Last Chance: Air Fortress

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder that at 0800 GMT (3am EST) tomorrow (3/3/15) the Radstation Air Fortress will be flying out of our stores!  So if you wanted to pick it up, make sure you do so before it’s gone!

airfortress_menuStill on the fence?  You can check out our Should I Buy post here, we’ve got all the pros and cons broken down for you.

What did you think of the Air Fortress?  Did you bring it to your Springfield?  Why or why not? Where have you placed it?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


18 responses to “Last Chance: Air Fortress

  1. I never wanted to do this, since so much has already been said about the pricing, but this item and my recent frustration at finding out that my €10 Google Play Store credit, which I recently received, are worth virtually nothing in this game made me change my mind. I’m a fairly new player (since early December) and being freemium so far I had never really calculated the price of donuts. I knew this game was pricey, so I figured, well it’s only €10, maybe I’ll get two really cool things like Barney and Frink, not much, but hey. Imagine my, well, let’s call it surprise and not shock to find out that I couldn’t even get one of them!
    And then along comes this fortress thing costing 225 donuts… Regardless whether you like it look or not and whether it gives great bonuses or not, in the end this is just a 2D drawing with one little animation, basically nothing more than an average gif-image. And technically, the animation doesn’t look much better than what any comic adventure game such as Curse of Monkey Island and the like had to offer about 15 years ago. And they really charge $18 for this? Honestly, this isn’t meant to criticize anyone who bought this – everyone is entitled to do as they feel like – but I don’t think this is pricey or making a profit, I find it… well, my grandma would probably say indecent.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love this game and I want nothing more than to support the developers and I know that running a game like this is expensive, but with prices like this I would not feel I have made a nice purchase for myself, I would feel like I have been taken advantage of. And besides that being unethical, it’s the worst thing that can happen to any business if your customers feel like this. No wonder there are so many debates about whether to spend or buy donuts or not…
    In a time where many companies spend billions on image campaigns and build up huge corporate social responsibility departments, a large entertainment company such as EA should at least be able to offer fair prices and treat players as welcome customers and not as if our love for the Simpsons only existed to be exploited and to offer a chance for playing the old how-far-can-we-go game.
    Well, it’s a real disappointment, but I’m not willing to spend hundreds of euros on a game (and I also can’t), so goodbye to most of the iconic premium characters who will never be in my town. I’m very sorry for this rant, but I’m simply disappointed that it seems impossible to fully play this game with spending a somewhat reasonable amount of money and I had to vent this somewhere. It’s still a great game, though, I love it and I love this site. I’ll just have to play without Barney, first world problems, you know… 😉
    Again, sorry for this long negative post, I promise next time I’ll comment it’ll be something nicer! 🙂

  2. Easy pass, way too gaudy looking and expensive. Bought Bartman and Spider-Pig instead. Those two way more worth it.

  3. cool

  4. Lately I seem to be a completest but I’m regretting this purchase. Too big and looks awkward

  5. It is pricey. Ok, it’s massively pricey.

    But you know…I got it anyway.

    It looks supercool, it generates money AND it gives me a nice bump in my bonus %. It did hurt to spend that much, but I do like how it looks floating over water!

  6. I was so tempted but it was just too pricey. Glad I didn’t cuz I just scooped up Bartman…

    Aw yeah BARTMAN!!

  7. I picked it up right away. I just picked up Bartman!!

  8. Carol Forrest

    Nope, too many donuts!

  9. I broke down and got it along with the Tar Pits. Looks great so far! Need to get some self control on these donuts, just like in real life. 😉

  10. thing is ridiculous.

  11. I got it. I also thought it was a bit pricey, but I like the looks of it. It goes great with the Army Airfield I have made. I would like to see some more aircraft in game, but it is the Simpson’s after all. You guys do a great job here on TSTO. Bunny you are my favorite.

  12. I shall visit my friend town to enjoy the view as I don’t have the budget for it

  13. I bought it and it’s okay. I like the bonus percentage on it, and the fact that it’s used by a character. Hopefully other, upcoming, characters will also use it. I put it over my water so it’s not blocking any other buildings. Once I get Zenith City built, I may relocate it to that part of town…

  14. I just started replaying TO after a year of not playing and missed alot, does EA bring back limited time characters and costumes every so often like TinyCo does with TQFS?

    • They just did have a HUGE sale round Christmas time with a lot of older items. Sometimes they have a “Yard Sale” in Spring/Summer too.

  15. Yes. So yes. This thing is awesome. I want the full Zenith City experience.

  16. moviebuff3000

    A bit steep but I got it only because of the bonus and it look cool and that it is actually used by Fallout Boy and hopefully The Collider when he is released.

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