes:cuffs)

      As long as I kinda stick to this I guess things are going ok 🙂

      Of course this is just an average, that I did in my head. I left out phones because I think everyone has more than enough of them.

    • 78, 15, 10, 201 here and haven’t purchased anything yet
      sadly playing every 2 hrs is highly unrealistic for me, even during waking hrs but I’m trying! 😜

  16. Barman has arrived! Best 60 donuts I ever spent. My life is now complete 🙂

  17. So did anyone get the Bartman costume yet? Does it change his tasks?

  18. So, fun question. Today I hit level 45 and I still have not unlocked the quest for the orange house…I have tried nuking the town and rebuilding it, tried leaving all of my characters jobless, and even tried moving everyone to Krustyland. I have unlocked buildings that come after it, also, from Moe’s onward. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this?

    • A very odd glitch you may want EA to look at.

    • I can completely relate to your frustration, I was well into my level 40’s before I unlocked Toot’s. I think when you are/start playing during times of high activity and are working on lots of new quests/tasks at once, it’s easy for your game to become ‘log-jammed’ (as I think of it, too much coming down a narrow channel gets piled up at some critical juncture) EA could only tell me that I had uncompleted tasks, but not which one’s. I suspect it was because at the time I rec’d the prompt from Lisa, I ignored it in order to keep her trick or treating for the TOH event. EA updates were my friend. I was eventually able to shake things loose by continually taking Lisa and Homer to Krustyland during low (new quest) activity periods, especially after an EA update. Good Luck, hope this helps.

  19. It seems EA may have things a little out of proportion, as in the monstrous size of the air fortress as opposed too the eentsie size of spider pig?! Just a thought………

  20. So, here’s something weird… When my towns have reset (24 hours have passed), and I look at them in the friendvilles list, some of them indicate that the have 6 actions and others say 3. But, regardless of whether they say 6 or 3 on the “outside,” when I go into the town, it shows all 6 (3+3) actions are available. So why do some of them only say 3 on the “outside” (in the friendvilles list)? Has anyone else seen this before?

    Unfortunately, the time slip is kinda bad right now, so I haven’t had enough time before bed to do any experimentation/research on this… Maybe if I decide to hold off on some of them until the morning to “reset” the time slip, I’ll have some leeway to play around and see if I can detect a pattern that differentiate the town’s that say 3 and those that say 6.

    • May have just not finished updating. So you may be hitting them right at that 24 hr mark and they first recognize 3 house taps, then 3 criminals.

  21. Mairead Harvey

    I have a query thought I read on here a while back that after completing level 49 you got free land I didn’t get any

    • Wasn’t something we said…level 49 brought new land, but you had to pay for it. And it was available for everyone…just that update introduced it

      • Mairead Harvey

        Thanks for clarification guess I misunderstood what I was reading and maybe didn’t notice as I had plenty of land available to buy don’t expand enough my town is too cramped

  22. Well here’s my latest update::
    Subtracting the phone booth which i created only one, this is my list::
    Lockpicks 57
    Capes 9
    Handcuffs 6
    Phones 136
    And approx 8,000 + to achieve Dr C
    I figured for all the Zenith buildings minus the phone booth, we are looking at a total of….
    Lockpicks 165
    Capes 45
    Cuffs 35
    Phones 35
    And that is for just the zenith buildings
    Anyway, i will get Dr C long before any Zenith buildings unless i use sprinkles which is highly unlikely!
    I wish everyone the best with this Awesome event and speaking of Awesome, Thank You Addicts Team for ALL this wonderful intel and ALL your hardwork! 😉
    Oh, To my Neighboreeno, Sliqstream, No worries and no deletions! Best of luck on your trip! 🙂

    • I unlocked The Collector a little over three days ago. We seem pretty close.
      I have only spent items to build the Botanical Gardens.

      Lockpicks: 72
      Capes: 14
      Phones: 142

      I guess we’re just going to need to keep up this rate for a total of two weeks and a bit, I think.

  23. Looking to add serious TSTO players. JordonB1185. Cheers!

  24. I H8 the criminal/lock pick ratio! Seems like the event will be over by the time I have enough for the Zenith Towers! (Smh)

  25. anakinskywalker

    @ bunny & co.
    is there a task for the pimento grove?’

  26. Maudlin Monarch.

    I’m not sure if this has been answered, but does the Zenith City Times need to be built last? The tasks from CBG list the other buildings, but the tally of items still count for the Times [i.e. the option is not greyed out]. I do still need a lot of the resources, but I’m wondering if I should continue saving the items until I can build the unique item first.

    • The items will be used for all locations in there to craft. It is up to you which ones you complete first, but those are the ones that are listed in the task itself.

  27. I really get a chuckle when I’m visiting Neighboreeno’s, thinking I’m tapping a criminal and Louie informs me, ‘I’m embarrassing myself’. Well played Louie, well played.

  28. Could the appearance of Gil mean there’s still a shot at a St. Patty’s day sale? I really want O’Flanagans, Father Sean, Shamrock Cafe and the Leprechaun- in that order. And probably anything else I missed, must be all the Irish in me…

  29. I’m sorry if I’m the hundredth person to ask, but will there be a post on Doctor Colossus soon? It looks like I’ll have him sometime today.

  30. Hi, hope this is the right place to ask—what exactly is this arboretum? I’ve seen it in a couple of neighbors & it does not show in my buy or prize menu. I’m not too off with pie bombs according to your calendar, approx 22,000. (Btw, many thanks for that, it’s a godsend when you’ve got a busy schedule😀😀😀). Thanks for your time & the blog!!

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