Where Did THAT Come From – The Collector

I gotta say that I am loving the heck out of this Super Event. Vigilantes, Superheroes, Supervillains, bad guys to tap Batman-style, Spiderpig… so much fun. Of course, with lots of new items comes my task to let you know just WHERE all the stuff comes from. For this super where did THAT come from, we’ll take a look at the The Collector.


Of all the goodness that has come with the Superhero Event, this one is my favorite. Every Halloween I thought about EA adding this character into our towns and now I can say my dream has finally come true. While I will keep tapping to earn all the prizes, this is the one I would have been sad about if I hadn’t earned it. Not only is it a skin for my favorite Simpsons character… it’s super cool and from “Treehouse of Horror X” (S11:E4).

There is some irony in pointing out the origin for a skin that’s dialogue says it right off but I guess I’ll just be satisfied that Comic Book Guy might call me the Most Obvious. Blogger. EVER.  Since he didn’t give the episode number though and this is one of my fave pieces of Simpsons animation, I’ll keep on. The second segment of Treehouse of Horror X is “Desperately Xeeking Xena”. Bart & Lisa are irradiated by the x-ray machine brought in to check the kids of Springfield’s candy and become Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl.

Stretch Dude & Clobber Girl

Of course any superheroes need an arch nemesis… namely… The Collector aka Comic Book Guy.

The Collector

CBG kidnaps Lucky Lawless from a meet & greet. He’s not crazy, he just wants to add her to his collection and make her his bride.

The Collector 2

The collector has also taken Leonard Nimoy, Gilligan, Robby the Robot, Seven of Nine, Matt Groening, the 4th Doctor and Yasmine Blithe. He’s sealed them all in mylar bags in near-mint condition.

The Collector 3

The Collector stops Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl with the only working phaser from Star Trek and suspends the duo over a vat of Lucite. We also learn The Collector goes by these names: Obi Wan, Iron Man, Mr. Mxpicklit or Big Papa Smurf.

Xena tricks CBG into releasing her with “a ruse so hackneyed it would make Stan Lee blush.” Lucy and CBG engage in a battle. The Collector brings out a double edged lightsaber from Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace but when Lucy Lawless reminds him he made it a non-collectible by removing it from the original packaging, he falls backwards into the Lucite and dies in a classic Lorne Greene pose from Battlestar Galactica.

The Collector 4

Of course, a deceased supervillain seems like a weird addtition to the event but CBG’s funny dialogue when you unlock this skin makes up for it. You’d think Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl would have also been good additions but I think the designers didn’t want two skins for Bart if you know what I mean. One of my favorite things about the segment is that Comic Book Guy’s lair is still the Android’s Dungeon and he drives a gremlin.

Just the nerd references alone make this a classic. I love this prize and hope you do to. Alissa wrote a great post with all the ins and outs of unlocking the character so make sure you take a gander at that. That sums up this origin edition. Keep on tapping in the free world and never forget to be the Best. Tapper. Ever.

Before I close this one out, this origin edition had me lamenting the passing of the great Leonard Nimoy. It’s so sad and there’s not much this nerd can say to honor such a great man and actor. Mr. Spock’s passing has left a solar eclipse in my heart but the cosmic ballet must go on. Live long and prosper good sir. I agree that before being a nerd was cool, there was Leonard Nimoy. I sincerely hope The Collector in all our games has you saved in his lair forever.

The Collector Spock

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Would have preferred Everyday-Man, but I also like this costume:)

  2. You should make a WDTCF on the Zenith city buildings.

  3. I absolutely LOVED this episode!!

    so glad to have the collector : )

  4. Dan:Dna:And:Adn:Nad:Nda

    I’m just joking.
    Now it’s still 21 hours, __ minutes, and __ seconds.
    It’s not like I’m a 100% TSTO addict
    (I need The Collector!)

  5. Dan:Dna:And:Adn:Nad:Nda

    Having The Collector stuck in my inventory (didn’t have enough money for Android’s Dungeon & CBG) was driving me crazy. I am desperate for Zenith Buildings. I sold a building I’m pretty sure I will not need and can easily get back (Krusty & Krusty Burger).
    Android’s Dungeon has 22 hours on the clock. Now 21 hours. 20 hours and 54 seconds. 20 hours and 50 seconds…

  6. I am really enjoying this update. I hope we get Lucy, that would be rock! My major complaint is that the update should have been named, Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con!

  7. When I saw the Collector skin I was hoping that we would be able to unlock a Lucy Lawless character as well.

    R.I.P.Leonard Nimoy

  8. There are some really interesting/ironic things in this episode now that came out many many many years ago.

    1) When The Collector kidnaps Lucy Lawless, he uses a giant magnet that attracts her breast plate. She could free herself but decides not to expose herself to the cameras. Subsequently in the years since, Lucy Lawless has exposed herself quite a lot in the TV series “Spartacus”.
    2) Lucy Lawless starred in the reimagined series of Battlestar Galactica.

    Regarding Lorne Green’s death pose: was this something CBG just made up? I can’t remember Adama dying in the series.

  9. Any idea why we get so many phones if we only need 40 to craft one of each item? I’ve already got over 230. I don’t think the programmers thought this thing through. We need more capes and more handcuffs.

    • Some people (Bunny) collect many of one item (Bunny) to use to make insane 2D (Bunny) and 3D art (Bunny). So some people (Bunny) may want MORE than one phone booth.

    • Oh, I think they thought it through *quite* carefully. They seem to be throttling players from getting too far too fast, so as to make gameplay last for close to the length of the event. And if some players are close-but-not-quite-there on a remaining item or two, there’s a reasonable likelihood that a certain percentage of them will pay the donuts to make up the difference. So, the current pace, while not particularly exhilarating, it’s just positive enough to keep people playing, and to keep them playing at a paced rate.

      • You’re right Sandra. At least, me, myself and I think you are.
        I’m a pretty intense player and will get everything, but it will take time – at least another week – but it’s going to be mighty tricky to build a little village of buildings without spending donuts. And you just know that some people will want to do that.

      • I tend to agree with the throttling as well, but at least in this event / update the pace of content is steady for regular tappers (~4 hours / tap).
        I think they have managed to get the balance pretty well, considering newbies and longtimers alike 😉
        I do like the multi item idea, I always try and get at least two of anything “special event” content-wise. My little Zenith city is coming along nicely (yes, the chess board has gone, there was all this open land and I was either forced to buy more or sacrifice the board 🙁 ), and not too far off the Collector and just shy of the first 1000 anti-sprinkle-points 🙂
        Bunny, have you some links to share for your recent creations?

        • I done blew up both towns just before this hit. I am spending a good chunk of my weekend redesigning both towns as well as… wait for it… NEW 2D ART!!! So stay tuned. 😉

    • Well, my strategy is just to collect, collect, and COLLECT. I’ll see what I can craft at the end. :-/

    • I agree completely with Sandra: it forces gameplay to last longer. Also, I’m thinking there might be more crafting items needing phones further along. If you look at the crafting info screen there’s pictures of lockpicks, handcuffs, capes, phones and…comic books. So maybe comic books will come into play in issue 3 or 4? Just speculation, mind you, but I can’t help but think all those phones will be needed for something…..

  10. Actually, that wasn’t ‘Robby the Robot’ but simply ‘The Robot’ from Lost in Space. However, his full designation from the show’s pilot episode was “B-9, Class M-3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot.” Very occasionally early on he was referred to as B-9.

    Given the acronym-ish nature of his full designation, I have wondered at times if the designers had originally been considering calling him ‘GUNTEC’, since it is technically pronounceable.

  11. CBG’s felon-fighting animation is my absolute favorite of all the superheroes’ felon-fighting animations that we have right now! (Although, admittedly, I haven’t seen Bartmans’ yet.)

  12. The Problem Child

    FYI, The proper spelling is “Mister Mxyztplk”. 😉


  13. kimberlyah794

    “I didn’t know Xena could fly.”
    “I told you. I’m not Xena. I’m Lucy Lawless.”

    Love that episode. I’ve been longing for Clobber Girl this entire event. I doubt we’ll get it, but it’d be awesome!

  14. If we ever get xena in our game I will be SO happy. If we ever get voiced xena I will be ecstatic! Anyway I’m about 500 away from getting Dr.Colossus. It seemed like the picklocks were dropping really rarely but now I guess getting the handcuffs will take the longest… Love this site!

  15. The Collector (funniest Skin for a Springfield Character)
    Comic Book Guy (finally gets a Quest that’s as clever as the one involving Kimmiko, his Wife) 🙂

    I’m @ 53,000 Pie Bombs and still DONT have enough to craft a new Building (EA, you’re not offering up the ingredients randomly enough! No I’m not buying donuts to expedite !) 🙁

  16. Ha! In all the episodes you pull out, there is enough content for at least 3 more super hero events!

    • Oh, and then some. Check out s18 e11.

      • I should expand on that. That episode included ‘Bartman Begins’ and could give a hero costume for Grampa as well as villain costumes for Otto, Flanders, Rod & Todd, Moleman, Patty & Selma, Snake and possibly Lenny too (although he’s not a villain, he’s a transvestite).
        If the Collector can come back from the dead, maybe the Serpent can too…

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