Where Did THAT Come From – National Bank of Springfield

I gotta say that I am loving the heck out of this Super Event. Vigilantes, Superheroes, Supervillains, bad guys to tap Batman-style, Spiderpig… so much fun. Of course, with lots of new items comes my task to let you know just WHERE all the stuff comes from. For this super where did THAT come from, we’ll take a look at the National Bank of Springfield.


Not to be confused with the First Bank of Springfield or BS as I like to call it, the National Bank of Springfield is a much newer addition to the show. Well, new if you consider Season 13 new vs. Season 6 for the BS. For our first appearance in the Best. Show. Ever. we head to “The Lastest Gun in the West” (S13:E12).

The National Bank of Springfield features at the end of this funny episode which introduced us to Buck McCoy. Buck becomes Bart’s new hero after saving him from a vicious dog. Unfortunately, Buck turns out to be more alcoholic than cowboy hero. To rekindle his son’s faith in Buck, Homer convinces him to stop a real life robbery at the bank.

National Bank of Springfield

For another appearance, we fast forward to “Dark Knight Court” (S24:E16). This is the episode which inspired this buildings appearance in the Superhero Event. Mr. Burns is the mysterious octogenarian of the night… Fruitbat Man. Of course, Burns stinks at stopping crime so Smithers arranges scenarios for him to seem awesome at crimefighting. We do see a bank during these but it could be any Springfield bank. I honestly just wanted to show it because of Homer, Lenny and Carl as Batman villains.

Simpsons Batman Villains

Of course this could be any bank but the National Bank of Springfield does appear at the very end in the hilarious Dependables ending. The octogenarian initiative includes Grampa as The Rambler right outside the bank boring two robbers. The banks color has changed from brick red to green just like our new TSTO building.

National Bank of Springfield The Rambler

The other superheros are hilarious too: Early Bird, Hot Flash and the Iron Lung.

The Dependables Simpsons

One last appearance is in “The Changing of the Guardian” (S24:E11). Homer, Marge, Lenny and Carl go out to chase tornadoes because one sucked away Santa’s Little Helper. (NOTE: Writing sentences like that is just one of the countless reasons I love blogging about the Simpsons.) When it seems like the storm has abated and all is well, a building suddenly drops on Homer and Marge trapping them inside… the National Bank of Springfield and this time it’s tan-colored.

National Bank of Springfield Tornado

So there’s your origins. We definitely got the Fruitbat Man version. It’s either been painted several times or Springfield has a few branches. Have you earned this prize yet? Like it? Wish more heroes from these episodes made it in to the event? I sincerely hope at least Fruitbat Man comes back. That’s it for this post. Sound off below and stay classy.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Thank you soooo much bunny. I have been struggling without one and I am super glad it worked😃

  2. What fun research!

    Now I want the Rambler and Early Bird and Iron Lung skins too.

    Please o please! Theyd be hilarious.

  3. John K Grater

    Cool article. Always love the stories behind our items. Speaking of items, EA should have just made the Zenith city buildings straight premium buys. I am getting hardly any items to craft and will probably have to spend donuts to get them anyways. I am a diligent player and I added up what you can collect in a day to craft and they made it close to impossible to get them all for free.

    • If you want to spend donuts to get them, you can – just tap the Get It Now button. But those of us who prefer to pay freemium appreciate the fact that they’re NOT strictly premium!

  4. I have saw the bank in quite the few episodes. It’s a good building, and I was wondering if it would be added to TSTO.

  5. Lol – Hot Flash….now THERE’S a superhero I can relate to! 😉

  6. A long time ago I had an origin account in tapped out but my game erased itself. Then I rebuilt a new Springfield and tried to get an origin account much later. But then I got my old Springfield back but I don’t want it anymore. I logged out and it gave me my new one back. What can I do to keep my new town but still have an origin account?

    • Make a new account. Just go through the neighbors screen and go through the steps to create one. Don’t use any of the same info like email, name, etc.

  7. Silly question but have any of you guys played Simpsons hit and run?? It wasn’t made by EA (I forget who) but that game was my childhood and I get many ideas for my Springfield from the Springfield they have in that game. It way to much fun almost as fun as TSTO

  8. Seriously, Wookie, you are awesome at these blogs. I love reading them and then going back to watch the episodes. I wish all the super heroes were available.

  9. boo-urns.
    Thanks Bunny,

  10. I follow your blog very closely and haven’t noticed anybody else bring this up yet. I find that I will often go to neighbors towns and not have any buildings/structures to report crimes on so I will often just capture criminals and move on to the next neighbor. But in doing this I feel as though I am not leaving any notice of me stopping by. I feel as though this could be why I am not getting any neighbors tapping on my structures. Is this in fact the case? If I am only capturing criminals, does my neighbor even know I stopped by?

    • I mentioned the “blank” or “untappable” buildings in my neighbor post and you are right… if they are not clearing a space for you to tap, they have no way of knowing who was there.

    • Check their KL — sometimes there are still things there that can be tapped.

    • You may also have a bunch of inactive neighbors. I’ve dropped 5-6 during this event because they aren’t playing. Tap on their icon in your friends list and it’ll tell you how long it’s been since they last played. During normal gameplay, I personally give them 1-2 weeks, but during an event like this, I usually drop them after 3-5 days of inactivity.

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